Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

ixty years ago, Nigeria gained her independence from the British colonial government and we started to run our government by ourselves.

It is however a regret to those of us, who witnessed how the British administered our country and how we do it now.

I say it often that the Political fathers and the Civil servants who took the reign of the government from the Colonial masters were dedicated to the country. May God bless them and may the souls of them who have gone, rest in peace.

The Political fathers and the Civil Servants, at the beginning, followed in the footsteps of the Colonial Masters. Developments were going on gradually and there were hopes for a better life for all Nigerians.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, Satan took hold of the hearts of the people who took over from the fathers and they and their Civil Servants jettisoned the dedication of the fathers to the nation and they became self-serving and the development of the nation is stalled.

The Psalmist in Chapter 11 vs 3 says "If the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do" or in the Living Translation "When the foundations of law and order have collapsed, what can the righteous do?" meaning that with the headship that is rotten, it becomes the survival of the fittest among the citizens leading to all kinds of crimes.

We have graduated from armed robbery to murder in cold blood and kidnap of innocent citizens for money making rituals and for ransom.

Everyone grabs whatever is in his jurisdiction. Duping one another is no longer seen as a crime but smartness.

It is very shameful that the countries of the world who saw us as leaders 60 years ago have caught up with us and surpassed us by far. Yet, those who are responsible for our downfall show no sign of repentance, they are even going deeper in actions that can further collapse the country.

I shed tears as I am writing all these but anyone who has been following my campaign will realize that my believe is that it is never late to amend all that must be amended so that we can enjoy the good of this land, supposedly flowing with milk and honey but which a few have condoned.

I plead with you that you stop everything you are doing and join me in prayer as we cry to our heavenly father to show kindness to us and help us redeem our time for the sake of our future generation.

Let us pray.

My father and my Lord in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, I approach you again today on behalf of the suffering masses of Nigeria.

I am aware that the largest number of Nigeria citizens, think that our case is beyond remedy and rather than coming to seek help from you, they have joined in all types of unrighteousness and crime in order to survive.

Others have accepted their condition of poverty as their fate. But that is ignorance because you do not condition anyone to a life of misery.

I pray father that you open their inner minds to what they need to do so that their condition can change for the better.

In my own case, I have learnt to trust in you. I have seen you fought many battles for me, which people had ruled off as impossible.

I am like prophet Isaiah who vowed that For Zion sake, he will not keep quiet. He was not going to remain silent. He will not stop praying for Jerusalem until her righteousness shines like the dawn, and her salvation blazes like a burning torch (Isaiah 62:1).

I also will not remain silent for Nigeria sake.

I will not stop to pray until your children in Nigeria are delivered from poverty and from the hands of their oppressors, whose greed and selfishness and non-consideration for others are responsible for their misery.

Millions of Nigerians had lived overseas and are presently still living there, where things work. But I quickly realized in my own case that the opportunity you gave me to live in those countries is to campaign for the repairs of all that have gone wrong in my own native land so that we too can have our pride in the comity of nations.

I am like the Apostle Paul who said necessity was laid upon him to preach the gospel (1Cor.9:6). In like manner, necessity is laid on me to work for the restoration of Nigeria and I thank you father for the unique opportunity because the very big General Overseers, the Archbishops are there, but they do not see the vision. In my low estate, you laid the burden on me and I thank you for my children and friends who have caught the vision with me and are supporting the campaign financially and by other means. I pray that you bless them mightily father.

Today my father, I come to you to pray for the salvation of Nigeria. It may be that the hardship they are passing through is responsible for their ungodliness. But though hardship may be responsible, yet that will not stop them from going to hell because you have spelt it out clearly that no unrighteous person will be admitted into your Kingdom at the end of age and with this, it is clear that the road to hell is full of Nigerians.

O' father that the suffering masses of Nigeria will look up to you for steps, which they must take to liberate themselves from the hands of their political oppressors, who have decimated them and turned them to paupers rather than engage in unrighteousness and crime and some other stupid behaviours.

You are a merciful God, please let your creations in Nigeria repent of all the evils in their hands so that you can rain mercy on us.

The storm is heavy, one cannot trust anyone with money. The way people defraud themselves is unbelievable.

Yahoo boys tamper with bank accounts of innocent citizens with all ease.

The storm is bad, the stories of young Nigerian women, in foreign countries where they are trafficked for prostitution are pathetic. We have seen a video where one of the girls was laid on the floor, asked to open her mouth as her master defecates into her mouth.

Master, the ship of Nigeria is breaking; worse evil is befalling us, everyday we read of kidnapping of fellow citizens for ransom or bodies that are dismembered for ritual killings and for money making purposes. And afterwards, dump their bodies in the bush or soak away.

The ship of Nigeria is experiencing terrible tempest. Daily in the newspapers, it is stories of violence, one person killing the other.

The storm is bad, we have read a story of a mother and her elder son, conspired together and killed the younger son for money rituals.

It is a bad storm, we read stories of children killing their parents for money ritual.

The storm is terrible, we read stories of young men stealing menstrual pad of young women or their pants for ritual, to making money.

Of recent we read the story of a man in Ibadan arrested for eating bread, using human waste (excreta) as butter. I have previously heard that yahoo boys do it as ritual in order to escape the arrest of police. May God have mercy, how does one describe using excreta as butter to eat bread, when he is not a dog. What a stupid behavior! Can anyone see how Nigerians are oppressed by Satan when rather than going to God for help, it is Satan they approach.

Father, there are records of many terrible storms in history and same we are experiencing meanwhile. But there was one that the people in the storm acted wisely and their lives were saved.

Lord, you were in a ship when tempest arose. There arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. Your disciples cried "Master, carest thou not that we perish?" You arose from sleep and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. (Mark 4:36-39).

I call on you Lord on behalf of all Nigerians who have their faith in you that you rebuke all these various storms, which I have mentioned, including those, which I did not mention. Lord, open the eyes of Nigerians to recognize that they are in a bad storm and let them behave wisely and cry to you and you ALONE for help like the people whose story I just told did.

Please tune again next week, same time and let us continue this prayer.