Wednesday, June 14, 2023
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Lagos, Nigeria

bram was a native of the Ur of the Chaldees (present location of Iraq).

God asked him to leave for a land, which He was going to show Him. (Gen. 12. 1) with a promise that He was going to make him a great nation and in him would all the families of the earth be blessed (Gen.12:2-3).

We note here that the Saviour of the earth, Jesus Christ will come through his lineage.

We may ask why did God choose Abraham of all the people of the earth through whom he was going to bless all the families of the earth.

The answer is in the book of Genesis chapter 18. One hot afternoon, Abraham welcomed three strange guests and he entertained them lavishly. God Himself in human flesh was one of them. They were on their way to set Sodom and Gomorrah on fire because of their sinful acts and wickedness. "And the Lord said, shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do: seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation and ALL THE NATIONS of the earth shall be blessed in him?" "For I know him that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement (Gen. 18: 17-19).

God chose Abraham because He foresaw in him a dependable character who He could entrust with His big plan. "For I know him that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement (Gen. 18: 17-19).

So, the topic of my sermon for the celebration of this Father's day is "Example of Father Abraham"

Let us pray.


The Example of Father Abraham who is also called Ibrahim in the Arabic language.

The all knowing God knows how each person will behave even before he or she is born. (Rom. 8:29). He allows his creation a free will to do whatever he/she desires after He had written His laws in our heart to distinguish between evil and good (Rom. 2:12-15). So the knowledge of good and evil is inborn and He (God) chose Abraham because He foresaw in him a dependable person who He could entrust with His big plan.

As a father, what does God know of you? Can God trust you that you will command your children and your household to keep the way of the Lord? Can God give you an assignment and you will do it faithfully and Godly, without making undue gain from it?

Consider how beautiful this world will be, consider how beautiful and comfortable this nation will be, should all fathers help their children and household to walk in the way of the Lord. But then how many fathers themselves walk the way of the Lord?

The purpose of the Father's Day celebration among other things is to appreciate the dedication of the fathers to their family, the nation and the world at large and at the same time encourage the fathers who are found wanting to turn a new leaf.

King Solomon instructed "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it"(Prov. 22:6).

Our world and our Nation is in a terrible decay because many fathers have ignored the ways of the Lord and when they do not know the way of the Lord, what do they have, with which they want to train the children? Again, many of the fathers who walk the way of the Lord hardly have the time to train their children in the way of the Lord. I am able to easily identify anyone who was properly brought up in a good, Godly home and others who are not. I am able to identify wives who are trained in their youth in the way of the Lord and those who are not. Women who are married are the image of their parents and the responsibility lies on the fathers.

The father is the head of the family. The spiritual state of the family lies on him. He takes responsibility for the leadership of the home and the conduct of the children. The father is supposed to be the spiritual priest of the home.

A child raised from a home where the father enforces daily family prayer either at dawn or night will have learnt to depend on God for all his needs and not to be involved in shady deals.

The children whose father frequently discusses all ranges of issues with, will most likely be good citizens.

The father must have time for his wife as well as the children. He must create time to relate to them experiences of life and most importantly what makes a good life, which is integrity, contentedness, Godliness and not worldly riches. The father must be a good listener to his young children.

In fact a child never grow old in the eyes of his/her father. The father ought to be able to provide guidance for his children of whatever age. Even where the child holds the highest post in the land, the father should still have a say in the affairs of his child.

Nigeria will have been a wonderful place to live had the fathers played their Godly fatherly role to their children holding high offices, those in managerial positions, others wearing government uniforms; Police, Customs etc who are making life unbearable for their fellow citizens.

Unfortunately today, the fathers in Nigeria give special thanksgiving service on behalf of their children who have made great wealth even knowing that the source of the wealth is by stealing from the commonwealth or duping of fellow citizens and other fraudulent activities including yahoo yahoo as long as they live comfortably with the wealth made from the frauds and cheating. The normal slang is "Well, we know our child steals but he knows relations with it" or "Whoever is not opportune to pilfer from the government is he who calls it 'forbidden' (Haram)" or "Whoever works at the alter partakes of the alter"

Father Abraham is our example. God said of him "For I know him that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement (Gen. 18: 17-19).

I am preaching on the topic "Example of Father Abraham"

The health of the nation depends on the health of the individual family. The building of the nation starts from the individual home. If the parents embrace God, more than likely the children will embrace Godly life and it will reflect in the health of the nation. In the same way, where the father is ungodly, the children are at the risk of being ungodly for a bad tree cannot produce good fruit (Matt.7:18). However the ways of God are not our ways and so we have witnessed many great men of God whose fathers care less about spiritual matters. But everyone will be the architect of his fortune.

Fathers, listen to me.

Yes, you provide for the needs of the family.

Yes you meet all the demands of the children

Yes, you provide domestic servants in the home so that the children do no chores in order to concentrate on their studies.

Yes, a chauffeur drives the children to school and other places of interest.

Yes, you send your children to Schools in overseas.

Yes, you buy cars for the children soon as they enter the University?

Beeni, you open fat bank accounts at home and overseas for the children and wife?

Yes, you give a palatial home and state of the art vehicle on the wedding day of all your children.

I have no grouse with any father who provides all those for his children so long as it is not from pilfering of the public money or fraudulent means means, thereby turning the populace into paupers thereby inflicting pains on anyone.

Unfortunately in Nigeria today, majority of the fathers who do these for their children use the public money, obtained due to the public offices they hold or high positions they attain as Civil Servants or wealth obtained though fraudulent practices or contracts with the government officials.

Those acts of many fathers incorporate their children right from their youth into the league of corrupt clubs because what lessons about Godliness do they have, to preach to those children?

Admitting that you do all those for the children with clean money yet you are a failure as a father if you do not lead them in the way of the Lord and you too do not live Godly such that God can be proud of you and testify of you that "For I know you that you will command your children and your household, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement (Gen. 18: 17-19).

Let us pray.

Sam Aweda (Pastor)

Jesus for the World Revival Mission (Peoples' Church)