Monday, July 15, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Continued from Part 7

have been analyzing for sometimes, what the expectations of citizens will be from the new state Governments, particularly, the citizens of the states where their previous governments have cheated and decimated them.

This is the eighth in the series.

Generally and in summary, they should be expecting a better life and I have made many suggestions to the governments on how the better life of the citizens can be achieved.

I have also suggested methods of how they can raise money to create jobs, which is the most needful at present in all the states of the Federation.

Most importantly is that they should have the fear of God in their hearts. But not they alone, we the governed should also have the fear of God in our hearts. There is no way any government can help us, the governed except we have the fear of God in our hearts.

Only the fear of God in their hearts can create the will, which will commit them to work for the betterment of the lives of their citizens.

Only the fear of God in their hearts can create the commitment to the lifting of their states to catch up with the comity of nations.

Once the commitment is there, they will manage whatever resources are at their disposal, however little, to the maximum benefit of their citizens.

They will look for honest and the godly; the people who are committed to the good welfare of the citizens, to appoint into positions to manage the affairs of the different ministries and every project they engage in, such that budgeted money will go into the places they are meant to go and not into private pockets.

I said in the last episode that I will today give further suggestions of how jobs can be created, which will enable poverty in the nation to be alleviated, which will beef life into the populace once again.

Let us pray.

The Expectations of Citizens from the Government (8).

Another way of getting people employed is engagement of trained teachers. They can be posted to Schools and substitute for teachers who for one reason or the other are absent in a particular day or period. These people are referred to as "Substitute Teachers" in the US.

Not only trained teachers can be sent to schools, all graduates of tertiary institutions who are unemployed can equally be posted to Ministries relevant to their studies.

The idea behind all these proposals is just to make sure that the wealth of the nation reaches as many people as possible and the great advantage is that the Devil will not find any idle hand for any evil activities.

Let no one tell me that we do not have money to prosecute these projects. We can execute all these suggestions with prudent and righteous management of our resources and concerted dedication to the nation and concern for every citizen.

At the beginning of this discussion, I said that there is nowhere in the world where the Government distributes cash to citizens.

But the responsible governments take care of the basic needs of their citizens.

For instance, children born by low income parents in the United States, have free medical care up to the age of 22, when it is expected that they would have graduated from College (University) or old enough to engage themselves in something that will earn them some personal income.

Not only this, all children, whether their parents are rich or poor are educated freely in the public schools up to High School. Books are free. The students are even indulged with pencils and stationeries.

In addition, children with low income parents eat free Breakfast and free Launch at School.

Then for University education, children born by low income parents have appreciable relief in cost of education, so long as they meet a certain level of standard at High School graduation and entrance examination to College (University).

Are these not more beneficial than distributing money?

But let us remember that until greedy people took over the government in Nigeria, the level of responsibility of our government to the citizens in terms of health care and education was beyond reproach.

There was the time in this country when we did not pay a kobo in order to be issued a card before we received any services in the Government hospitals. Prescribed medications were free. Laboratory and Radiology services were free. Surgery was free. Admission to bed was free.

We can get back to that stage no doubt if we will all shun corruption and be committed to the nation.

If those services could be done at those times when our revenue was little, there is no reason why they cannot be done with our present huge revenue.

What is the situation today? Parents are having night mere with the cut throat cost of education; government hospitals are mere consulting units.

I heard that at our one time, world class prestigious hospital, patients that require surgery had to provide water because the taps of the hospital are dry. What a shame!

So I appeal to all state chief executives to return us to the previous status quo if they cannot even go beyond. And they must be sure that all drugs and other medical needs purchased by the government do not disappear into private clinics and pharmacies. It for a reason like this, I advised at the beginning that only God fearing people and people who are ashamed of the present situation should be put in positions, whether high or low.

As I write, a friend who is an artisan came in and he lamented about the cost of education of his children. He lamented that the fees of his daughter in a certain College of Education is almost N100,000.00 a session. He asked how he will be able to take care of her younger siblings.

The responsibility of the government to the people came to its lowest ebb when a single individual takes N100m a month in pension apart from other benefits.

The responsibility of the government reached its lowest ebb when an individual takes N400m a month for his protection.

The responsibility of Government came to its lowest level when some people say they make laws for us and their earnings are shrouded in secrecy but alleged to be in millions of naira a month, amount of money, which even the President of the richest nation in the world does not earn.

Each citizen of Nigeria must pray for a change of heart to the right.

Yes, no government in the world have citizens line up in front of the government house and be given doles but the low income earners and single parents and the feeble and the old people in many states in the United states of America are given what is called 'Food stamp' with which they can procure food stuff at the expense of the government other than alcohol and cigarette.

The beneficiaries do not receive the same amount of award. What is received depends among other things on the number of people in the family who are unable to work.

An account is created for each qualified person and the amount of money awarded to him/her per month is coded on his/her account.

The qualified citizens present their cards to the cashier at check-out counter after picking their groceries. The cashier runs the card in his/her machine and takes the cost of the food items picked and a receipt of payment is given to the customer. The receipt will also carry what balance or credit that remains in the customer's account. By this act, hunger is eliminated in the society.

We too can get there. In fact, had we been serious, we ought to have got there long long ago.

And how can we get to that level of care? Every citizen must have a National Identification Card and the government must have full information of every citizen. In the U S, every citizen has what is referred to as Social Security card. Every card is associated with a number. I do not know of any transaction any one living in the US can transact without providing his or her Social Security number.

I do not see any evil in our government arranging with those advanced countries to send people to under study how their social services work. I do not know the details but if we are serious as a nation, we can quickly go and under study them so that we can apply same here.

Let us pray.

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