Wednesday, March 13, 2024
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Lagos, Nigeria

s for me, Politicians blame is little for the hardship, which we are going through in this country.

When you listen to the stories of what people go through in the hands of fellow citizens, you will cry.

Which one do you want talk about? Is it the behavior of our law enforcement agents? I have seen where someone knows a law enforcement officer and made him to lock up an innocent person only to be out after a large sum of money was paid.

I have seen where someone brings in a vehicle through an unlawful route and after all the normal fees were paid to the Government's coffer and the Custom Officers, having sapped the fellow to the bone, yet the vehicle disappeared.

I have seen a lawyer, a lawyer, I repeat, who prosecutes and defends cases in court, yet purchased a car over ten years ago and never paid the balance till date.

I have seen cases of Nigerians, take goods on credit, with a promise to pay up after selling the goods, yet never paid.

How do you describe the kidnapping, banditry and killing of fellow citizens for money making rituals?

I cannot understand how someone can put a knife or gun to the neck of another human being who he cannot create.

I have not seen any other country like Nigeria where officers on monthly salary demand and take money from people he is paid to serve.

The story of wickedness of Nigerians to fellow Nigerians cannot be totally listed.

We must start on a clean slate; the reason why I am shouting that our high profile religious leaders stand to their responsibilities to organize a nationwide Solemn Assembly where we all, will take a vow before God to behave right. But they must first purge themselves of greed for money.

Only after we achieve this, can we expect our Politicians to do the right thing because any set of people gets the kind of leaders it deserves.

And for now, we have leaders who we deserve.