Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Washington, DC, USA


Chief Segun Oni

e started these series last week. The purpose is to introduce Chief Segun Oni to the thousands who were under 18 years of age when Segun Oni ended his first tenure of office as Governor of Ekiti State in October 2010. That was about 11 years ago. For those who were seventeen years of age then, they would be about 28 years of age next year and therefore qualified to vote then. Also we will want to remind others of the wonderful achievements he accomplished in office.

For those who were of voting age then but who were deceived by the propagandas, misinformation and outright lies by the opposition, this is an opportunity to know the truth, about who Chief Segun is, the true OMOLUABI they call him.

Those who were not old enough to vote then, are not just of voting age now, but are leaders in their Wards and Local Governments. They have now become the holders of power that will decide who wins the ticked that presents the candidate of the party for the next general election. We respect and welcome you.

Most especially, this message is more to the youths and the elderly, the retirees and the pensioners who bear the greatest brunt of misrule and mismanagement of governors. This clarion call is to activate your instinct, to awake your consciousness about the problems of the ineptitudes of those who should have made life worth living for us and our families. This is an opportunity for you to right all the wrongs of the past Ekiti State governors and governments in making you and others sell your conscience, and most importantly, to sell your votes and your future for peanuts to politicians who have no use for you after buying your votes very cheaply like Ponmo and Oku Eko in the market.

Listen to the call of the Ekiti people, youths, old, men and women today saying, #BRINGBACKSEGUNONI as the Governor of Ekiti State. This is because of what Segun Oni did as Governor between 2007 and 2010. Here are examples.

His Road Revolution: During his first tenure as Ekiti Governor, Chief Segun Oni opened up the state and solidly built several new roads rehabilitated many township and feeder roads. Tagged Road Revolution Program, it was meant to provide succor to different segments of the people of the state. For the farmers, it brought them joy and the opportunities of bringing their farm produce to town without much hindrance again. While others were happy of the smooth travels.

It was a Sunday afternoon after church service Governor Segun Oni gathered his Ministerial, Departmental and Agencies' teams into his office. This was after every road contract had followed the Due Process of Law and approval by the State Tenders' Board and the State Executive Council, 26 road contracts after thorough verifications were approved at the sitting. These cover all the three Senatorial Districts of the state.

There were two main categories of roads covered. Lateral based roads, which carried a five-year warranty and stone based roads, with a seven-year warranty. This means that during the warranty period, any failed portion of these roads would be repaired at the expense of the contractors who made them. This was why those roads lasted years beyond their warranty periods.

Apart from the roads meeting standard specifications and designs, some of the roads touched the hearts and minds of the people of the towns and villages it opened up. In a place like Isinbode and Uro Federal in Ekiti East Local Government, the commissioning of their road was the first time the communities were ever linked up without first going through Ondo State, Another unique thing done by Governor Segun Oni was opening up and taking the entire length and breadth of the road through a virgin forest as there never before was an existing road or foot path between the two Communities.

Following the example of the Isinbode Uro Federal road was the case of Oke Aiyedun to Iyemero road, in Ikole Local Government of the state, which had never been tired or graded before. I remember Segun Oni first time going on a campaign tour to Iyemero, it was a case of ride and walk until we finally abandoned our vehicles on the road side and walked to Iyemero town, when the vehicles could no longer again moved in the muddy water lodged road.

And part of Segun Oni's campaign promises was to construct the road leading to the town if he wins the election, followed by loudest acclamation. He also ordered that a power transformer the lack of, which has kept the town in darkness for years be bought, installed and commissioned immediately. That road was constructed as part of the 26 Road Revolution program. During a stopover in a village which never had a school for their children and wards, Segun Oni promised one, and which was fulfilled in the first 100 days in office of Governor Segun Oni.

Governor Segun Oni therefore became the first Ekiti State Governor, to construct a road with two communities in Ekiti East Local Government, which hitherto never had such a road link. And also Segun Oni is the first Governor to bring life and light to the people of Iyemero in Ikole Local Government of the state. As part of his interest in rural developments, Oni cited a Biofuels industry with a foreign partner to produce Ethanol for blending with Petrol for powering vehicles.

This would have been using Sweet Sorghum cultivated around Ilemeso in Oye Local Government, thereby opening Ekiti up massively for industrialization, massive employment opportunities, and better life for our farmers. A 5.0ha farmland had been cleared, ploughed and planting of Sweet Sorghum had started but what happened? The subsequent governors and governments turned blind eyes to this very laudable project, and sniffed life out of it with a childish belief or credence that it was Governor Segun Oni, their reckless abandon was hurting.

Please join us next week with part 3 of Tested and Trusted, why Ekiti people wants Segun Oni as governor again. #BRINGBACKSEGUNONI