Sam AwedaSunday, April 15, 2018
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(Text of my Radio broadcast)

Continued from Part 3

s I closed the part 3 of this sermon titled "It is not late for the Fortune of Nigeria to be Restored" I said it that today, I will list what other sacrifices every one of us should be prepared to make in order that our fortunes be restored. I reminded us that nothing is achieved on the platter of gold. There must be self discipline and sacrifice.

Let us pray


For the country to be rehabilitated, there is no one who has no sacrifice to make.

The big mistake made by Nigerian citizens is that the building of the nation is the job of only the Politicians.

This is not correct. Everyone in a democratic, civilian government in his/her vocation; whether government employees, private company employees and everyone in his personal job must do his work with honesty and dedication.

In order to measure up with the countries, where citizens have good life, we must all, with no exception eradicate in our day to day activities; selfishness, greed, cheating, insincerity, unkindness to the other fellow, non-consideration for the other fellow.

Civil Servants must stop taking gratifications before they do their job.

Civil servants who run one program or the other must henceforth stop sharing the monies allocated for the programs among committee members.

Account Officers must no longer ask for gratifications from Contractors and staff who have claims. They must be faithful with the public money.

Anyone who had pilfered the government money must repent and restitute.

If we all can resolve with the enabling power of God to live by our legitimate wages, the end to our suffering is at sight.

Policemen, Soldiers, Men of Customs and all others in the Law Enforcement agencies and citizens in whichever uniform must henceforth do their work with the fear of God. Everyone must do unto others in the manner he or she will want others to do unto him or her.

Citizens can help the people in the government and other Politicians to perform by stopping to worship them.

We must stop requesting from them or putting pressure on them to do for us, things that will make them to dip their hands into the commonwealth.

These requests amount to asking the government to give to you the share of the commonwealth that belongs to others. This is nothing but selfishness and inconsideration for others.

In short, we must stop encouraging them to steal from the commonwealth in order to aid us in whatever form. It is selfishness.

Everyone must be allowed to take his/her own share of the commonwealth.

Citizens can help the Politicians perform if we stop taking their gifts when they come seeking for our votes.

When they come to us, they are our guests and going by our culture, it is we who must entertain them and not for us to take gifts from them.

If we take their gifts, we shall remain in poverty for the four years ahead because they must re-coop their money. That is natural.

Preachers on both sides of the isles must tame their taste for high life.

They must not accommodate nor spare those who decimate us.

They should not be seeing visions for Politicians and those in government.

We should not be pestering them to build house of worship for us or asking them for favour.

In as much as our government cannot enforce the rule of law i.e punish the Politicians and others who steal our wealth, the only sermon that must be coming from our pulpits; Pastors and Imams, which must be emphasized and re-emphasized is 'Godliness and Righteousness' which alone the Bible says exalts a nation.

Some people are suggesting that the youths take over the running of the nation. Which youths?

The ones who have witnessed a responsible government or the ones who all they witnessed all their lives are governments that are self serving and looting the peoples' wealth?

Does one give what he doesn't have? Which he doesn't at all?

All, which the present youths have witnessed all their lives is corruption and it is reflecting in how they are running the Student Unions of their different campuses where their leaders misappropriate the Student Union fund.

Are those the hands you want to surrender the nation in to? In no time, they will run the nation aground totally

Many of the Nigerian youths from poor families have gone through hell to be educated. Can you then trust them with petro dollars and you expect them not to pilfer it? One young man who many years after he graduated, was still roaming the street told me that no one should tempt him with money or else he will swallow it. And that is what most of them will do.

Others are in a hurry. All, which they have witnessed are people who made wealth through frauds, fast and easy means.

They have not witnessed the days when integrity had high value, respected and honoured.

So rather than making them to run the country, the first thing is to give them total re-direction.

They need a change of mindset; all these, which can only be achieved through experience and this is why my campaign targets people who have witnessed it, when the government was responsible, when the government was honest and dedicated to the nation to come together and repair all that have been damaged and set the space again.

I am talking about the people who had scholarship for their University education, who ate three course meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am talking about Nigerians who had their clothes laundered when they were undergraduates, who had vacation jobs during summer vacations, who had two or more jobs waiting for them before they completed their final year University examinations.

If these people still have their conscience, they are the ones who should call a meeting of themselves, wherever they are located all over the world to form a political party with the only purpose to rescuing the nation from further drift and set the nation on the path of pride.

Let us pray.

Continued from Part 3