Saturday, September 5, 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

et me suggest that this article is read in conjunction with the one preceding it, titled "In Defense of President Buhari in regards to looting of Public funds"

If Baba cannot stop stealing of government fund (I have now left that for religious leaders to handle), there are two things, which Baba is capable of doing and they require urgency.

First, he can stop the religious and ethnic cleansing in some parts of the country.

History will not judge him fairly if he does not act immediately, particularly with the intelligence reports, which is said that the United States claimed it has shared with the Nigeria government that ISIS and Al Qaida are fully set to overrun Nigeria.

If this story is true, anyone knows that US intelligence report is not anything anyone can treat with contempt.

Other than the US intelligent report, we read frequently in the newspapers that Fulanis and others who are not even Nigerians have flooded the jungles of the Southern regions, ready to start beheading the people who are not of their religion nor ready to be converted to their religion any moment they hear the blast of the whistle.

This development if true brings shame and disappointment to Pastors like me who campaigned and preached several sermons in support of Baba Buhari in spite of the warning sounded to our hearing that our Baba has another agenda.

Please sir, do not treat the US intelligence report with levity if actually it is true it was shared with you.

Please dismantle the forces of the enemy that want to cause chaos in Nigeria. You are the only commander in chief.

Enough of the woes in Bornu, Adamawa, Plateau and Middle Belt states. This is solely in your power. May God help you.

The other thing I want baba to tread softly on is the undue interference with religious houses.

Yes, the president has a duty to monitor every activity in the country but I advise that he is careful with what he does with religious houses because religious houses are partners with the government in building a healthy nation.

Religious houses encourage worshippers to godly and righteous life style, which in essence makes governance easy for the government.

Besides, I have witnessed Churches pick very big heavy hospital bills, house rent, school fees of their members and nonmembers alike who are in want. I have seen Churches do other charity works in the society. So why will the government want to frustrate and discourage Churches who are doing so much for the country?

I live partly in the United States and the US government appreciates the role of religious houses by given incentives to them.

The US government does not build house of worship for worshippers neither does it sponsor anyone to holy pilgrimage but worshippers can submit the receipt of their donation to the religious houses while filing their annual tax for some tax relief.

I am not unaware that some of the religious houses frighten the worshippers with the Scripture or use sweet words to cajole them so as to give generously but so long as the Pastors and Imams do not rob anyone, but the worshippers give the money out of their volition, that should not be the business of the government.

If worshippers are cajoled to give to their worship centers, it is their fault if they do not reading the Bible and the Qur'an to verify if what they are told is correct or incorrect.

Whatever those worshippers donate to their worship houses only become the concern of the government if the money is stolen from the government treasury or if it is money meant for government function that is diverted or money suspected to be from other fraudulent practices. That action calls for the prosecution of the individual that stole the government fund and not even the Church.

The president must be careful of the thieves in his government and the pranks of the career Civil Servants and executives of both the Central and Commercial Banks who are notorious in legalized robbery. No other banks in the world defraud customers as Nigeria banks. They levy charges on every transaction.

Their main business is scouting for areas where they can pilfer and they have observed that some Churches are very rich and they will try everything to take over their bank account.

They will always want to reap where they do not sow. I am sure not one of those who wrote that bill donate anything to the religious houses.

They want to ground the Churches the way they ground the government treasury and the same way they ruined our glorious former Mission Schools. After they take over the bank account of the Churches and when asked to give account, they will open their eyes big, like that of a frog by the river side, faking fainting.

Some Pastors utter some nonsensical things, which betray their jealousy for the big and rich Churches. Thank God I do not belong to one of the big and rich Churches.

Baba President, please repeal that law. If you do not and it leads to chaos in future, history will not be fair to you. May God help you to make the right decisions so that you do not fall into the hands of quack and crooked advisers who serve only their greedy and selfish interests. You have spent your youthful age to build a good reputation and name, please do not allow crooks to destroy those in your old age.