Thursday, May 2, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Continued from Part 3

have been speaking for sometimes on what I suppose are the expectations of the people from the new state governments.

I am talking about the people of the states that have been abandoned by the previous subsequent governments for a long time.

I have been giving suggestions on what we ourselves can do, which will allow the government to perform, such that poverty can be reduced appreciably. Also I have been offering suggestions of how the governments can properly manage their little resources so that they will have money to do beneficial things for their citizens. This is the 4th in the series.

Let us pray.

The Expectations of Citizens from the Government (part 4).

At the end of the last broadcast, I stated that today, we shall be looking at options that are open to distribute the wealth of the state to every citizen fairly evenly without partiality.

As I said in the first broadcast in this series, it is not done by any government anywhere in the world where citizens do not work and money is ferried to their house or citizens queue up in front of the government house for monthly stipend.

People must work.

It is a lot dignifying to work with one's own hands.

There is no dignity at all in waking up and not engaging in one work or the other but sit down in the frontage of the house whiling away or do I say properly, wasting away the time.

Even the Bible says that if any would not work, neither should he eat (2Thess.3.10).

But meanwhile, the jobs are not there, even if people want to work.

Even, many of the people who are working, their wages are far from being able to meet their basic needs. It is debt carrying over from months to months.

The ones I pity most are the young graduates, even with Master's degree, who have no option of job opportunities other than teaching employments in private schools. And by the time they pay for transportation, one will weep for them for what is left over. They are just doing the work, just to kill boredom and give themselves some reprieve of having somewhere to go in the morning rather than sitting in the house.

And that is why in their 40's, they are not thinking of marriage and raise a family of their own.

But I believe that everyone can be taken care of, very fairly only if these new executives are bold, impartial, selfless, transparent, open and patriotic.

They will enjoy the cooperation of the citizens if they frequently engage the people in talking and constantly explain their activities and concerns to the citizens. The people will even be happy to listen to hear where ever they may need their cooperation.

If these new state governments can be bold and do a good home work, they will be able to put as many people as possible back to work.

They must open all the jobs, which the previous self-serving, greedy governments had shut down after they carted all the money away.

When people are put to work, trade will automatically boost.

I understand it that they have little money to work with but if they manage the little they have very well and shun ostentatious spending and projects, they will be able to achieve.

One big reason for our setback is because our wealth is in the hands of a few people. This must be addressed.

Certain individuals are earning from the government purse, money that can employ some hundreds folks. The government must urgently address this issue.

But before the government takes the step to pull down these unreasonable wages, the people receiving them, themselves can equally give them up for beneficial things.

Law makers and Governors can slash their salaries and give it to their different state governments to employ people. Special Account can be created for the purpose. The special Account can even be named after them. It can be called 'Law Makers and Governor Special Account for Job Creation"

Law makers can give up their Constituency allowances and pay it into the special fund created in the different states to employ people rather than saving it in their personal account up shore and sharing the rest with their political god-fathers and party Stalwarts (faithful).

Governors can give up their N400m monthly Security vote and put it in the special fund for the purpose of employing the youths. Governors do not need such a huge monthly allocation for security purposes in as much as the State Security Services and the Police are on duty.

Law makers and Governors do not need to employ thugs. What do they need thugs for in the first instance? To terrorize the same people they govern? What kind of reasoning is that?

If Law Makers and Governors create the Special Account, which I just advised, and lodge their excessive payments in to it for the purpose of employing the jobless in their different states, citizens will bless them and they can avoid the curse, which meanwhile people rain on them due to the Zacchaeuses, Master tax collectors, which they contracted from Lagos or Abuja, who pester the lives of the poor citizens with levies upon levies.

And where have been those monies if not in the pockets of those who contracted them?! There is God o

It will speak well of them if these new governments return Messengers to the Offices.

Let them return the cleaners. I once met a Director sweeping her office by herself.

Let them return grass cutters, painters, bricklayers, carpenters and other artisans into the offices, schools and hospitals. This was how the wealth was spread out in the good old days and why the country was worth living, until selfish and greedy people took over the reign of the government.

By the time the rail road transportation is completed by the Federal Government, thousands of other people will be put to work. In the good old days when the Nigeria Railway Cooperation (NRC) was operational, many of my classmates in the High School were educated by parents who worked for it. Besides, the railway stations were major recreation fields for us students in those days.

Though the resources of the states can be little but if they can block it from ending up in private pockets, they can resuscitate many of the infrastructures, for example, Water Cooperation and make water to flow into homes and work places.

It is a shame that many Public offices do not have toilet facilities.

I read in the news recently that Nigeria is about to overtake India in open defecation.

States do not necessarily have to depend on the energy from the Federal government. It is my belief that states can generate their power supply as it is done in many countries of the world. All these can be taken care of if the unpatriotic Nigerians will repent and repatriate home, the wealth of the nation they stacked abroad.

If we have functioning electricity and running water, these will promote the buisness of the big and small scale industries and poverty will become a thing of the past.

I hope someone in the new state governments is listening!

Let us Pray.

Continued from Part 3