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dewale Adeoye writing for "The Nation" in it's edition of October 26 2008 quoted the Director of Action Aid, an international charity organization that a total of N64 trillion (400 billion dollars) was stolen by Nigerian leaders in less than 30 years i.e. between early 70's and the return of Democratic rule in 1999.


The 'Action Aid' had sourced the information from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, and the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The leaders stashed the money far away in foreign banks. It further reported that additional $107billion may have been stolen from public funds by Nigerian rulers since 1999 till date making a total of $507billion dollars.

The Action Aid Director said the stolen funds when benchmarked against the 2008 proposed national budget of N2.456 trillion by the National Assembly, NA, translates into 26 years of Nigerian annual budget, and about the budget of many African countries for a whole generation.

Absurd! Isn't it?

This is typical of the actions of leaders of most African countries, both past and present. They had opportunities to make Africa heaven on earth but instead they ruined it all with stealing and senseless tribal wars triggered often by greed and selfishness resulting into murder of millions of innocent people.

The civil and regional wars never cease; from Somalia to Congo to Sudan to Kenya to Rwanda to Liberia to Sierra Leone to Angola etc. necessitating the presence of Peace Commissions and soldiers in the continent all the time. What a shame!!

Let us take a brief look at what had occurred in a few of the countries of the continent and decide who to blame for the ridicule we suffer across the world.

Rwanda is a case sample of senseless tribal murder where in 1994 a total of nearly a million Tutsi tribes were murdered by Hutus within weeks. What names does the outside world give to us that are not justified? Even me with the same skin colour as the Rwandans have no other names to call them other than animals. In fact animals do not just murder themselves any how. They have some decorum. In essence, the behaviour of the murderers of Rwanda is worse than animals'. Non Africans will only assume that such an act is the normal habit of the Africans (Blacks).

Angola is a beautiful lush, green table land most suitable for cultivation and having all the potential of a prosperous nation. Rather, Jonas Savimbi turned it a war zone. He led a prolonged war lasting 16 years (1975-1991) at the end of which an estimated 350,000 laid dead. He refused to accept the result of the 1992 general election poll, which about 300 foreign observers declared was free and fair. He resumed fighting leading to the death of another estimated number of 150,000 citizens until he himself was killed in the hands of opposition in February 2002. I am not too sure if the land mines originating from the crisis can ever be completely got rid of in Angola. Though the war ended, the land mines remain a potential for maiming feet and legs of those who incidentally and accidentally step on them.

Uganda. Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada ousted Milton Obote in 1971 and became the most ruthless dictator Uganda ever had. It was reported that he ate the flesh of his opponents. His invasion of neighbouring Tanzania in 1978 led to his demise. Tanzania troop pushed him back and he fled to Saudi Arabia. By 1978, he had killed an estimated number of over 100,000 perceived opponents and critics. He shot many of them himself. He once asked a priest to open his mouth and shot his throat. He was so ignorant of money control that when told of the dwindling economy, he asked if the money printing machines were out of order. He ordered the officials to go and print more.

Liberia. The peace, which the country had enjoyed since 1821 when the freed slaves from the U.S.A were resettled in Liberia ended on April 12 1980 after Samuel Doe, a Master Sergeant in the army toppled the Government of William R. Tolbert and killed him.

Starting 1821, the country had been ruled by the descendants of the freed slaves referred to as Americo-Liberians until William R. Tolbert was toppled in a bloody coup in the Executive mansion as he slept in the night.

I am not too sure if America can wash its hand clean in the plot because any Government in any part of the world that was perceived to be friendly with communist Russia would not be in her good book. Tolbert, though a Baptist Preacher and the President of the World Baptist Alliance was seen as being friendly with Russia. This might have been responsible for his doom.

Samuel Doe took power and was very intolerant with opposing voices. He had no hesitation to kill any dissenting voice including his comrades in the coup plot that brought him to power. He had no respect for human Rights and he abused it a lot. He closed down a lot of media houses. This led to eruption of different war lords; Charles Taylor, Yomi Johnson etc. Yomi Johnson was able to capture him on Sep. 9 1990, tortured him badly and eventually killed him.

Liberia breathed peace again only after Charles Taylor was given asylum in Nigeria in 2003.

One of my regrets for the crises in Liberia is the destruction to date of a Christian radio, Eternal Love for West Africa (ELWA) that used to broadcast from Monrovia.

Sierra Leone. Foday Sankoh was initially a critic of a corrupt Government. He however became greedy for the control of diamond. A satanic minded Foday Sankoh turned Sierra Leone to a war zone. He forced under-age boys who should be in school into drug addicts popularly known as 'kid soldiers'. They burnt tens of houses in a row, raped women, forced parents to murder or rape their children and vice-versa. Foday Sankoh's kid soldiers reduced citizens, which he wanted to govern, to half-able bodies by maiming them. Citizens were asked to choose what they preferred; long-sleeve or short-sleeve. Long-sleeve meant amputating at the wrist while short-sleeve meant cutting the limb at the elbow.

Kenya. The election of Dec. 30, 2007 was believed to have been won by the opposition led by the 62 year old Raila Odinga. But the incumbent president Nwai Kibaki would not allow it. He had himself sworn in for the second term. This led to protest by the opposition and their supporters. The action led thousands of them killed. Yet a shameless Kibaki could declare a national holiday after a young Kenyan descent, Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidency in Nov.4 2008. Had this young Kenyan grew up in Kenya, Kibaki and his likes would never have allowed him the slightest chance of contesting however smart he may be.

Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe had been president since it gained independence from England in 1980. At 84, he remained in office, with nothing new to offer other than starvation of his people and further ruining of the economy. He had tortured the leader of the opposition who clearly won the 2008 election. He had tortured and killed many supporters of the opposition. Inflation has made many citizens to flee the country into the neighbouring countries with South Africa as the major place of asylum. Over 60,000 have recently died of cholera.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire. This is another country, where the genesis of the crisis is believed to originate from the U.S as the U.S perceived Patrice Lumumba, the 1st Prime Minister after independence from Belgium leaning towards communist Soviet Union. It is believed that the U.S helped Mobutu Sese Sekou in ousting Lumumba. Lumumba was assassinated with fingers pointing at CIA of complicity. Mobutu Sese Sekou, born as Joseph Desire Mobutu, tortured opponents, gave them open firing squad, hanged many publicly, gauged out the eyes of one, amputated him and rid him of his testis before he was eventually killed. Mobutu got the economy of Congo into ruin in spite of the natural mineral resources, the country was blessed with. He looted the treasury and stashed the money abroad. His fortune was estimated at about $5billion, stashed in the Swiss banks. Transparency International ranked him the 3rd most corrupt leader by the time he was kicked out of office by Laurent Kabila. He died in 1997. His mansion in France is beyond description.

As of writing, DRC has the largest peace keeping troops anywhere in the world, numbering 20,000.

Imagine the horror, which Congolese children are presently going through at such tender ages in the on going war, where girls aged about 5 or 6 were being let down very high walls in order to obtain food from donor agencies, collect it, quickly pass it to their elderly ones who are hanging on the wall and run back for more collection. All triggered by the greed of the war lords to control the natural resources.

So how do we expect the world at large to respect the black race?

I have been told that in the Gulf regions, Black women and black children can be seen conspicuously in most malls and market places as professional beggars. They scavenge trash bins in public places. I asked how in the first place the women managed to get into those countries. Some rich men purchase visa and air tickets for them; drop them in the market places in the morning and collect them at midnight. The Profiteers collect all money they make from begging from dawn to midnight.

Can anyone see how the rich Africans ridicule the poor to make more money, which in effect ridicule the whole race?

Can any one imagine how those rich Africans are abusing one of the pillars of Islamic tenet, which requires "giving of alms" since they know that the people of the Islamic countries will give cheerfully.

So, how do you except anyone who witness such everyday to respect or think highly of the black race?

Continued from Part 2

Sam Aweda is President & Snr. Pastor, Jesus for the World Revival Mission