Friday, January 31, 2020
Lagos, Nigeria

1. Isaiah chapter 58: 3-10 The people went to the Temple every day. They acted pious! and seem delighted to learn all about God. They act like a righteous nation that would never abandon the laws of its God. They asked God to take action on their behalf, pretending they wanted to be near Him. 3 'We have fasted before you!' they say. 'Why aren't you impressed? We have been very hard on ourselves, and you don't even notice it!' Then God responded "It's because you are fasting to please yourselves. Even while you fast, you keep oppressing your workers. 4 What good is fasting when you keep on fighting and quarreling? This kind of fasting will never get you anywhere with me. 5 You humble yourselves by going through the motions of penance, bowing your heads like reeds bending in the wind. You dress in burlap and cover yourselves with ashes. Is this what you call fasting? Do you really think this will please me? 6 "No, this is the kind of fasting I want: Free those who are wrongly imprisoned; lighten the burden of those who work for you. Let the oppressed go free, and remove the chains that bind people. 7 Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help. 8 "Then your salvation will come like the dawn, and your wounds will quickly heal. Your godliness will lead you forward, and the glory of the LORD will protect you from behind. 9 Then when you call, the LORD will answer. 'Yes, I am here,' he will quickly reply. "Remove the heavy yoke of oppression. Stop pointing your finger and spreading vicious rumors! 10 Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon. 2. 1 Samuel 15: 22-23.

ath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. 23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry "

3. Prov. 14:34

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people

4. Isaiah 1:19-20.

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it

5. Job 14:1-2

"Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He blossoms for a moment like a flower-and withers; as the shadow of a passing cloud, he quickly disappears"

6. Lamentation 3, vs 22-23

"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness" (Lam. 3:22-23)

7. Ecclesiastes 8 vs 11

"11 When a crime is not punished instantly, people feel it is safe to do wrong. 12 But even though a person sins a hundred times and still lives a long time, I know that those who fear God will be better off. 13 But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God.

8. 2Peter 3 vs 9

God isn't really being slow about his promise even though it sometimes seems that way. But he is waiting, for the good reason that he is not willing that any should perish, and he is giving more time for sinners to repent.

9. Psalm 39:6

"Proud man! Frail as breath! a mere moving shadow, and all your busy rushing ends in nothing. You heap up wealth, not knowing who will spend it"

10. Luke 12:21

Jesus says: "Everyone is a fool who is rich on earth but not in heaven"

11. Psalms 122:1

I was glad for the suggestion of going to Nigeria, to the temple of the Lord"

12. Psalm 122:6-8

"Pray for the peace of Nigeria: they shall prosper that love thee. O Nigeria, may there be peace within your walls and prosperity in your palaces. This I ask, for the sake of all my brothers and my friends who live here"

13. Psalms 137:5-6

If I forget thee, O Nigeria, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth: If I prefer not Nigeria above my chief joy.

14. Jer. 8: 4-6

"'When people fall down, don't they get up again?

When they discover they're on the wrong road, don't they turn back?

5 Then why do these people stay on their self-destructive path?

15 Jer.6 :16:

"Stop at the crossroads and look around.

Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it.

Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls

16. Psalm 126: 1-6

126 When the LORD SHALL turn again the captivity of Nigeria, we would be like them that dream.

2 Then was our mouth shall fill with laughter, and our tongue with singing: The heathen i.e. those who have ruled Nigeria off, who have said there was no more remedy for Nigeria, themselves could recognize the Lord's doing and they will say "The LORD hath done great things for us"

3 The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

4 Yes, the LORD has done amazing things for us!

What joy!

4 Restore our fortunes, LORD,

as streams renew the desert

5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

6 They weep as they go to plant their seed,

but they sing as they return with the harvest.

17. Isaiah 62:1

For Nigeria sake, I will not hold my peace, I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth

18. Proverbs 30:7-9

"Two things have I required of Thee (God); deny me them not before I die: Remove far from me vanity & lies. Give me neither poverty nor riches, feed me with food convenient for me. Lest I be full, and deny you, and say, Who is the Lord? Or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the Name of my God in vain

19. Isaiah 6:10; St. John 12:40; St.Matt. 13:15

For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them

The end of the word is found in

20. Matthew 22:37-40

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.' 38-39 This is the first and greatest commandment. The second most important is similar: 'Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.' 40 All the other commandments and all the demands of the prophets stem from these two laws and are fulfilled if you obey them. Keep only these and you will find that you are obeying all the others."

Prayer for the Nation

Father, Lord Jesus, your words have been read unto your people.

Your word gives peace and life when obeyed.

At the same time, it leads to pain and death when disobeyed.

Nigeria is in disarray because the largest percentages of Nigerians do not obey your words.

Instead of obeying your instructions, they complain while many devise their own ways for sustenance, which a lot of times involve fraudulence and cheat.

Many fix their eyes on exiting the country for a greener pasture rather than teaming up to finding solutions to the obstacles responsible for our suffering.

Many who have gone that way had died while others have put themselves into greater calamity and have regretted it.

The suffering could have been avoided and we would have enjoyed the good of this country to the brim only if we will live our lives as you O Lord had outlined it for us.

Unfortunately, we think we are wiser than you.

Many of us are witnesses of a time past in this country when education was without tears, when school leavers at whichever level got jobs, when artisans had good time and when citizens were at peace with one another.

Those good times were possible because citizens took the path of righteousness and they jettisoned their personal gain for the prosperity of the nation.

But in our own case, we decide to tread the path of sin, greed, selfishness, inconsideration for fellow human beings.

We work for our personal gain at the expense of the nation. The nation may collapse, we cannot be bothered so long that we are able to maintain our high profile.

The painful aspect of it is that by now it ought to have dawn on us that the sinful path, which we have chosen has not profited us as a nation.

It has profited some people, no doubt; the Pen robbers, the dupes and others whose ambition is to be rich, without caring what damages it could cause others.

But those people too do not have peace and they cannot have peace because the ones who are discomforted will not give them peace.

Yet, many of the rich ones have died cheaply on the roads, which perhaps are due to their negligence after they have converted the money budgeted for the maintenance to their personal self.

Yet we have in surplus, houses of worship in every corner, on every street.

Could it be that the leaders in these houses of worship do not teach the congregations the basic doctrines that will turn the hearts of the congregation to the right?

Rather they tell worshippers what they want to hear, that it is their mother or one of their children is a witch and is responsible for their lack of progress.

They sell to the worshippers so called 'holy water and anointing oil' to wave off the imaginary evil spirits tormenting them.

Descendants of Lucifer these days use Churches to perpetrate their evil plans. They are quite aware that people run to the Church for solutions to their problems, thereby able to dupe and mess up, the na´ve and ignorant people.

The so called Pastors, we are told, bury human beings inside the altars as charms to attract people.

They subject the women worshippers to all kinds of ridicules.

They gave mess from their bodies to worshippers to drink.

They do all kinds of other ridiculous things, which they call deliverance.

One particular religious sect kill other people who are not members of their sect. They see those others as Kafir. They rampage towns and villages , kidnap the people and rape their women. Another sect kidnap people for ransom and kill their preys at will and rape their women captives. The atrocities of Nigerians are unprecedented. Nigeria is soaked in sin. Nigeria is soaked in sin.

Almost everyone dupes his other fellow human beings

Civil Servants convert money meant for the welfare of citizens to their private pockets.

Politicians greedily arbitrate the commonwealth to themselves.

Management staff of Hospitals contract the maintenance of the hospitals to themselves leaving the buildings and premises in a mess and nuisance to behold. Yet these highly placed people travel constantly overseas and see what beauty those hospitals are.

Journalists abandon stories of theft or other misconducts of people once the criminals settle them with money.

Nigerian lawyers have caused us tremendous set back by defending criminals who have stolen our wealth thereby delaying justice or even prevent justice out rightly. It did not take long before President Buhari recognized this. Some judges have also caused us at back.

Ivory tower Institutions have thrown decency into the trash being.

There are syndicates in many of them who trade money for admission from candidates seeking admission.

Many humiliate their female students in exchange for good grades.

Teachers sell handouts to students. Students must buy them else they will not pass the subject in question.

Some departments will not graduate their students who refuse to pay money for excursion to Ghana.

Poor parents who struggle to keep their wards in school are forced to cough out money for excursion to Ghana.

For God sake, what is there to learn in Ghana that cannot be learnt somewhere in Nigeria? What a sheer wickedness and peculiar greed!

And note it, the students may not have to go to those excursions but they must pay the fees.

I was dumbfounded one day when a graduating Ph.D. candidate read to me the list of food, drinks and refreshment, which his external examiner demanded. Where on the face of the earth does that kind of thing happen? Very unbefitting of any Professor! Professors, behaving extremely below their expected status! Did the student not pay the School fees?

Father God, in the name of Jesus, my only plea is that you rebuke for me the evil spirit, which is tormenting Nigerians, disallowing them to obey your counsel.

Father, please open their inner eyes so that they can see how prosperity surrounds us if only we will hearken unto your word.

Make us to see our foolishness in following our wisdom and help us henceforth take your wisdom so that we can eat the good of the land and at the end, reign with you.

All in Jesus name. Amen.