Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

overty and backwardness as a nation have been a running battle in our nation, which are caused by the selfishness, greed and lack of commitment to the nation by certain individuals and subsequent governments. These can be checked or rectified if we realized that it is a war against the nation and not necessarily a personal battle.

And since it is a national calamity, the only way out is to fight it collectively by taking the necessary actions and back it up by prayers.

As if the poverty and the national backwardness, which we have been battling with are not enough, insecurity brought about by religious terrorists, bandits and kidnappers have compounded our problems. I am however optimistic that God never abandons us, it is we who refuse to follow His guidelines for our wellbeing.

I will soon, once again call for prayer and an inter Religious Solemn Assembly but today please join your hearts with mine and let us plead with God so that we can be obedient to His guidelines because He has provided us with all we need in order for us to live well in this nation.

So please come with me as I lead us in prayers.


Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you turn the tide of Nigeria over for good. I am a witness to the time when there was sanity in this country.

I am a witness to the time when godliness reigned. I am a witness to the time when the handlers of the government of Nigeria were dedicated to the country. I saw it when the people in government had some level of consideration for their fellow human beings.

With this, there was peace and orderliness. The gap between the rich and the poor was minimal, so there was no fear by anyone to move around whether day or night without the fear of armed robbers, bandits or kidnappers. Citizens in the past had some level of fear for You God and the nation prospered.

Because the people in Government in the time past placed the nation above their personal interest, every citizen felt the touch of the government.

High School Students who attended government run schools studied under a wonderful atmosphere. University students studied like children of the king. They were lavished with all things that were good. There were jobs for people at the completion of their studies, whatever the level of their education.

Unfortunately, we of today, jettisoned the godly path, which the fathers walked, which gave hope to the nation.

Father you are the same yesterday, today and forever, please give a penitent heart to the government of this country so that the welfare of the citizens will bother them and not just paying lip service.

Father please let everyone in Nigeria have the understanding that the prosperity of the nation is the answer to their prosperity and let us work assiduously for it.

Our healthy living depends on the good health of the economy of the nation. Father let your people in Nigeria have this understanding. Let them have this awareness for their good and betterment.

We have ignored your directive and counsel which says that if we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land. Rather it is the counsel of Satan, we listen to but listening to the counsel of Satan leads us to no other place but destruction.

We all want to eat of the good of the land but we are not prepared to be obedient to your counsel, which asks us to love the other person as ourselves. Rather, we are overcome by selfishness and greed.

The people who were educated with the commonwealth under a luxurious atmosphere got to the top and they became greedy and selfish and they have turned the citizens to their slaves, they have turned the commonwealth into their personal use, they have decimated the citizens. They have made themselves some sort of cabals. Worst, some of them become sponsors of religious terrorists, bandits and kidnappers.

Father I pray that you deliver the poor citizens from the clutches of these wicked enemies. I do not know how you will do it but I know that if we citizens unite together in faith and cry to you, you are ever willing to answer and deliver us. Rather than doing this, individuals are trying to solve the problem in their own different ways, they fail to realize that it is a national calamity that requires a collaborative and joint effort.

In the time past when people got job at the end of their chosen carrier, it was because the nation prospered, it was because the economy of the nation was strong. There were thousands of job openings for a relatively few job seekers, so job seekers had variety of choices to choose from. A return to this situation is what we need to jointly pray for rather than parading mountain tops and hills.

Father, let your children in Nigeria have a clear understanding of this so that they can work towards it.

And I pray that the people who destroyed the economy of this nation, which has led to joblessness, which has destroyed personal businesses; big and small, will have a repentant heart and do all the necessary restitution and reason among themselves how to return the prosperity of the nation. Father let the people who sit in the two assemblies at Abuja and Aso rock be committed to the prosperity of the nation.

Please Father help them to abandon selfishness, whereby they use 80% of the commonwealth to service themselves. Father give them a godly heart, which is your heart.

Lastly Father, I pray that the suffering masses will have the understanding of what they need to do to liberate themselves from their oppressors in Jesus name. Amen