Thursday, May 23, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Continued from Part 5

n the last five broadcasts, I have been talking about what the citizens of the states who have endured hardship from their previous state governments would expect from the new governments, which they have voted for with great excitement and hope.

This is the sixth in the series.

But in the meantime, let us commit this hour into the hands of God.

The Expectations of Citizens from the Government (part 6).

In my fifth broadcast, I was giving suggestions of how the new state governments can create jobs for their jobless people. I will continue with that today

I had pleaded that the Local Governments be made strong because they are the ones who are close to their people and therefore in a better position to take proper care of their citizens. I had pleaded that the State governments should not hold the money of the LGA, but release all, which belong to them.

I had suggested that the states should go into large scale farming in each of the Local government areas. This will eliminate hunger and at the same time provide jobs for many people including the professional politicians as everyone will be on the pay roll due to him.

Animal husbandry must be added to farming. Even if dairy farming cannot be embarked upon at the onset, poultry at least can be embarked upon. Children need egg for growth and development.

Anyone who was of age in the 60's and 70's and even up to the early 80's will believe that I am not suggesting anything new.

Every Ministry of Agriculture in all the states did it, including Dairy farming.

How did it collapse? Unrighteousness on the part of Civil Servants who were in charge!

Staff of the Agriculture Ministry in charge of the projects converts them to personal use and nothing or little of the proceeds enter into the Government coffer for continuity. And when there was no turn over, with time, the business was in ruin. And where are even the lands today? Powerful people in the Subsequent governments have shared it among themselves.

Anyone who is of age up to the early 80s in Kwara State will remember that government by itself cultivated acres of land at the onset of rains and distributed it to as many people as applied at little expense to grow crops, particularly 'corn'

Also the government of Kwara state had plough tractors for hire. Same thing happened. Ungodliness on the part of Civil Servants that were in charge ruined it.

Officers in charge of tractors became demi-gods and must be worshipped in order to get a date for the applicant's farm. The Tractor drivers must also be entertained.

And because these machines were not maintained, with time, they were off the roads and farms. It was alleged that the machine parts were sold by the drivers and officials.

Right from the Colonial days the government had always had lofty programs for the benefits of the populace. But with time the system became corrupt and by the 70's and 80's, Civil servants that were placed in charge of one project or the other became the sole beneficiaries of the projects and programs.

That was when we started to see civil Servants who their salaries added up since the time they joined the government service could not account for their wealth and properties.

So they gradually grounded all the projects and programs.

This is why I said at the beginning of this discussion that if we want to achieve 'Collective prosperity' where everyone is able to take care of himself, our solution is for everyone to have a change of mindset to Godliness.

Our hearts must be turned to the right.

'Collective prosperity' is far better and gives a good rest of mind for everyone than for some people to have surplus and behave large in the midst of millions who are poverty stricken.

We must come to the understanding that the prosperity of the nation is the answer to the individual lasting and enduring prosperity. And in order to achieve this, calls for godliness and love for one another on the part of every citizen.

Every person must ask himself or herself, how whatever he lays his hands on, affects other citizens. My action may give gain to me but can it wreck or cause harm to another person; known or unknown?

When there was godliness and dedication to the country, the country was doing well and people were happy with the little resources, which the nation had,

Our situation became pitiful after we jettison the platforms, which made our fathers happy.

Our situation became pitiful when selfishness and greed overtook us.

Our situation became pitiful when everyone was concerned about himself, not bothered about how what he does affects the other person.

There is no country where such things happen and the country is expected to be healthy.

What does one expect when all the projects that are set up to benefit the citizens, the public officers that are appointed to operate them turned them to their sole benefit?

Let me clarify it that the Civil Servants who have projects under them and who profit from government projects are in the minority. So the other Civil Servants who are in the majority are just like other citizens, who are poor as Church rats.

And this was why at the beginning of this broadcast I counseled the new governments not to put hungry people in positions, whether high or low. And more importantly, people that are Godly.

They must not be people who will be tempted to convert the budget of any project to their private pockets.

They must be people who are educated about the ministry they are to supervise so that nothing will be dark to them about the various functions of the departments. With this they will be able to have firm grip of their ministries. Thus they can follow up every money allocated to various projects in their domain to execution and not diverted to private use of any staff or committee members of the projects. They must be people of integrity who will not collude with contractors to bargain for any percentage.

Let me repeat my earlier counsel, that governments must appoint to positions only those who are ashamed of our present situation in the country and are ready to make sacrifices to build a strong nation and states, that are eager to catch up with the world and where the wealth of the state is fairly evenly distributed, where the gap between the rich and the poor is kept at its barest minimum, where poverty is kept at its low ebb.

I repeat it that in a civilian government other than a military government, everyone must be upright because however righteous or godly or determined and disciplined, any head of government, whether at the Federal or State can be, they cannot succeed in the midst of ungodly majority. The Bible can't be faulted. It says that Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation (Prov.14:34).

Let us pray.

Continued from Part 5