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ome 2000 years ago, a miraculous child was born. God transformed Himself to a human being. He was born of a virgin, who never slept with any man. He was named Jesus. The meaning of Jesus is "For He will save His people from their sins (Matt.1:21).

His time on earth was very brief. He said of Himself "I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep"(John 10:11)

So, at age 33, though He committed no sin, the only person in history of mankind who lived without sin, yet sinful religious leaders crucified Him on the cross at Calvary in Jerusalem and spilled His blood. But they did not know that they were fulfilling God's plan for the salvation of mankind.

So I am preaching today on the topic "Significance of the Blood of Christ

I am yet to be aware of any religion that does not spill blood, one way or the other; mostly to appease their god.

Man is created a spiritual being. The creator, called Yaweh in the Hebrew language, God in the English language and various other names in their various languages across the face of the earth has made man's heart and mind crave for His creator.

Therefore, except in the mind that allows itself to be sold to Satan, man's heart right from childhood automatically seeks God.

God reveals himself to man, so man knows promptly that he is made to worship his creator.

One thing however is observed in all the various forms of worship; blood is used. I even understand that people in the satanic secrete cults themselves draw their blood to make covenant. This signifies the importance of blood.


Because blood is the life of any human being. The blood in man is what makes him a living being. Withdraw all the blood in man, man is dead instantly.

So when the Secret Cult members and other evil people sign covenant with their blood, they are simply signing with their life. They are sealing the covenant with their life.

Our first parents were Adam and Eve. We have no record that they made any sacrifice to God. It is possible they did but we have no record.

We however have on record that the first children, Cain and Abel did. Cain made a sacrifice of farm produce because he was a farmer, while Abel made a sacrifice of blood, being a herdsman.

God rejected Cain's sacrifice but accepted Abel's.

The next notable sacrifice we have on record was the one made by Abraham, also known as Ibrahim.

We read in the Bible that God asked Abraham to sacrifice his child of promise, Isaac to Him. It was to test his faith as it later turned out to be because God stopped him at the very point when he was to slay the boy. God opened the eyes of Abram to a ram, which horns were locked up in the bush (Gen. 22:13).

Because of this singular act of Abram's complete obedience and trust in God, not holding back his son but was ready to sacrifice him, God blessed Abram and thereby based salvation of mankind on the type of faith of Abraham.

The prophets described that lamb as the shadow of what Jesus, the Messiah, the Seed who will appear years later represents;"The Lamb of God" who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29).

So salvation would be by faith. As the Scripture puts it "Abraham believed in God and it was counted unto Him as righteousness" (Rom.4:3)

God promised that Abram was going to be made a father of nations and through his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed (Gen. 22:18).

It however took another 1700 years for this Seed through who the whole earth will be blessed to appear on earth. Every evidences point to this Seed as Jesus.

Before the appearance of the Seed, God instructed the Jews to make sacrifices of animals to Him, either as a way of appreciation to God or as a plea but particularly for forgiveness of sins.

The morning and evening sacrifices were mandatory. A lamb was sacrificed every morning and every evening.

I am speaking on the subject "The Significance of the Blood of Jesus"

No animal, which was to be sacrificed shall have any defect. (Lev. 22:21-24). There was little bending of this rule in rare circumstances. These requirements depict the qualifications of the coming Seed, the perfect sacrifice. They were the symbols of the yet to appear "Perfect sacrifice"

On the Sabbath day, in addition to the daily regular burnt offerings, 2 extra one year old male lambs were sacrificed. (This adds up to 4, one year old male lambs sacrificed on the Sabbath day).

At the sight of the new moon, many more animals were sacrificed; 2 young bulls, One ram, 7, one year-old lambs, one male goat (Num. 28:11-15) (Num. 15:1-16).

The question is "Why the shedding of blood; what is the reason?"

The Scripture answers it "the soul that sinneth, it shall die" (Ezekiel 18:20). This really implies spiritual death.

Physical death is when we return to dust while spiritual death is eternal separation from God. This is the one everyone must avoid because the place of spiritual separation from God is called "Hell" where there is torment and gnashing of teeth and it is a life of torture, which has no end.

In order to escape hell, our sins must be forgiven but "Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins (Heb.9:22).

The person who does not need the blood sacrifice to atone for his sins must not commit a single sin all days of his existence on earth because nothing unholy will enter heaven and live with God.

The requirement of God for anyone to avoid hell is one or the other of two options.

The first option is for him/her not to commit a single sin all days of his/her existence on earth because the only pass mark for righteousness in God's examination book is 100%. This is because once you break one of the commandments, you have broken all other commandments. You are marked guilty of all other commandments once you offend in one.

Scattered across the Scripture are records that shows us that there is not that one person who can attain God's standard of holiness through the keeping of the law because once a person slips in one, he/she has become guilty of all other commandments.

In James 2:10-11, we read, "And the person who keeps every law of God, but makes one little slip is just as guilty as the person who has broken every law there is, for he that said, Do not commit adultery, said also, Do not kill. Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill, you have broken God's laws entirely and stand guilty before Him"

Paul in Romans 10:5, expressed same, "For Moses wrote that if a person could be perfectly good and hold out against temptation all his life and never sin once, only then could he be pardoned and saved"

And because there is not that person who can meet this requirement of salvation through the keeping of the laws, Paul in Gal. 3:10 describes those who depend on their good work to save them as under God's curse because by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified in God's sight (Rom. 3:20) as it is written, "The Lord looks down from heaven on ALL MANKIND to see if there are any who are wise, who want to please God. But no, all have strayed away; all are rotten with sin. Not one is good, not one" (Psalm 14:2-3; Rom. 3:10-18).

Prophet Isaiah had from the mouth of God spoken: "But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags;.." (Isa. 64:6).

And since this first option to escape hell by the keeping of the law is not possible for any man, is why God in His kindness provides the other option, which is by faith.

Habakkuk, a prophet of the old, also knew the fact when he said: "the just shall live by his faith" (Hab. 2:4).

You ask me "What kind of faith and faith in what"

Faith in the blood of Jesus that was shed for the remission of sins of mankind as it is written "Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin" (Heb.9:22 ).

But why blood and not something else?

The reason is that in order to be spared the death sentence as a result of our sins, another life must be killed and the blood of the killed one (animal) would be the substitute for the death of the guilty person who brought the sacrifice (Lev. 1:4). That is the way God designs it and He cannot be questioned.

So the blood of the sacrifice is generally for atonement of sin. "For it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul" (Lev. 17:11)

The procedure in the days of animal sacrifice in brief is that the sinner bringing it, would lay his hands upon its head at the entrance of the Tabernacle and kill it there and the blood of the killed one (animal) was supposed to be a substitute for the death of the sinner who brought the sacrifice (Lev. 1:4).

Atonement of sin with animal blood was to last for only a period until as earlier said, until that which was sealed up was unsealed, until the seed of Abraham, through whom the whole earth will be blessed is revealed, to confirm God's plan of salvation for man; which is by faith rather than any religious obligations.

1700 years after God announced His plan of salvation with the type of faith of Abram and 600 years after animal sacrifice was instituted, the perfect sacrifice was made. Jesus, who is God in the flesh was slain for the atonement of man's sin.

Why should Jesus be slain? Why should it be His blood alone? What is the significance of His blood?

It is because God requires only a blameless sacrifice for sins to be forgiven.

As read in the Scripture and narrated earlier, all the animals that were used hither to, must not have any blemish. They must not have any defect or even any skin disease.

Besides, only the blood of a kind can redeem its kind. Otherwise, doctors could have been transfusing the blood of a ram into man whenever man needs blood for his life to be saved.

If Doctors cannot use the blood of a ram to save the life of a man, how will anyone expect God to accept the blood of goat or bull or ram to forgive man's sins?

And unfortunately, there has been no man that ever lived that can be said to be blameless and sinless, whose blood could have been acceptable by God to forgive the sins of mankind except Jesus Christ.

This is the relevance and significance of the blood of Jesus.

Jesus was part of God in heaven; spotless, blameless, without sin.

Out of love, He came down to earth, laid His life down and His sinless blood was made for the atonement of man's sin, that man can be speared from hell and live with God at the end of the earth.

(To be contd)