Thursday, September 16, 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

t is necessary to bring the Federal Radio Corporation, Abeokuta, otherwise known as Paramount Radio, to public court for an offence of infraction.

Our Ministry purchased air time with them to preach at an agreed time of 30 minutes every Monday 8.30pm. There was no agreement, which restricts my preaching to any particular area of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, Paramount radio Abeokuta has refused to air a number of my sermons and says it cannot refund my money.

One of the objectives of our Mission is to take Nigeria back to her glorious days, when commitment to the nation and Godliness were supreme and, which made possible, steady developments.

Our Ministry identifies that the nation has drifted and this was responsible for the overwhelming poverty and other ugly things, which we are witnessing in the country and we determine to encourage Nigerians to return to God.

Our goal is to preach on at least one radio station at every state of the Federation so that necessary information on what to do to reverse the trend can be disseminated to all nooks and corners of Nigeria.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for the total man; Body, Soul and the Spirit. The gospel is incomplete with one without the others. I have been preaching for over 50 years and I do not know how to separate them. A suffering, poverty stricken body will find it difficult to resist temptation and will dip his hands into sins thereby kill the Spirit and the Soul to eventually end in hell. Unfortunately, many big pulpits have millions of impoverished people in their gatherings and after the meetings go on to do the unthinkable in order to float above poverty, thus becoming hypocrites. In order to stop proliferation of hypocrites, citizens must be free of poverty because poverty will make them to dip their hands into sin and end in hell, no matter the number of thunderous Halleluyahs they shout at their meetings.

While some Nigerians like our Mission are deeply concerned about the failing state of our dear country and are praying and working hard by providing solutions to reverse the situation, it will not be unexpected that some people who are benefitting from the chaos, corrupt and confusing situation will not mount opposition. But it can be very disturbing when an institution like a radio corporation, which anyone will expect to champion any effort to salvage the situation, becomes an opposing agent; particularly when none of the advocated remedies calls for violence or street protest but simply calling for commitment to the nation and 'Godliness" in every facet of our endeavor.

I can confirm that the operators of the Federal Radio Corporation (Paramount Radio), Abeokuta is an oppressive, antagonistic agent to salvaging the moral drift of the people of Nigeria.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said that "Whoever is not against us is for us" (Mark 9.40). The converse of the statement is "Whoever is against us is not for us" We are preaching to the citizens, those things, which we see in the Bible, which will help their journey to heaven but Federal Radio Corporation, Abeokuta, otherwise known as Paramount radio is antagonistic to those ideals and that is why I tag them "A retardation agent to the restoration of the glorious days of Nigeria and a collaborator to the making of Poverty"

As a retired Civil Servant, I am proud of my contribution, while in service to the progress of Nigeria. Let me boast a bit, using the words of Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 12 (NLT) so that those young fellows in the Paramount Radio Abeokuta would be educated that though I am now addressed as "Pastor" they do not have anything to teach me about Civil Service ethics and they cannot intimidate me with it. I joined the Civil Service in 1973, when they were probably toddlers or at its best in Primary School. Though I worked in a State, yet I was appointed in 1992 by the Federal government as the Secretary to the committee, which wrote the HIV/AIDs definition in the management of the disease in the different tiers of Health institutions in Nigeria. I was one of the two man delegation appointed by the Federal Government to the STD/ HIV/AIDs World Congress held at Amsterdam in July 1992.

I worked in the Middle East for 17 & half years. As 'economy refugee' (One of us nicknamed us thus), we had time to ponder and ponder and ponder what makes Nigeria to become what it has become. Many people started to fathom what can be done to reverse the situation because many of us if not all, preferred to remain at home if the conditions were suitable rather than in a foreign country. Western training and experience made us employable. Having studied in the West and returned, we did not conceive the idea of checking out again. Job dissatisfaction, financial circumstances etc were the contributing factors.

We recognized that in the days leading to independence and some years that followed, development or prosperity of the nation was uppermost in the hearts of the founding fathers of the nation and the then Civil Servants. They placed the 'nation' above 'self' and that was why there was steady development and why citizens of other countries could come to make a living in the country. With time, 'greed and self' replaced the 'nation' in the hearts of the succeeding leaders and succeeding Civil Servants and development was stalled.

Those of u

s who are Christians constituted a praying force for Nigeria. We even had some other nationals who prayed with us.

In 2001, The Spirit of God led me to write without any prior plan, a book, with two titles "Prosperity of the Nation; Answer (Solution) to Each Citizen's Lasting Prosperity" "Except the Nation Prosper, Individual's Prosperity is Short lived (Won't last)" (ISBN-978-35657-3-7)

I returned to Nigeria in 2010 and we launched our campaign for the return of the good old days of Nigeria through Spiritual means. Before this, in 2006 while still abode in the desert of the Middle East, we registered the Mission work with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the name "Jesus for the World Revival Mission (Peoples' Church).

In January 2011, we bought air time at a number of Radio Stations, where I appeal to the hearts of Nigerians to abandon their present jungle way of life and return to the old path of 'Preference to the nation above self and godliness of our forefathers (Psalm 137:6), which made life to be comfortable for everyone and which made the path to heaven easier for them to tread. I hammer in my sermons that our individual prosperity hinges on the prosperity of the nation, so we should prefer the nation to self. Our individual Godly prosperity hinges on the nation's healthy economy and righteousness is the bed rock. The Bible cannot be beaten.

I believe that if life is hostile to anyone, he may dip his hands into sin and lose heaven. I consider how to enter the life here after, as the most important thing any creature of God should seek and all efforts must be made to clear all obstacles that may hinder this objective.

Paramount Radio was one of the radio stations where I bought airtime in 2011, with the aim of it to cover Ogun state towns and some parts of Lagos. There was and there is still no slight intention of establishing a Church there, so commercialization cannot be insinuated.

I carefully selected the entry signature tune with a hymnal "We've a story to tell to the nations, that will turn their hearts to the right-------"And it is this story I tell in all my broadcasts, whichever way I coin them and in all my publications in ''

With time we dropped off Paramount radio due to paucity of fund. I never met the gentleman who anchored our program there in 2011 but I am proud of him. He was honest and committed to our goal of making Nigeria a great nation where poverty is minimized and Nigeria can be recognized in the comity of nations,

Sometimes in 2020 when there was little additional fund, I thought of returning to the Paramount radio. Unfortunately management has changed. A new Pharaoh is on the throne.

I write my broadcasts in English, then translate it in to Yoruba and then record. has been kind to publish the script over the years. So whether one listens to the audio or reads the published script, it is same thing.

The problem with Paramount radio, Abeokuta started with a sermon I wrote titled "The making of a failed nation and the Remedy" The Yoruba language version "Sise ipile Orile-ede ti o kuna ati Atunse" was to be aired on Monday July 26 2021. Paramount radio turned it down. It said one regulatory body, NBC will deem it 'inciting and political' and will most likely attract sanction.

I will be grateful to all readers to read the script as published by the and counsel me about what is inciting or offensive to anyone or any government in the sermon. I simply described those things I consider militating against our prosperity as a nation and as individuals and I made several suggestions on how to salvage the situation. No street protest or violence was called for except 'Godly and righteous actions' on the part of every citizen. Refer to an earlier statement, our signing in music is "We have a story to tell to the nations, that will turn their hearts to the right, a story of truth and mercy---"

Apostle Paul wrote the Romans Church that faith comes by hearing------And how shall they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10: 8-17). For God sake 'How will Nigeria deteriorating situation be salvaged except the people are told the right things, which they must do?' And who is in the position to counsel, make the citizens hear what they must do in order to remedy the situation other than religious leaders?

I hope members of the NBC will read it themselves. I say it with a pure conscience that anyone who reads any negative meaning to that sermon is an enemy of Nigeria. He must be profiteering from the overwhelming corruption taking place in the country and wants the status co unchanged. So, anyone who is profiteering from the overwhelming corruption in the country will certainly hate my sermons that reinforce commitment to the nation above self.

Let me add that other five radio stations I use aired it.

Then, for August 23 2021, I asked Paramount radio to air the Yoruba language version of "There was once a Country Nigeria (3)---Is Checking out the answer "Orile-ede kan wa ni Atijo, Nigeria (3), Se sisa jade ni idahun?

As usual, it was published by

Paramount radio rejected it again for the same excuse it gave earlier. It did not remember that it had aired it on June 14. I only wanted it repeated. But it turned it down.

The climax was the one I asked it to air on Monday Sep.6 2021 titled "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people" quoted from Proverbs 14: 34.

It declined it again, saying it has a political undertone. But it had aired the same message on Nov. 09 2020 without any sanction by any regulatory body.

My grouse with them now is its unwillingness to refund our money. We pay for a quarter of 13 weeks in advance and we have utilized only 5 weeks. A Yoruba adage says "Bi ebiti ko pa eeku mo, a fi eyin f'eleyin" i.e. if the trap refuses to kill games, it should return the bait to the owner of the trap.

How does one describe this action of the management of the Federal Radio Corporation, Abeokuta otherwise known as Paramount radio? Overzealousness of the rule of the NBC?

I want to believe it is beyond overzealousness. They are just not bothered about the ugly situation of the country. If they are, they would be glad that a Christian Mission is championing a change; a change not by violence or street protest but by spiritual path and they will jump to defend it before any council as appropriate.

I always knew it that many Civil Servants contribute a lot to the woes of Nigeria. I have been in the government before. You observe them acquire properties, which their earnings, all put together since they were employed, cannot account for. They care less should the nation be pulled down, so long as they are able to satisfy their greed and self-interest. Many of them are the enemies of the nation. The progress of the nation is not in their dream.

I am an adherent enthusiastic supporter of the present government, though disappointed at this stage. Not only did I campaign for it but preached many sermons in its favour. I prayed for it ceaselessly. Documents do not lie. Read the following:

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For anyone who desires an end to our misery in this country, God has now given us that opportunity but only if we shall pray and do the right things.


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In my narration, I thanked God for His faithfulness to have answered our long time prayer to give us a leader with the character of Nehemiah. I explained how the profile of our new President matches very well, with that of the Biblical Nehemiah, who put an end to the suffering of his people at a particular time in the history of the Israelites.


5 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The faithfulness of God to answering prayers: The Enthronement of a Nehemiah for Nigeria

There is a story in the Bible that fascinates and impresses me a lot. It is a record of the Israelites after they returned from the Babylonian captivity. Their Political leaders oppressed and pauperized them. Then arose a Messiah by the name of Nehemiah who took it upon himself to end the suffering of the people.


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For those leaders to be able to end our suffering, everyone in a civilian government, other than a military government, must be upright because however righteous or godly or determined and disciplined, any head of government, whether at the Federal or State can be, they cannot succeed in the midst of ungodly majority.


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Text of my radio broadcast on Sunday Apr. 05 2015 on Kw FM at 900am & Osun Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) 4:30pm


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I still believe that President Buhari is answer to our prayer for God to give us a leader with the character of Nehemiah. People who follow the news cannot but be sad at how the nation's wealth was being shared by people in the last government with their conscience not seared in the mist of terrible suffering that citizens are going through.


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God has spoken again to us as we begin the journey of 2017. So beckon to your family members to join you and listen attentively to what God has to say to us. Pick your phone and call your friends and others who are far from you to tune to us right away as we pray.


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The President must be taking careful look at what the Civil servants in Aso Rock budget for his personal care and the State House (Aso Rock) in general. It stains his integrity for which many of us stand behind him. How can they be budgeting in billions of Naira for his food and entertainment?


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12. In Defense of President Buhari in regards to the looting of Public funds

Certainly Baba did not bargain for what he is seeing. Many of us rejoiced at his second coming with the hope that the cat has entered the house and the mouse must go into hiding. I wrote several articles and preached same in excitement on the radio stations, where I broadcast eg----

I have in my previous campaigns likened the General, due to his past records to the Biblical Nehemiah who did a wonderful reformation in his country after the previous governors tyrannized and impoverished their citizens. Other than his previous records, he made some statements during his campaigns that endeared the hearts of many of us to him, which I quoted in my articles and in my broadcasts. Some of the quotes included:

"No one needs to be a prophet to recognize that Muhammadu Buhari's profile matches very well with that of Biblical Nehemiah.

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The institution commissioned to be prosecuting theft itself is meanwhile under probe-----I just pray that when the result of the probe is announced, it is not going to be like the proverbial saying "The Hawk steals it and the Eagle snatches it back from the Hawk" because------

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If there is a creation of God that has no shame, it is Nigerians and the Nigerian leaders in the recent past until President Buhari came on board.

These are just some of my preaching, prayers and published articles in support of the present government under President Buhari for which I profit nothing monetarily but which my fellow old men and I commit our hard earned money to. It is unfortunate that the management of the Federal Radio Corporation (Paramount Radio), Abeokuta whose lives and lives of their families depend on the purse of the same Federal government, which we are working to make strong, will still be insulting the goose that lay the eggs. We are patriots no doubt while they are agents of arrogance, ignorance and retardation.