Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

et us bow down our minds in prayers as Dr. Deacon Kayode Samuel Pray for us

We read in the book of 2Chronicles 36 and Jer.22 of a time past when both the rulers and the ruled did evil. The religious leaders also were not different; they were deceptive and insincere.

Jehoakim was the king and at last the judgment of God came upon him. He and his co-conspirators in ungodliness, self-serving governance were taken as slaves by king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon where they spent the rest of their lives, died unsung, buried like a donkey as the prophets said it.

It is a warning for those in Nigeria today who have access to government fund and steal it in reckless manner, pauperizing the citizens whereby reducing them to sub-human.

It is also a warning to those who, though, do not have access to the public treasury but defraud their fellow men in whatever business they transact together

With the wealth, which God gave this country, is there any reason for anyone to live poorly, except the lazy?

Is there any reason for the outlook of our cities to look so shabby, not to look like any of the countries, we crave to live in?

Is there any reason for our schools to be in dilapidation and our children not to receive sound education?

Is there any reason for anyone to be running out of the country for a greener pasture?

The actions of some of us have turned others wretched and I know many people who have died of penury. Their blood is crying for vengeance.

The blood of those who are dying daily in the Sahara desert and in the Mediterranean sea on their foot journey to Europe while fleeing the suffering inflicted on them in their own land, due to joblessness are daily crying to their Lord for vengeance.

The blood of the young women, trafficked abroad doing prostitution, some leaving their children behind are crying to God for vengeance.

The blood of all those who die on our poor roads because money budgeted for road construction and maintenance, are diverted into personal use are crying to God for vengeance.

The citizens of Delta region are living in pitiful condition; the money budgeted to take care of them is shared by a few, their blood is crying to their God for vengeance.

The blood of those who died and are dying of hunger and starvation in a country, which God endowed with plenty are crying unto God for vengeance.

Covid-19 pandemic had shut down many people's source of livelihood but the money budgeted to alleviate the suffering has been stolen by government officials, the blood of Nigerians is crying for justice and vengeance.

The blood of those who died and are dying of illnesses that could easily be treated, were the hospitals maintained, are crying for vengeance.

The blood of those who died in the hands of armed robbers are crying to their God for vengeance because joblessness led them to armed robbery.

The blood of all those who died of burn from fire outbreak from public power supply and private generators are crying to God for vengeance

Millions have fled home and living as economic refugees all over the world against their interest, the agony of separation from the loving home environment and loved ones is better imagined than experienced. Their pain and agony are crying to God for vengeance.

The souls of the poor children whose parents have gone their different ways due to the collapse of the economy are crying to their God for vengeance.

The blood of the children of the poor who are studying in dilapidated buildings is crying for vengeance when the children of the privileged are studying in comfort in the best schools overseas

Or are you relying on God's generous leniency and think there is no judgment anywhere?

Is that why you are covering up with regular attendance of Churches and even taking active parts and building mosques, even in your compounds? Or do you think you can bribe God by your regular presence at night vigils along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway?

Those in the Biblical Jehoiakim government thought the same way and behaved the same way. But hear God's message to them through prophet Jeremiah in Jer.7: 8-11

"Do you think because the Temple is here you will never suffer? Don't fool yourselves! Do you really think you can steal, murder, commit adultery, lie and worship Baal and then come here and stand before me in my Temple and chant, "we are safe?"-only to go right back to all those evils again!

Do you think you are safe?

King Solomon also had this to say as recorded in Eccl.8: 10-12

Because God does not punish sinners instantly, people feel it is safe to do wrong. But even though a person sins a hundred times and still lives a long time, I know that those who fear God will be better off"

There is an old saying by the Yoruba elders that whoever plant seeds of wickedness, his offspring will reap it.

What seeds are you planting for your children?

You ask me; "What do I do now?"

Hear the Lord's message to king Jehoaikim and his government as recorded in Jer.7:5-6

"I will be merciful only if you stop your wicked thoughts and deeds and are fair to others and if you stop exploiting foreigners, orphans and widows and if you stop your murdering"

King Jehoiakim and all who served in his evil, self-serving government did not heed God's warning and they all perished in Babylonian captivity. I hope this will not be your situation.

I'll tell you what to do. All of you, who have robbed this country, you should urgently call a solemn meeting.

Invite all the accomplices who have been partners in your loot, who have benefited from looting the public treasury and have helped you siphoned money offshore. Tell yourselves the home truth of the reality of your actions as it has affected the nation adversely and repatriate all monies you have kept offshore and elsewhere in the banks all over the world. Bring out those monies in the private vaults and underground or in tanks/barns and use the money to create jobs for the millions of youths and adults who are jobless.

Use the monies to institute charity and welfare programs.

Sell all the luxurious homes and the gulf courses, which you have purchased at the expense of the masses of Nigerians and bring the monies to do beneficial things at home.

You ask me how possible this is. It is and let me introduce you to the only person who can give you the power to do it.

Zacchaeus was a dubious, wicked, notorious sinner like you. He enriched himself by duping others. Zacchaeus met Jesus and instantly, he returned in multiples, all the money he had taken by fraud and instantly Jesus promised him salvation i.e eternal bliss (peace and happiness) in heaven (St.Luke 19: 1-10).

That you be a Zacchaeus is my prayers for you so that you do not perish.