Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Continued from Part 6

n the last six sermons, I have been talking about the expectations of the citizens from their governments, particularly, the states where they were dissatisfied with how their governments treated them and they sent them packing and replaced them with a new one.

What can these new state Governments do to better the lives of their citizens?

I have been challenging the new State Governments to be people oriented rather than self-serving and playing selective generosity.

The condition in which many a citizens are is decimation, barely surviving. So the time in which we are, demands for emergency actions.

In the meantime however let us commit this hour into the hands of God.

The Expectations of Citizens from the Government (7).

This is the 7th in my discussion of what the people of the states who have new governments expect from them after they have risked their lives to send home their previous governments who did not care for them.

As I just said, the time in which we are, demands for 'Emergency actions' from our governments.

This prompted me to counsel the governors to forgo their monthly N400m security vote and the Legislators their Constituency allowances and put the money in a special account, which can be named after them for creation of jobs and other things, which will benefit all citizens, fairly equally rather than give it to political god-fathers, party loyalists or use it to hire thugs.

How beautiful it can be if they can heed my counsel. It will make citizens to have complete trust in them. Citizens will hail them. It will be the beginning of a new era.

I am exceedingly happy that His excellency, Seyi Makinde, the executive governor of Oyo Makinde has heeded to my appeal.

He is donating his entire salary to the welfare of pensioners of his state.

May God bless him and grant him success in his administration.

He has set the pace for other Governors to follow.

He has also set the pace for all civil servants in the state that the time has come to let go, the act of siphoning of government money into their private pockets.

They should strive and adhere to do everything that will make us to catch up with the comity of nations.

Having traveled widely, I will give examples of how the responsible governments of the world create job for their citizens, which enables everyone to share in the state's wealth rather than sharing the public money among their friends and party loyalists.

After this, I will talk about how they provide additional care for their citizens, which we too can copy.

Let us first look at areas begging for human efforts, whereby the jobless can be engaged in.

i. Many of our roads are congested with traffic. I appreciate that many states have employed Traffic warders or whatever names they are called but they are just not enough.

Youths who are roaming about can be employed in their different Local Government areas and put in different locations to control traffic to complement the efforts of the Traffic Warders.

They must however be given proper orientation so that they do not behave in a nuisance manner, thereby worsening the situations they are contracted to ease.

I will give an example of locations where the need for extra traffic control arise:

I am more familiar with Kwara state and I am going to use it as an example for my explanations.

Passing through Ganmo town either from Ilorin or from Ajassepo-Amayo is problematic.

It is worse on Ganmo Market days.

The problem with our people is simply impatience, selfishness, non-consideration for others.

Roads in other countries are equally congested, in fact more congested than ours in many places, but motorists take their turn.

In our own case however, we are so indisciplined that rather than being patient and take turn, many motorists drive against the traffic thereby blocking motorists on the other side of the road, resulting into terrible bad jam.

And this typifies our general behavior to life, which has led us into our present state of near collapse of the nation.

Greed, selfishness, insensitivity to the plight of others, selfishness etc are the demons that have plagued and bewitched us and we must pray to God to deliver us from them.

In fact it was an experience I had in 2017 that informs my suggestion for young men to be engaged for this activity.

My friend and I left Ilorin and we were driving towards Ajassepo when we entered the gridlock trying to pass through Ganmo town and we were on the same sport for over an hour.

A supposedly one lane each way became uncountable.

Then the native youths of Ganma sprung into action. They forced those who were on wrong lanes to get off the road where they could not reverse.

I was greatly impressed with their action and I gave them some money to buy some refreshing drink. So, unemployed youths in each locality can be given little incentive to do the work.

What usually runs through my mind each time I meet such irresponsible bahaviour of motorists is 'Supposing there is someone who needs emergency or urgent medical care and he is being driven to a hospital?'

And I believe that many people would have lost their lives in this kind of situation.

All that is needed of the Civilian Traffic warders at these locations is to direct the traffic, standing on the ways of whoever wants to drive against the traffic, disallowing taxi cabs from dropping or picking passengers at inappropriate places and clearing the jam wherever there is one.

Civilian traffic warders are equally needed wherever road constructions are done, which often cripple free movements of vehicles.

Youths and others employed in to this service, will be able to have some income of their own rather than depend on their parents for every kobo they need or engage in unwholesome activities; eg being used as thugs by the Politicians or become armed robbers or kidnappers.

ii. Another way of providing income for the youths is 'campus job' Students can be given jobs in their different campuses. This is one way, in which the civilized countries help their students.

They can be employed in the Library, Cafeteria, different offices that suite their timetables etc.

The Mission Schools in the good old days, gave jobs to students from poor homes. This was even in the High Schools.

Does anyone remember that Nigerian University undergraduates in the sixties and early 70s got vacation jobs during their three month summer holidays?

There is absolutely no reason why these should stop but for rogues who took over the reign of the governments, who stole the treasury.

Many times I shed tears inwardly, reading in the newspapers what much is alleged to have been stolen of government's money by individuals.

Those monies are able to give joy to every citizen of Nigeria and no one would have to beg to live in South Africa or Angola where they are butchered everyday.

God will certainly require the blood of those Nigerians who are killed everyday in foreign lands from the people who stole Nigeria money.

Next time I will give further suggestions of how jobs can be created, which will enable poverty in the nation to be alleviated, which will beef life into the populace once again.

Let us pray.

Continued from Part 6