Sunday, April 14, 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

Continued from Part 1

am continuing today on the topic "The Expectations of Citizens from the Government"

When I was commissioned by God in 1994 in the desert of the Middle East to return to Nigeria to work for the prosperity and restoration of Nigeria, He inspired my mind with the story of a certain group of people in the olden days, who were in bondage for 70 years and after they were freed and returned to their home land, their political leaders, who were their own blood, enslaved, oppressed and decimated them again.

I have seen similarities with that country and Nigeria.

But with time, God raised a Governor by the name of Nehemiah for the people under reference. It was Nehemiah with his performance and exemplary life style as Governor who freed the people again.

So, I patterned my campaign for the restoration of Nigeria after Nehemiah, which I tagged "The Nehemiah Project"

I hope that God has granted my Nehemiah Project with success at the Federal level and recently, some states including mine 'Kwara'

Students of history will remember that after the success story of Nehemiah who put things back to order and peace was restored in the land and there was no more poverty, another Priest rose to teach the people, who have been freed from poverty, the laws of God in order to consolidate the gain of their joy and plenty brought about by Nehemiah, so that they will not be trapped into sins again, which will take their joy and plenty away. This Priest is by the name "Ezra"

In order that the states in Nigeria who it has pleased God to free from feudalism, selective generosity and dictatorship enjoy this largesse for a long time, I am starting the 'Ezra Project' while the Nehemiah project continues with those states who are still in bondage of their Political leaders.

Let us pray.

In the first of the series of this exposition titled "The Expectations of Citizens from the new Government. I explained that the previous government had thrown the states into serious huge debts and I do not know any magic wand, which the incoming governments will have, in order to give us, in a fast manner, our expected quick desire to be translated from poverty unto wealth and we can expect them to ask us to be patient with them.

But we can help ourselves if and if, we shall all turn to God and understand what He will have us do and pray to Him to be able to obey Him.

In order for us to be translated from poverty to wealth very fast, our solution is to take seriously, the three passages of the Bible, which I explained at the first of this broadcast as the three tenets of my campaign. They are found in the books of Isaiah 1:19, 1Samuel 15: 22 and Proverbs 14:34. These alone can sustain our present joy after been freed from self-serving governments and we would not have to return to our past again. The three tenets is paraphrased simply into 'obedience to righteous living'

But if the new State governments who inherited debt, want us to be patient with them, people will listen so long as they and their family members live modestly. We do not expect them to drastically reduce their life style because truly God has blessed many of them and are already wealthy before becoming Governors but we shall listen to them if they embark on projects, which identify with the plight of the poor who they govern.

We shall be patient if their projects are transparent, if their projects are not suspicious of any financial inducement to them and others at the corridor of power.

We shall be patient if their projects are those, which will benefit the poor masses on the long term.

Of course, they should quickly put in place, some programmes which are of short term benefits as a relief and reprieve.

They cannot embark on selective generosity to any segment of the populace who they think they must please in order to remain popular or acceptable; or to people who they think can blackmail them or make life difficult for them.

The time we are in, calls for everyone who must be appointed to any duty in these governments, to be those who are prepared to make sacrifices and not those who have at the back of their minds that "He who works at the altar eats of the altar"

Everyone who must be appointed to any duty in these governments must not be people who see it as an opportunity to amass wealth. So they must be people who are self-sufficient. They must have their personal source of income. They must not be those whose career is only Politics.

In fact how best it will be if the new Governors and members of their cabinet forgo their salaries and some of their emoluments entirely.

They will not be the first to do.

We have read of one Governor in the olden days, whose situation of his country was very similar to ours. I often refer to him since the onset of my campaign, for the repair and restoration of Nigeria.

His name is Nehemiah and I named my campaign after him. I called it "Nehemiah Project" with a prayer that God gives us thousands of people like Nehemiah who will work selflessly to repair all, which the governments of the past have damaged.

Let us read the account of Nehemiah stewardship, how he ran his government as testified by himself. We find this in the book of the Bible named after him in chapter 5 vs 14-18

"I would like to mention that for the entire 12 years that I was governor of Judah, my aids and I accepted no salaries or other assistance from the people of Israel.

This was quite a contrast to the former governors who had demanded food and wine and a $100 a day in cash and had put the population at the mercy of their aids who tyrannized them; but I obeyed God and did not act that way. I stayed at work on the wall and refused to speculate in land. (This meams that Nehemiah did not attend to travelling out of his duty post or attending to frivolous jamborees) I also required my officials to spend time on the wall (i.e he did not allow his ministers to be attending parties all over the countries or jetting to London, France, China, Japan or spending weekends in Ghana).

All this despite the fact that I regularly fed 150 Jewish officials at my table, besides visitors from other countries! The provisions required for each day were one ox, 6 fat sheep and a large number of domestic fowls; and we needed a huge supply of all kinds of wines every ten days. Yet I refused to make a special levy against the people, for they were already having a difficult time" (Neh. 5: 14-18). i.e Nehemiah imposed no tax, nor VAT nor increased the price of gasoline all the years he was governor.

I thank God for all the people who are meanwhile at the helm of affairs in some States. They are not hungry. They did not make their money from politics.

How wonderful it will be if they can behave like Nehemiah. It will be a big revolution, which will never be forgotten and their names written in gold in history books. God has blessed them so much that they can take care of themselves without looking at the State's treasury.

His Excellency Abdulrahman Razak of Kwara State can do it. His Excellency Ademola Adeleke of Osun state can do it. His excellency Seyi Makinde of Oyo state can do it. His Excellency Dr. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State can do it.

'Am I prescribing a cup or medicine that I cannot drink?

No. I am a Pastor who never took salary in doing this work.

I have never eaten from the Church all my life. I ate my own food.

I work with my hands with assistance from personal friends and family members to pay for these broadcasts and my other campaigns for the restoration of this country.

I have devoted the little resources that God bestowed me with, when I worked in some foreign lands, for this campaign to level up Nigeria with the countries of the world that are prosperous, where poverty, hunger, joblessness are eradicated, where infrastructures that have been destroyed by the previous governments are not only restored but made to level up with the technologically advanced countries of the world.

You're Excellences; I encourage you to do likewise. May God help you.

God willing we shall continue next time on this topic "The expectation of Citizens from the new Governments"

Let us pray

Continued from Part 1