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Continued from Part 3

e continue today in our exposition on the topic "The Resurrection of the Saints" Today's exposition is the fourth in the series.

Meanwhile, I am discussing mainly what happens to the saints after what we refer to as death occurs.

We are able to know what will happen to them from the records in the Bible of how it happened to the saints of the old.

Later I will address what will happen to the ungodly after they die. But suffice meanwhile to say that the temporary place of abode of the saved is Paradise, going by the statement of Jesus to the criminal on his right hand side on the cross (Lk:23:43), while the temporary place of abode of the ungodly is a place called 'Hades" (Lk. 16:23; Rev. 20:13,14) (NKJV).

Paradise is a place of joy, peace and rest while Hades is a place of torment.

I have in the past defined who the Bible describes as a saint.

No one is fit to be described as saint. There is no good work anyone can do, which can meet God's standard of holiness. But Jesus has shed His blood to pay for the penalty of our sins. So a saint is someone who has pleaded for his sins with the shed blood of Jesus Christ. His sins are covered by the blood of Jesus and He has been made righteous.

I have in the previous lessons exposed it very clearly that we are spirits and when it is said that a person dies, it is the earthly body, the earthly tent, which houses the spirit that is pulled down but the spirit lives on in another life.

So, physical death is only a transition from the physical to the spiritual after which the spirit is then brought into judgment (Heb. 9:27).

I also read in the Scripture in 1 Cor. 15: 46-47 that after death, we shall be given the type of body, which Jesus had after He resurrected and we studied the type of body, which Jesus had, after resurrection. It is a spiritual body that can appear and disappear.

We confirmed this truth with the story of the saints who walked the streets of Jerusalem on the morning, which Jesus resurrected (Matt. 27:52).

I also made a reference to prophets Moses and Elijah who had departed the earth many years earlier but the disciples sighted them with Jesus on the mountain as He prayed (Matt.17).

Jesus responded to an enquiry about a prophecy read in Malachi 4:5 that Elijah will return before the appearance of the Messiah. Jesus told the disciples that Elijah had returned but they did not recognize him. The Disciples later understood that He was referring to John the Baptist (Matt 17:10-13).

I explained that it was not Elijah actually that returned but the spirit of Elijah came in the body of John the Baptist.

All these confirm the statement of Jesus that God is not the God of the dead but of the living (Matt.22:31).

They also confirm the Bible in the book of Hebrews chapter 12 that we have such a huge crowd of men of faith watching us from the grandstands, (Heb.12:1-2).

In closing last time I related an incident of dogs barking when an old man had just died but yet to be announced. The dogs saw the spirit of the old man who had just departed the man. I also gave how one species of a bird called "Kowee" cries in a particular, peculiar way when the death of someone in the community is imminent.

These confirm that we are spirits.

Let us pray.


The Resurrection of the Saints.

Today, I will relate more incidents, which indicates clearly that we are spirits who do not die.

There was a sad incident shortly before I graduated the High School. A group of our Sportsmen were going for some friendly tournaments in the West in today's Oyo State. They travelled inside the School van. Along the way, a tire of the van busted and threw all the sportsmen on the road. A graduating High School student lost his life on the spot. Days later, a strange event started to occur every night in a dormitory other than the one, which the deceased lived. Between 1.00 and 2.00am, something would enter through the door that opens to the showers and toilet, bouncing ping pong (table tennis ball) at same speed and would exit through the door close to the cubical of the House Prefect. We heard only the bouncing of the ping pong as it travelled in the hall but we saw no one. Every one woke up terrified on his bed. The deepest sleeper of a Jonah woke up, terrified on his bed. It was terrifying and it occurred night after night for sometimes.

One particular night, a senior in the Upper sixth form, recognized by every student for his boldness and strength decided to witness the incident, first hand and came to sleep with us in the dormitory. When the mysterious being came in the usual time, this senior became a jelly.

I cannot be sure whether this incident had any connection with the dead student or not but it was too coincidental. The only explanation I can give is that the spirit of the deceased student was still very much around and was just playing around.

I remember that after midnight of the evening, which my wife transited and the remains had been taken away by the funeral home Service and after all sympathizers had left and it remained me and my two boys alone, my elder son suggested that we checked into hotel for the night. I counseled him not to fear. I asked him if he thought that the spirit of her mother will hurt us if the spirit was still around. I told the boys that rather than the spirit of their mother hurting us, it will protect us. They were convinced. I laid on the same bed we had always slept together.

A Pastor friend listened to my broadcast on Radio Kwara FM on Sunday morning Sep 7 2014 and put a call to me immediately the broadcast was over. I asked him where he was, he said he and his wife were in a camp in Shao to take some days' rest. Five days later before dawn, Friday, 12 Sep. in my sleep, I started to see some strange movements relating to my friend. I turned on my bed side lamp and put a call to him. I had no response. I did again after few hours, I had no response. I became disturbed on the strength of my revelation and I had to put a call to pa Rev. Akinyemi in Ilorin. Baba, I have been calling Kehinde, he is not answering. Baba then disclosed "Kehinde ti lo l'ana" meaning Kehinde had departed yesterday. The spirit of my pastor friend had visited me in the US to tell me of his transition.

Of course I miss my wife and my head aches countless times every day at her transition and it appears it will remain like this till I join her but the whole thing about husband and wife ended on 11 May 2014 when she transited. Hopefully I will make it to heaven and certainly we shall recognize each other, but the relationship of husband and wife would no longer exist.


The Saducees asked Jesus Christ who at resurrection would be the husband to a woman who was serially married to seven men while on earth. Jesus replied that in heaven there is no marriage but we shall be like the angels of God (Matt.22:30)

So my wife and all those who accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, who had their sins forgiven before they were lowered into the grave have become like angels and now operating like angels.

They are therefore not limited by space and time. They can go from one country to the other like lightening. They can go from one end of the earth to the other like a flash. They can disguise in any form, they can appear and disappear. They can appear as casual human beings and they can appear in heavenly glory with all the awe it carries.

These confirm the Bible in the book of Hebrews chapter 12 that we have such a huge crowd of men of faith watching us from the grandstands, (Heb.12:1-2).

No wonder sometimes, seeing no one, we feel awed, our head swell. It might be that some angels or some spirits are in the vicinity.

This was what informed the counsel by the writer of Hebrews when he wrote "Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it" when those angels must have visited, just like normal human beings (Heb.13:2).

Remember how God Himself in company of three angels, all wearing casual, not frightening human bodies visited Abraham and Abraham entertained them lavishly. The angels were on the mission to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah where Abraham's nephew, Lot and his family sojourned. Abraham found grace in the eyes of the Angels who camouflaged as human beings and Abraham was able to plead for the lives of Lot and his family (Gen 18,19).

How I wish that people who are evil, who live ungodly lives, who cheat, who are selfish and greedy, people who have no consideration for others, who are taking more than their share of the commonwealth, thereby throwing other citizens in abject poverty; those who collapse other people's business are aware of what they are about to miss in the next life, after they die. I wish they realize not only what they will miss but the suffering they will enter into except they repent of their evil doings.

My question to every one listening, will you ignore all these revelations or take every step to be able to be among those who will be given a new body after you die, a body that can no longer die or you can't bother yourself but continue to live in your wickedness and sins and go to hell where there is torment and suffering. Forsake your sins today and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Call me and I will help you.

We shall continue next time. Let us pray.

Signing out

Continued from Part 3