Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Continued from Part 4

n the last four sermons, I have been talking about the expectations of the citizens from their governments, particularly, the states where they were dissatisfied with how their governments were run and they sent them packing and replaced them with a new one.

In the meantime however let us commit this hour into the hands of God.

The Expectations of Citizens from the Government (part 5).

One of the most needful today, in my own opinion, is finding jobs for the teeming youths who have returned to their parents to be fed after they graduated from the Universities or other tertiary institutions but have no job. Many of them have taken up teaching appointments in private Schools on pitiable salary. It is a shame to our country

Another need of importance is to repair the dilapidated infrastructures upon which individual businesses can function.

I have proffered that if the State governments are serious and determined to take our shame away, they can embark on generating their energy as it is done by different states in other parts of the world where they are dedicated to their people.

There is absolutely no reason why the State Water Corporation cannot make water to flow.

In order that all the States apparatus perform maximally is the reason why I suggested that only the people who are committed to lift the states into ones of pride, should be at the helms of affairs in every ministry and departments.

They should appoint Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Chairmen of corporation who will have firm grip on their areas of operation, who will make sure that funds budgeted for each project go in to the exact project and no kobo is siphoned into the private pockets of officers, committee members and Civil Servants in charge of the projects.

I have also made suggestions of how the states can raise money rather than contracting the Zacchaeuses, Master tax forces who levy people arbitrarily and upon all, the money collected goes into the pockets of those who contracted them.

I suggested that the Federal Legislators give up their excess wages and remunerations, particularly their Constituency allowances and lodge them in a dedicated account in their different states for purposes of employment and upliftment of their constituencies.

Legislators from the states should have no problem to work in collaboration among themselves, using their Constituency allowances to lift up their constituencies rather than each of them acting as philanthropist as if it is their private money, yet it is state money.

How beautiful it will be if the Legislators jointly open a dedicated account in their different constituencies with their Constituency allowance and other allowances and part of their fat salaries to do beautiful things in their constituencies. The account can be named after them. I also suggested that governors give up their monthly N400m security votes and lodge it in the dedicated account, which I proposed. The dedicated account can be named after them; eg "Special or Dedicated account of Legislators and Governor for Employment and Upliftment of the State"

Let me summarize what I have been saying about how the state's wealth can spread round or re distributed.

Except for wastage and reckless stealing by the past Governments, there was no need in the first instance to lay off those cleaners, messengers, grass cutters, carpenters, bricklayers, painters and other artisans etc in offices, schools, hospitals etc.

With good management of resources, they can be called back. Some of them must be old now if they are not yet dead. New ones however can be employed.

If Governors and law makers can sincerely for the love of the country and their people shed their excessive weight by paying their excess luggage in to the Special Account in their different states as I had suggested, rather than sharing it between their political god-fathers and party loyalists, more jobs can be created and filled.

Also if States generate their energy and water runs everywhere, individual businesses that rely on electricity can proceed smoothly. The families of those people will be adequately taken care of and market people will smile. Generation of power I agree is a long term project.

Actually, if people who are presently working in the Energy industry of the Federal government will shun filthy lucre, shun sabotage and put the love of the country above every other thing, our electricity supply can be a lot better.

And this leads us again to the tenets, which I had proffered, on which lies our prosperity and eradication of povery in the land. The tenet again is "Obedience to the counsel of righteous living" The Bible says "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach"(Prov. 14:34)

One thing most needed on the pulpits, which must be emphasized and re-emphasized by the Ministers on both sides of the isles in Nigeria is obedience to righteousness and soon as this is achieved, no one needs to sleep in the prayer houses, jumping from one vigil house of prayer to another praying for prosperity. Collective Prosperity automatically follows 'Collective godliness' Watch my word carefully please "Only Collective righteousness will lead to a lasting and enduring Collective prosperity"

I will soon be speaking about the Civil servants because whatever programs or project, which the government want to pursue in order to alleviate poverty in the society, the success of it lies on the civil servants whose duty it is, to execute the programs or projects. On many occasions, civil servants turn Government projects and programs purposed to favour the citizens to their advantage. It is the common practice that they divert the funds purposed for such programs to their pockets.

And that is why you see them; Civil Servants embark on projects, which all their earnings added together right from the date they were hired cannot account for their properties. It is very unfortunate because those properties are at the expense of the poor masses.

This is the reason why I counseled that people that must be put in positions, high or low; Commissioners, Chairmen of boards must be people who are not hungry but self sufficient, who will not be tempted when put in charge of large sum of money to collude with civil servants to rob the populace. I will further talk more about this latter.

But in the meantime, let me give further suggestions of how jobs can be created for the people.

But before that, if poverty should be eradicated and our cities made beautiful, the Local governments must be made strong.

Monies from the Federal government meant for the Local governments must not be sabotaged by the states but must be passed to them.

The Local governments are those close to their people and are in a better position to care for their needs and embark on projects which will be useful to their people.

Farming is mostly practiced in the rural areas and creation of good net-work roads can better sustain this trade.

The State governments can quickly go into farming on a large scale basis in each of the Local Government.

If we successfully prosecute this, hunger will be eradicated. And as Yorubas say "Once hunger is eliminated, poverty is put to shame" Besides, it will provide employment for a large number of people except the person who doesn't want to work.

I suggest that the farms be set up in every Local Government Area (LGA) and categories of workers are set on different salary scale, which will depend on their job description, kind of training and experience. Experienced Farmers will be employed as well as farm workers. This is one area where people who I referred to earlier, who have no job but depend on government patronage as only source of livelihood can be fully engaged as Supervisors.

Next time I will continue the discussion about how jobs can be created for the people.

Let us pray

Continued from Part 4