Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

n the book of St. Matthew chapter 9 vs 34-36, it was recorded that the Lord had been preaching the gospel all through the towns and villages and He noted that the people were suffering and He had compassion for them. Jesus was full of pity for them. He described them as like sheep without a Shepherd.

But there comes the tragedy; the people were not prepared to be helped out of their suffering and in chapter 11 vs 16-17, He lamented and said 16 "To what can I compare this generation? It is like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends,

17 'We played wedding songs,

and you didn't dance,

so we played funeral songs,

yet you didn't mourn.

This situation seems similar to what we are passing through in Nigeria today. Today's generation of Nigerians can be compared with that of the time of Jesus Christ, just relayed.

We all complain about our suffering but we seem not prepared to do what it takes to end it.

Do we want to end our suffering? Are we prepared to end it or we just want to be complaining? So the topic of my sermon today is "This generation of Nigerians"

Let us pray.

Not too long ago, a young man came to me and was worried why things haven't changed in spite of my several appeals both to the government and to the governed.

I replied the young man that the solution to the myriads of our problems lie solely on us the governed. I told him that the moment the rulers see that we are prepared to free ourselves from their stronghold, they will have no choice but to change their style of governance. It is the behaviour of the society that dictates to them how we want to be governed.

1.The moment that the leaders can see very clearly that we understand that we all are created equally and it is their choice to serve us, they are the one who came to canvass for our votes and we recognize their roles as our servants and that we will not accept to play second fiddle to them neither shall we worship them but God alone and we allow them to know that we have the same right as they to the wealth of the nation, the leaders will rise to their duty and they will start to do things differently.

This does not imply that we shall not give respect to who respect is due because the Bible asks us to respect those in authority but the Bible does not say we should lose our dignity in so doing.

2. If we stop today, to parade their offices and homes for doles, they will read the sign right away that we will no longer accept an individual sitting on the wealth, which belongs to us all, and the individual to be sharing it the way he likes but we expect the government to lay the infrastructures, which will enable individual to decide what business he/she will lay his hands on, which will provide him/her his legitimate and honest income with dignity.

3. When we parade the offices and homes of those in power, demanding money to fast or to celebrate Eid, we are simply ridiculing ourselves and encouraging them not to be accountable with the sovereign wealth.

They are supposed to be on salary but if we all go on demanding money from them, money not in the budget, we are simply asking them to dip their hands into the sovereign wealth to meet our selfish ambition. Where then will they get the money to provide the infrastructures, which we all desire in the city?

I know it is only a small percentage of the population who have turned themselves to be beggars of the people in government, who play sycophancy but their number is large enough to make the lords flex their muzzle and make them powerful to play gods. Those of us who still have our dignity can do better by discouraging those we know who indulge in those habits.

4. If we will today all become godly in our pursuits and will be satisfied with only what is due to us and we will not put pressure on the authority to have more than it, then the authority will read the sign that we are ready for a nation, where no one is oppressed. The Bible says it clearly "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach" (Proverbs 14:34)

5. Things will improve drastically, the moment we stop encouraging them to fund projects, which will give them opportunity to divert government's money to their private use.

The case of holy pilgrimages is an example. One will be stunned to know what amount those in authority corner for themselves from such projects. I have asked over and over again,

"Were the holy cities like our Nigerian cities, who will come and risk his/her life on those killer roads simply to visit the Holy land?" And for the Christians, what point is there in visiting the earthly Jerusalem but miss the heavenly Jerusalem, which is life eternal?

6. The country will have a new face lift, if we all can muster courage to refuse selective generosity. By selective generosity, I mean a situation where certain individuals in the community will accept undue favor from either the politicians or government eg to receive the gift of automobile or have a house built for them or have their house refurbished.

It is unfortunate that rather than obeying God to avert poverty we are following the dictates of our minds, which are unprofitable and which will lead us to hell at the end of age. We defraud ourselves in a frightening manner. We even defraud God. I have been told that frauds take place in religious settings also.

7. Governance will become purposeful when electorates stop demanding money from candidates seeking election. It will be more purposeful the day we start to shun their gifts. Leaders of serious countries appear spent by the time they leave office while our own leaders become pregnant with protruding belly and shiny skin, with reflective power like that of a mirror, indicating that they have been in office for enjoyment and not for the purpose of taking the nation to any higher height.

Our situation is exactly the same as it was in the days of prophet Isaiah as recorded in Isaiah 6: 10 when the hearts of the people were hardened (made fat), their ears plugged and their eyes shut. That way, they were not able to see with their eyes,

nor hear with their ears,

nor understand with their hearts

and turn to God for healing"

It is time for all those who are in the deliverance ministry to call a conference of themselves to rebuke the devil in the hearts and minds of the people of this country so that they can be delivered from the evil forces that have hardened their hearts, plugged their ears and shut their eyes from taking actions that will improve their lives, thereby able to live a life worthy of heaven.

Many Nigerians have folded their hands and reconciled themselves to a life of misery while many do all kinds of shady deals, fraud, cheats and all kinds of unmerciful things, wickedness and evil in order to survive.

Those doing pranks, cheating, taking gratification or acting in a difficult manner on their tables may have graduated out of poverty but their place is in hell on the day of judgement.

Such are the type, who Jesus counseled by saying what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul in hell.

In order to make our country habitable, which will make our journey to heaven easy, we must dedicate ourselves to work to make Nigeria strong. That is what the country, which we all want to run to have done and still doing. The prosperity of the nation is the answer to individual's lasting and enduring prosperity. Except the nation prosper, individual's prosperity is short lived, it cannot last. Therefore, we must all wage war against any behavior detriment to the economy of the country.

A level playing ground must first be established as well as infrastructures, which can sustain private enterprises. Then individual can decide what business to go into, which will enable him live a life of comfort

When Jesus was on the earth, He noted that the people were suffering and He had compassion for them. Jesus was full of pity for them. He described them as like sheep without a Shepherd.

But the tragedy then is still repeating itself today, in Nigeria, the people were not prepared to be helped out of their suffering and Jesus lamented and said 16 "To what can I compare this generation? It is like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends,

17 'We played wedding songs,

you didn't dance,

so we played funeral songs,

yet you didn't mourn.' Matt. 11 vs 16-17,

Many citizens sit down and fold their hands, waiting for the dying day, blaming witches for their problems. Is it that the witches are not there? They are and I have fought them on many occasions. I have witnessed uncountable divine healings and I have taken part in many deliverances, no one can intimidate me by those things.

But I tell you, give people real balanced diet, and you will see illnesses, which their prophets blame the witches for, in most cases disappear.

Give Nigerians good places and clean environment to live and you will see illnesses in most people disappear.

Remove poverty and many of the accusations levied against the witches and wizards troubling them for which they seek deliverance in deliverance houses will disappear instantly.

Take the witches themselves out of their present dirty environment and give them good house to sleep, with air condition; give them the luxury of using immaculate white toilet bowl and you will see that they too will cease from crying about hopelessly in the nights but sleep in the comfort of their homes.

I am looking for a day, when the people of this country will heed my call for a joint cry unto the Lord to deliver us. The day the leaders see us assemble in millions shouting to God for help, that is the day they will recognize that we are ready for our liberation from their shackles.

Satan itself and all its agents working against our well-being themselves will become jittery, seeing a mammoth crowd, millions, praying and they will promptly know that their time of evil practices is up. And promptly they will rise to do all, which is necessary to make this country great, which will take our poverty away and in turn smooth our journey to heaven.

We all must have seen places where a joint demand for righteousness worked.

Unfortunately here, the large majority fold their hands. Only a few people want to pay any sacrifice for a country where every citizen will be happy. Everyone is busy pursuing his/her activities. This I bet will continue to worsen our situation.

Let us pray.

Father, it is my prayer today that this message will be meaningful and profitable in the hearts of those who have heard it in Jesus name I pray.