Sam AwedaSunday, March 25, 2018
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Lagos, Nigeria


(Text of my recent Broadcast on some Nigeria Radio Stations)

n the first part of this sermon, I started to expound my hope that it is not late for the fortune of Nigeria to be restored.

I strongly believe that poverty can be eradicated and we all can start to live comfortably.

My faith is hinged on the fact that we were in the time past making progress and the entire world was watching us. That was during the time we were colonized and few years after independence.

But we stopped progressing after we jettisoned the behaviours that made us to be developing.

So if only we can be encouraged to return to the path of those days, then the end to our misery is at sight.

And this is what this ministry is all about; pleading with citizens to yield their hearts to the right with the enabling power of God so that our country can be worth living and temptations to sin can be minimized and our journey to heaven can be made easier.

Let us pray. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It is not late to end our suffering.

In the first part of this sermon, I said that God has built the prosperity of the individual fellow within the prosperity of the nation. Therefore the prosperity of our nation is what should be our goal because the prosperity of the nation determines our individual prosperity. God wants us to live in love with one another.

Except we understand this fact and strive to work towards it, we shall remain in trouble.

In the part one of this sermon, I regretted that meanwhile in Nigeria only a few people consider the nation. Most people are concerned about themselves to the detriment of the nation. Only a few consider the building of the nation. So we have many individuals who are a lot richer than the nation itself and the sad thing is that it is the nation's wealth, which they convert to their personal wealth, thereby decimating the rest of the populace.

In the past the wealth of the nation was not in the hands of any cabal. But today, only a few people share the wealth of the nation among themselves. They however give peanuts to their sycophants while the majority live in penury.

Let me give an example. At the beginning, Civil Servants did not necessarily have to struggle to go on further education or training, they only receive a letter to proceed, which may be at a local location or somewhere overseas.

Those trainings were for the purposes of developing the staff for higher services, for the benefit the nation. At the end of the course, the staff themselves are rewarded with promotion to higher duties with higher remunerations, which brings better life.

This was why people lived in happiness in those times because things were organized. If we can return to this kind of practice, we will all agree that it is not over for us.

Unfortunately the subsequent governments no longer care for the development of the nation.

And how can the nation develop when an individual carts home about N20m in a month from the commonwealth, for sitting 2 or 3 times in Abuja?

How can there be any meaningful development in a country where there is a Commissioner of Police in every State, yet each Governor takes N400m every month as Security vote which is not to be retired (not to be accounted for)?

Which other nation in the world does that occur and expect any development?

The World Bank has said it many years ago that 1% of the population shares 80% of the wealth of the nation leaving the rest 99% of the population to scramble for the rest 20% of the wealth. How then can there be jobs for University graduates or any other person for that matter?

God will certainly require from these people, the blood of the uncountable number of citizens who have died due to their negligence of the nation. They will all burn in hell fire at the end of their profligate life here on earth. But I constantly pray for them to repent.

Worse, we the citizens are docile and we encourage their theft. We encourage them to decimate us. We allow it because our minds ourselves are darkened, dirty and corrupt because we would do same, were we in their position.

Until there is understanding of the basic principle of prosperity laid down by God and adherence to it by every citizen; government and the governed, many shall die in poverty and will end up in the eternity of hell.

Truly, it is God who puts people in position of administration. But God never intends it that they should personalize the wealth of the people rather they should share it evenly. And they know this fact.

But because we worship them, we are encouraging them to personalize the commonwealth.

Everyone chooses whatever vocation he wants to pursue. That someone is President, Governor, Law maker does not make him more important than teachers or people in other vocations.

Can we all be administrators? If we all, are administrators who will teach future administrators? Who will be in the Hospitals? And who will defend the country?

The type of government, which we are running today is copied from America. But do Americans worship their President, Governor or their Law Makers?

Do we not see how they challenge the personal behavior of their Politicians from time to time?

Do we not see how they constantly call their officers to order?

What happens in Nigeria is quite different from what happens elsewhere in the world. Our Political parties are nothing but gangsters who send some people to Abuja to be stealing for them, while the weaklings in the parties and others who belong to no parties live as waiters, parading the gardens of the powerful in order to feed.

I ask, which one is dignifying, to remain beggars or fight for our rights once and for all? But let me tell you, if we do not deliver ourselves from the hands of these Feudal Lords today, our generations will in the same way tomorrow worship the children of the Feudal Lords

The citizens of the countries, which fare well are not necessarily spiritually better than us but their governments enforce the principle of collective prosperity. But our subsequent governments are incapable of doing this and this is what informs my campaign that we should all yield our hearts to God in godliness and righteousness, so that we can do all, which are necessary, which will eliminate poverty from the land, which will create environment for us to live right, which will allow us to live a life acceptable to God and our journey to heaven will be made easier and we can avoid going to hell.

The greatest enemy of Nigeria as of today are our SANs and other lawyers. The President realized this not too long after he launched his war against corruption.

Every effort of the President to bring those who stole our wealth to justice, which would have cast fear on other nation destroyers' is been thwarted (frustrated) by Nigerian SAN and other lawyers.

They have been bedeviled with the spirit of mammon. They need the prayer of every one who loves Nigeria so that they can repent and restitute so that their souls do not perish in hell.

Were South Africa like Nigeria, Jacob Zuma would still be in charge. Nothing would have made him to resign.

Nigerian SANS will have billed him billions of dollars and would have taken the African National Congress (ANC) to court citing useless constitutional orders and would be delaying justice for years and eventually turned justice upside down.

Are Nigerian lawyers the only people who studied law in the whole world? Are they the only one who know how to argue cases?

They defend thieves; they protect people whose actions have led to the death of the uncountable. A Yoruba adage says that the person who helps a thief bring down the theft from the roof is the greater culprit.

By the grace of God, next time, I will continue with this sermon "It is not late for Nigeria" Let us pray