Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

Contined from Part 1

fter 60 years of independence, with all the wealth, which God has blessed us with, it is yet to translate to good quality life in the majority of the citizens. Only a few citizens condoned the wealth, resulting into many citizens looking for ways to exit the country, for greener pasture in other countries, yet ours is a country that is supposed to be flowing with milk and honey.

Last week, we started prayer to God to help us turn things around. Please leave all you may be doing and let us continue with the prayer.

We are meanwhile in a terrible storm in Nigeria. Terrible winds are blowing, storm is raging. It has never been so bad.

Everyday one opens the newspaper, it is stories of theft of fund by some individuals in one organ of the government or the other. And it is not small money but money, which is sufficiently large enough to take the citizens of Nigeria out of poverty completely.

The storm is fierce. With theft of government fund in high places, the citizens are left uncared for and they are going through the worst of penury, never experienced in the history of the land and it has led many into crimes and vices that not many can ever imagine.

We have read of many terrible storms in history. But when the people in the storm acted wisely, Father, you saved their lives. Father I pray that your people in Nigeria will quickly behave wisely so that you can rise for our help.

The children of Israel left for the Promised land on a journey, which ought to last them only 40 days, but because of their rebellion to You, You punished them. But Father, when they realized their mistake of disobedience, they acted wisely, and they cried to you for mercy in repentance and you answered them and they got to their destination after 40 years.

It is 60 years now that Your citizens in Nigeria have been wondering in the wilderness, instead of progressing, we are retrogressing. Father, that we shall discover ourselves and repent of all our evils, so that we can receive your mercies and escape the misery of poverty, which we are in meanwhile and start to think of how we can get into your Kingdom at the end of this earth.

Institutions, which in the time past were regarded as honourable are no longer so. There is theft in our higher learning of institutions, yet these are institutions hitherto regarded as the citadel or fortress of morality and decency. There is theft also in government hospitals, yet these are institutions, which ought to show empathy for the sick but which the spirit of the evil mammon has occupied the minds of the administrators and they could not be bothered but divert the money voted for the running of the hospitals to their private pockets.

Recently, our foremost media organization is accused of fraud to the tune of billions of Naira.

The institution commissioned to be prosecuting theft itself is meanwhile under probe. How do we explain this? I just pray that when the result of the probe is announced, it is not going to be like the proverbial saying "The Hawk steals it and the Eagle snatches it back from the Hawk" because I have in the past preached, doffing my hat for the man in question for his boldness to probe thieves.

Unfortunately Baba Buhari has not been able to stem the theft.

The whole nation rejoiced at his second coming with the hope that the cat has entered the house and the mouse must go into hiding. I preached many sermons in excitement in 2015 that our time of redemption has come. Alas the rats have dared the cat and the cat is helpless. The rats laugh to the bank when they are stealing the government money but fake fainting when questioned to give account.

In order to divert our attention from reality, Politicians have used the stolen money to institute tribal killings and religious feuds.

Father, the storm is raging; everyday, one reads the story of one ethnic group or a religious group entering a village of different ethnicity and religion killing the entire villagers.

Sixty years of lack of progress, lagging behind in the comity of nations, it is surprising that what is most important to certain of our politicians is to equip the uneducated poor people with sophisticated weapons to be fighting religious war, killing innocent people of different religion.

Terrible storm is raging in Nigeria Father, travelling has become a panicky affair due to armed robbers and other armed men who kidnap people for ransom, rape their women victims and even sometimes kill them afterwards.

Master, the ship of Nigeria is experiencing terrible tempest, everyday in the newspapers, it is stories of some religious bigots kidnapping people, asking them to denounce their faith and where they refuse, butcher them like animals in the most wicked way.

Father, I pray that you make the president to be watchful of the advice of the thieves in his government and the pranks of the career Civil Servants and executives of both the Central and Commercial Banks who are notorious in legalized stealing. No other banks in the world defraud customers as Nigeria banks do. They levy charges on every transaction.

The main business of these thieves is scouting for areas where they can pilfer and they have observed that some Churches are very rich and they are now trying everything to take over their bank accounts.

They will always want to reap where they do not sow. I am sure that not one of those who wrote that bill donate anything to the religious houses.

They have a sinister and satanic motive to loot. They want to ground the Churches the way they ground the government treasury and the same way they ruined our glorious former Mission and community Schools. And after they take over the bank accounts of the Churches and when asked to give account, they will open their eyes big, like that of a cow or frog by the river side, faking fainting.

They say they want to take over churches because stolen money finds its way there. For me to accept that reason as genuine, they should first go and take over the government of the countries of US, UK etc which their stolen money has always been stashed into. After all they themselves are the thieves.

Often, details of their stolen money in overseas banks leak to us. Are their salaries in all their working life up to that? Those are not enough for them, they have emptied the nation's treasury, it is now the treasury of the Church they want to lay hands on. Thieves!

Instead of chasing the substance, they are chasing shadow. The salary of politicians is like a making money machine. Recently one of them displayed the treasure in his mansion in a viral video. Imagine all he acquired simply by being a Legislator, in a country where the majority of mothers are perpetually in anxiety of how to feed their children. They do not focus on themselves but they are beaming their search light on the Church. I pity them.

Father, these people are looking for your wrath, but I plead with you that you give them a repentant heart and they repeal the law, so that your wrath will not descend on them.

O God, your enemies, evil people have conspired against you.

2 There was a time in the past when kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against His anointed. They said "We will stop them from worshipping their God"

4 But the one who rules in heaven laughed.

You scoffed at them.

5 In your anger father You rebuked them,

You terrified them with your fierce fury (Psalm 2:1-5)

Father, rebuke these rebels so that they can recognize you as Lord.

In 1973, they used a subtle decoy to take the Mission and Community schools. But because they are squandermenia, who stealing is all they know, they could not maintain them and they have destroyed the schools. The schools are now in shameful conditions.

But this time around, no decoy at all, they brazenly boldly want to take over the Church itself. O God, arise and let all your enemies be scattered. Let those who hate you be destroyed.

Rebuke for us father, the storm of greed and the evil spirit of mammon in our Political leaders and Civil servants, which is causing our poverty. Father rebuke the storm caused by those who wear uniform, who make life difficult for citizens. Rebuke the spirit of greed, fraud, selfishness, non- consideration for others and wickedness in the hearts of all Nigerians. Rebuke for us God, the storm of ethnic and religious cleansing.

You know our needs more than I do. You have prescribed in your Holy word all, which we need to do to eat the good of our land. You said "If we be willing and obedient, we shall eat the good of the land" And obedient to what? Righteousness.

You have pronounced that "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people

O father, that we all shall pursue righteousness in all our way. It is more rewarding than any religious services. We may make the Church or Mosque our bed room, it serves no profit as in obeying you, God.

Prophet Samuel told king Saul, the LORD has no great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

We may make the Church or Mosque our bed rooms, it serves no purpose as in obeying the golden rule, the summary of all the laws: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" This Father you said is the greatest of all the commandments.

Love for one another is the antidote to calm all the storms that plague the ship of Nigeria. Father let your people in Nigeria uphold righteousness far more than religious services. Father let your creation in Nigeria love their other fellows more than attending Churches and attending to prayer times and making pilgrimage to Holy lands. This is the antidote to our poverty and suffering. It is the antidote to enter heaven. Please answer my prayer Father in Jesus name.

Contined from Part 1