Monday, February 11, 2019
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Lagos, Nigeria

oday, I want us to seek God's face concerning the general election approaching very fast.

It is only God who sees the inner mind of man. He knows those who will govern us selflessly and in righteousness. So let us pray today that God will work in our hearts and make us to cast our ballots for those who will be sympathetic to our cause, who will dispense our God given wealth to reach all citizens, those who will take our poverty and reproach as a nation away.

So beckon to all your family members and neighbours to join us in this prayer. Pick your phones and call your friends to tune to us right away to join us in the prayer. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results (James 5.16).

But first, let Deacon Dr. Kayode Samuel lead us in prayer.

Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, I lead your people Nigerians in this very important prayer to you, to direct our hearts to cast our ballots at each segment of the forth coming election for those who will end our suffering at the Federal and in the different states.

The idea of setting a government originates from you. People in government are supposed to be your representatives among your creation, who will administer justice to the people, so that no one oppresses or cheats the other and we all can live a peaceful, quiet life, marked in godliness and dignity, which will make you to accept us in your home in heaven at the close of age (1Tim.2:2).

At the beginning, you raised Prophet Moses to lead your people in the wilderness. Later the people requested for a king who would lead their battle because war was rampant (1Sam.8:20).

Prophet Samuel sought your face for an appropriate leader, who will fulfill their aspirations

You chose Saul the son of Kish who had a full military stature for your people (1King 9:2) (Iking 9: 14-17).

The most needful in Nigeria today is relief from poverty; poverty, which is brought about by corruption, greed and ungodliness of our leaders and we ourselves.

So father, what we need urgently now in Nigeria are leaders who will take our poverty and suffering away; leaders who will no longer siphon the commonwealth to their private pockets but who will restore the glory of Nigeria; leaders who will not tolerate corruption, greed and stealing of Government treasury.

Our fathers at the time of independence had the prosperity of Nigeria uppermost in their hearts and were selflessly working for it. So every citizen enjoyed some level of comfort in spite the fact that there was no revenue from oil.

Students who graduated from overseas eagerly returned home. They had no thought of staying back because home was good.

Today, what occupy the minds of our young ones is how to escape the hardship in Nigeria and flee overseas in spite of our abundant wealth. Majority of them die in the hot desert, others perish in the seas. Those who manage to get to their destinations are subjected to extreme torture and inhuman treatment and are clamped in prison, accused of illegal entry.

Many of our Ph.D holders in overseas are doing menial jobs or working as Security Guards. Our subsequent leaders have made us a laughing stock among the nations.

Oil money is the only reason why most people are in politics. They are not there in the interest of the nation but for their greed and lust for high life. In pursuit of access to the oil money, life of no one is of any value to them; any one standing in their way must be got rid of. They drink human blood, eat human flesh and are engaged in all kinds of fetish activities and so many decent people who have the interest of the nation at heart, who have the skill at running government are scared from politics.

Father, if drying of the oil will return our senses, please let it dry completely because we were better off when we had no oil. Lives of Nigerians were more meaningful in the days when we had no oil.

But after the oil dries, the thieves, the greedy and oil money grabbers will leave the scene and those who have the interest of the nation will emerge.

Father, actually if you will look at our behavior in this country, we do not deserve your mercy; what we deserve is a government that will continue to punish us. In the 8 years that I have relocated home it has become crystal clear to me that other than the Government officials and Politicians, majority of us ourselves are evil. No evil is beyond us.

We are wicked and selfish, with no consideration for the other fellow. All our imagination is how to dupe the other person. We even inflate costs of items purchased for Religious houses without fear.

Yes, we worship but we do not have your fear in our hearts. We collect items on credit and we refuse to pay back. We do not care if the business of the other fellow is grounded, so long as our own business is prospering.

All religious houses are full to capacity and even over flow on Sundays and Fridays, which we do not miss. We are only religious but un-regenerated in our hearts.

All people in government uniform make life difficult for citizens; name them: Police, Custom, Immigration, Road safety, Revenue officers. They all do wickedness in order to extort.

It has become so bad that shoddy practices are also being reported in our tertiary institutions. In order to get admission into these institutions, one must look for the syndicates who collect money before admission letter is issued. Students must buy gifts for lecturers at some festive holidays.

Many of us are immoral like Esau who sold our birthright for a morsel of meal. We take money from Politicians, money, which compounds our eternal poverty.

So Father I can understand that the bad leaders we have, who impoverish us are the reward of our evil behaviour because no one plants corn and should expect to harvest yam. We are simply reaping the reward of our disobedience to your laws. Your word says if we are willing and obedient, we shall eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19). We want to eat the good of the land but we are not prepared to meet the condition of obedience. And what is the obedience? The obedience is 'righteousness' and 'godliness' in all our endeavours. The Bible says "Righteousness exalts the nation but sin is a reproach to any people" (Prov.14:34).

Today Lord, I lead your people to plead that you have mercy on Nigeria because of the remnants who are struggling to please you, because of the remnants who seek you amidst all odds, those who refuse to be discouraged, who refuse to lose hope in Nigeria and in your power to effect changes.

The foundation of poverty is already laid with the fee to purchase an elective post or, who will buy an application form in millions and in addition distribute money to party wards and not take over the treasury after he wins.

Father, please raise people like Nehemiah who in all the 12 years he was Governor (444 - 432 BC) in Jerusalem, he worked prayerfully, relentlessly and selflessly to end the hardship of his people and he received no salary because according to him,

"The bondage was heavy upon this people" (KJV) or in the LB "They were already having a difficult time" (Neh 5:18).

O father that you will give us people like Nehemiah in the States, in the Federal and Legislative houses who will be sympathetic to us, who will be willing to take our poverty away and repair all the collapsed infrastructures so that we can have a taste of good life again. And such people are who I pray that you direct our minds, to cast our ballots for.

Father I pray that you foil all the plans of those who are planning to rig these elections. Expose their evil plans and shame them.

Make the Electoral Officers, the Law Enforcing agents and the men of the Secret Service to be loyal to the nation. Let them stand firm on the platform of truth.

Father please disrupt all the wicked plans of those who are in the habit of profiteering from chaos and will want to erupt violence during this election, foil their evil plans Lord and let the election go peacefully. Let there be peace in every city and towns of Nigeria.

In the end Father, I pray that you make every citizen of Nigeria to pursue Godliness and Righteousness in all their acts because the righteous leader in a democratic government cannot succeed except the populace decides by God's enabling power to be godly.

Unfortunately today, the voices of evil and corruption are sounding very loud than can be imagined. Or how does one explain the situation where huge sum of money in various currencies is found in the account of the number one person in charge of justice, which his salary all his working years cannot explain, yet wants to remain on his job and many citizens are standing with him including some respected personalities in the society and even religious leaders.

Father I thank you for hearing all these prayer requests in Jesus Name.