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esus for the World Revival Mission, also known as 'The Peoples Church' is totally dedicated to the wellbeing of Nigerians.

It is the strongest desire of the Mission that Nigeria speedily catches up with the developed countries of the world, where citizens enjoy some levels of comfort and that we too become a force to reckon with.

Meanwhile we are a pariah state in the comity of nations.

Nigerian citizens in Diaspora have lost respect in their different communities based on how we are flooding the outside world when we have insufficiency, what can keep us at home.

They read how our leaders loot our treasury with impunity. They see how the leaders enrich themselves and leave their citizens in abject poverty.

Those of them that visit Nigeria or do business with us see corruption first class at every level. They witness selfishness, greed, lack of consideration for fellow human beings at every level except a few.

Yet, majority of people living at home are hungry except a small minority who live large with the state money; money that ought to be used to service every citizen and those who cheat in their various offices, wicked people in uniforms and those who dupe.

Our Ministry hoped that if we had good leadership, all these reproaches will be corrected.

Therefore, the first assignment we gave ourselves in our mission was to pray for a leader with the character of the Biblical Nehemiah, who liberated the people of his time from poverty.

Our Ministry recognizes that poverty and hardship can make one to dip his/her hands into sin, thereby lose heaven. So our goal is to get rid of these obstacles, which can stand on our way from achieving our goal of heaven.

So we went round cities praying for a leader with the character of the Biblical Nehemiah to govern our country. And we had thanked God that former military general, Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 February election and he ascended the throne in May of 2015.

But 20 months into his presidency, the wellbeing of Nigerians has gotten worse. People therefore are ridiculing those of us who believe that Buhari

Do I still believe that Buhari is the anointed?

So, the topic of my sermon today and for some time in the future will be "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion"

But before we proceed, I am going to request Dr. Deacon Kayode Samuel to commit this hour into the hands of the Lord.


The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion

20 months after President Mohammadu Buhari came into office, the wellbeing of Nigerians has gotten worse. People therefore are ridiculing those of us who believe that Buhari was our solution in 2015.

Do I still believe that Buhari is the anointed? Yes I do.

I personally continue to thank God that former military general, Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 February election and ascended the throne in May of 2015.

We have many upright people in the country who are selfless and have the administrative acumen who can govern the country successfully but they did not offer themselves for election. And who can blame them, knowing how rough the political terrain in Nigeria is. There were others who could have wanted to run did not have the money to do.

But if we shall be honest, who other person among those who contested the presidential election of February 2015 is most creditable, who is upright, who has the dedication and commitment to the greatness of the nation like Buhari?

There might be a few others who are upright but the thing with President Buhari is that he is a tested hand, having ruled before and he achieved.

Of course, there is one particular thing he did as Military Head of State, which is not lost on me and which made me sad. The murder of those three young men who were convicted of drug pushing, which they did outside the death penalty, yet they were executed at his signature annoyed me badly. But considering all things together, we must put that negative part of history behind us and look at his other many sterling qualities.

Two other things bother me currently however; his quietness over the murders of many Christians in some towns and villages in some Kaduna State Local Governments is worrisome.

That he is a Muslim and Christians are murdered in cold blood by people who claim same faith with him calls for his comment, knowing how sensitive Nigerians are to issue of religion. A president of the United States and other civilized world will say something. No president of the United States and other Western countries will leave talking only to the governor of the state.

The other thing is that Mr. President is accused that he might be taking us to the membership of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). He needs to comment because our constitution does not permit us to adapt a state religion. As a Pastor, I know that many Pastors and Christians trust his integrity, the only fear they had was that, he may favour one religion over the other. With all these accusations, they are now saying "Did we not say so"

I hope that by the time this sermon is aired, the Lord will have healed him and returned him to work. He needs to talk on these in order to instill the confidence, which many of us, particularly, Christians have in him.

I am preaching on the topic "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion"

There has been increase in the cost of gasoline in his presidency. Many States are owing staff, salary arrears of many months. Unemployment persists. Supply of electricity has worsened. One American dollar in the recent past was sold for about N500 leading to terrible inflation.

But if we all shall be honest, we should not find it difficult to believe that these occur as a result of greed, selfishness and lack of consideration for the generality of the citizens by the people in charge.

If anyone got disappointed with President Buhari, Are the revelations that are emerging every day about how the immediate previous government, squandered the resources of the nation not frightening and sufficient to offset any such disappointment?

Have we forgotten so soon, the billions of dollars budgeted to procure arms to fight Boko Haram sect, which was shared by who and who in the last government?

If anyone did not even know before now why the cost of gasoline rose, do recent discoveries leaves any one in doubt?

How will it not be so when a single entity, the Managing Director of NNPC in the last government stashed $9.3million and 74000 British from the sale of petrol in his house rather than pay it in to the central bank? Yet report has it that he had moved 3 other safes away after he learnt that Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) was after him. Do we know how much is in those safes?

How will it not be so when the Minister in charge of Petrol Resources in the last government refused to remit seven months sales of petrol amounting to $20billion into the central bank but shared it among the top government officials and she herself used the rest to acquire mansions in Dubai, London and in eye brow areas in Abuja and Lagos costing millions of dollars? The pictures of those houses were published. They are not lies.

By the grace of God, I will continue this sermon, "The Hope of Nigeria in the Midst of Bad Confusion" next week

Let us pray.

Signing Out