Thursday, January 7, 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

ome people have received God's blessings and mercies, which are rewards of the past good deeds of their parents. In the same manner, others have received severe punishments and curse due to the past evil deeds of their parents.

Many people today have attained riches through fraudulent means, cheating their business partners and other people. To them, they think they are smart. But really they are big fools. They do not realize that they are heaping coals of fire on the heads of their coming generation because God is One of vengeance.

Prophet Jeremiah recorded the lamentations of the people of his days after Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon overtook Jerusalem and inflicted serious suffering on the people. Nebuchadnezzar struck three times; 605, 597 & 586 BC respectively.

The children lamented;

"Our ancestors have sinned, but they have died and we are suffering the punishment they deserved (Lamentation 5: 7)"

The Yorubas say whoever plants seeds of wickedness, his children will harvest them. The book of Hosea 8:7 says: "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." The fathers in the case referred to by the Prophet Jeremiah had sown the wind and the children reaped the whirlwind.

So the topic of my sermon today is "Your Actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow, Lessons of king Jeroboam.

Let us pray.

Your actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow, Lessons of king Jeroboam.

The purpose of this sermon is for everyone to look critically at what he is doing and what he is planning to do and consider how it affects or may affect the other fellow, whether such actions are harming or can harm anyone; making anyone unhappy or can make anyone unhappy because certainly, there are future repercussions of all actions on the children because God is always keeping the records of your actions and He will judge them. He does not overlook anything.

Some people do evil, they are not caught and they become wealthy and they boast about it, and say "Yes, I have done it and made it" They even rejoice over it and may even do thanksgiving service. I can confirm that such people are fools because yes they have done it but that is not the final story. It has never been the final story right from the beginning of creation because God has always fought for the cheated and oppressed. Hear what the Bible says "For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, -- I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him (Psalms 12:5). It would have been better if the punishment ends with the one who sinned but no, the punishment usually extend to their generations.

Are the police corps; the waiting you carry people hearing me? Is the notorious Police corps, Collins and his likes who stole $300.00 on me in July 2008 listening? Are all account officers and clerks who must be bribed before paying beneficiaries, listening? Are all the people in government uniform, who make life difficult for people hearing me? Are the artisans; Mechanics, builders, painters, plumbers etc hearing me?

Hear again the lamentations of the people of Jerusalem in the years past "Our ancestors have sinned, but they have died and we are suffering the punishment they deserved (Lamentation 5: 7)"

Are the Politicians listening, whose salaries, constituency allowances and other allowances take the lion share of the common wealth, while other citizens are poorly paid and worse, provision cannot be made for fresh graduates to be employed, so they roam about the streets. Our Politicians and Civil Servants in privileged positions alone eat and defecate everywhere, due to over feeding when other citizens have very little to eat. May God make it possible for them to purge themselves of greed and selfishness? They must take note that they are preparing the ground for hunger and thirst of their coming generation.

Are the Senior Civil Servants who collude with Politicians and steal public fund listening? Are Civil Servants, Program Officers who divert program funds to their private pockets listening? Your greed have decimated the citizens, who the funds are meant to serve. Remember "Your Actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow"

Are employers of market who cheat and treat their employees shabbily as slaves listening? Are employees who cheat and steal their employers' properties listening?

Are you who call yourselves land owners listening, who take money for the same land twice and when summoned to court, you will not answer? Get it known that you are planting tears for your future generations because God overlooks nothing.

I want to tell you a true story of a king by the name Jeroboam.

He was the first king of the Northern kingdom of Israel and he reigned between 922-901 BC. Another record puts it at 931-910 BC.

Before he was crowned, the country Israel, was one single entity, one country.

Saul was the first king, but God was displeased with him because of his disobedience and the kingdom went to one fellow who God described as someone who is after His own heart (1 Samuel 13:14; Acts 13:22). His name is David, son of Jesse.

David ruled in righteousness for 40 years and his son, Solomon reigned after him.

Solomon started being Godly but ended worshipping the gods of his strange wives. The Bible recorded that God was angry with Solomon (1kings 11: 9) and God vowed to rend the kingdom from his son who would reign after him.

Rehoboam reaped the evil consequences of his father, Solomon's bad behaviour (1 kings 11: 11-13). The kingdom split into two shortly after he was crowned. Ten of the twelve tribes in the kingdom revolted against him and constituted themselves in what is known as the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Your Actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow.

The two tribes, which went with Rehoboam and which became the Southern Kingdom of Israel was possible because God had been so pleased with David and would not want the entire kingdom to depart his dynasty completely and God decided to split the kingdom into two after Solomon had died.

God chose Jeroboam the son on Nebat, to rule over the ten tribes i.e the Northern Kingdom (I kings 11: 29-35). All, which was previously known of Jeroboam was that he was a man of valor and he was industrious and a staff of king Solomon and his mother was a widow, (1kings 11:26-28).

Just like the previous kings, God set conditions for Jeroboam if he wanted his dynasty to retain the kingship. The conditions were found in 1Kings 11: 38, which were (i) to walk in God's ways (ii) to do that which is right in God's sight (iii) to keep God's statutes and commandments the way king David did.

Unfortunately, Jeroboam did otherwise and the consequences were terribly bad. The bad deeds of king Jeroboam are recorded in 1Kings 12: 25-33.

God judged him.

1. Soon, a young prophet, whose name was not given, came to Bethel and prophesied that all of Jeroboam's sinful prophets will in future be sacrificed on the same alter where they sacrificed to false gods.

The young prophet's prophecy was very precise to the extent that he gave the name of the king who would execute the judgement. He would be a descendant of king David by the name Josiah, who had not been born at the time of the prophecy (1Kings 13:1-6). It happened exactly as it was prophesied. It was recorded in 2Kings 23:5 & 2 Chr. 34:5-6.

Several years after the prophecy, Josiah, a great grandson of king Hezekiah ruled the state of Israel and corrected all the evil practices of the kings who preceded him. He ordered that all the priests who had burned incense at the pagan shrines be executed. 2Chronicles 34 recorded in vs 5 that king Josiah burned the bones of the pagan priests on their own alters, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of the young prophet from Judah.

Jeroboam's reign as earlier said was between 922-901 BC. Another record puts it at 931-910 BC while Josiah reigned between 640/641-609BC. So it could not have been the false prophets of Jeroboam's time that were executed but their descendants- "Your Actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow, Lessons of king Jeroboam"

2. King Jeroboam's son, Abijah was badly sick. He then remembered the prophet, Ahijah, who prophesied his fortune to the throne and who anointed him (1Kings 11:29- 37) and he asked his wife to disguise herself and go to inquire from the prophet, the chances of survival of the boy.

Of course, one can disguise to man but not to the Holy Spirit. Prophet Ahijah had become blind due to old age but the Holy Spirit had informed him of the visit of the queen and soon as she set her feet at the door of the prophet, the prophet said to her "Come in, queen Jeroboam, why did you disguise? Anyway, all I have for you are bad news" (1Kings 14).

The prophet then reeled out the bad news in verse 10-16).

(i) All members of the house of Jeroboam will perish (vs 10,14).

(ii). The child, Abijah will die soon as the queen returns home because God foresees something good in the child and God would not want him to grow in the evil environment of the house of Jeroboam lest he joins in the evil practices, so God will withdraw him to Himself (vs. 12-13)

(iii). The nation of Israel i.e. the ten tribes, known as the Northern kingdom will be uprooted and scattered, all because of the sins of Jeroboam and because he made Israel to sin (vs. 15-16).

All the calamities came to pass as the prophet Ahijah pronounced them.

Soon as the Queen walked through the door of her home, the child died (1Kings 14: 17).

The lesson here is that bad behavior of parents can lead to misfortune of their children, it can as well cause prevention of glory, which God had planned for them through those children from coming to pass and even death of such promising children if God sees that they would not be brought up in a Godly environment lest they will be polluted.

3. The details of how all the descendants of Jeroboam were murdered is found in the book of 1Kings 15: 25-30.

After the death of Jeroboam, Nadab, his son succeeded him as king of Israel.

A man by the name Basha, son of Ahijah plotted a coup against Nadab and executed him with all the descendants of king Jeroboam. None of the royal family escaped Basha's coup and Basha installed himself as king over Israel. Evil actions of Jeroboam led to the wipe away of all his descendants without exception. "Your Actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow, Lessons of king Jeroboam"

4. We have previously read in 1kings 14:15, the prophecy of Ahijah that Israel will be uprooted and scattered beyond the Euphrates river because they have angered the Lord.

This came to pass in 722BC when the king of Assyria, known as Iran today invaded the land and they were exiled to Assyria.

The full story is in 2kings 17. They did not return from that exile till date and they become what is termed in history as "The lost ten tribes of Israel" "Your Actions of today, Blessings or Curse for your Children tomorrow, Lessons of king Jeroboam"

The lessons to learn from this story are many;

1. Obedience to God's words is the only way to eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19)

2. All our good deeds and bad deeds attract repercussions.

Our good, kind deeds of today will surely be blessings to our children tomorrow and equally, our evil and unkind deeds of today will be a curse to our children tomorrow as we have seen with king Jeroboam.

3. In these stories, we can see the roles of the prophets in the running of the affairs of the nation.

They were effective because they were focused.

They were not jealous or attracted by the wealth of the rulers.

Even after the young prophet restored the paralyzed arm of king Jeroboam and the king wanted to lavish him with goodies, the young prophet refused it.

He will not even go home with the king for meals as the king requested.

Religious leaders of Nigeria are not effective because they cannot refuse the gifts of the Politicians. Not only do they not refuse but their posture tells the story that they want gifts from them. How can we tell Politicians the truth, which they need to hear when not only do they take their gifts but even approach them to be their advisers.