Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Washington, DC, USA


Chief Segun Oni

he clarion call is loud and clear, from the hills and valleys, from the plains and low lands of Ekiti State; Chief Segun Oni is whom the Ekiti people is asking the PDP to give them as their next governor. From the echoes of the farmlands and farmsteads, from the laborers and land owners, from the artisans and professionals, from the professors, the youths and aged, administrators, clerical assistants and students in tertiary institutions, #BRINGBACKSEGUNONI is the clarion call.

From the respected but non-partisan traditional and religious leaders, from commissioners, administrative officers and junior public officers in Ministries Departments and Agencies, from the retirees and pensioners, to the currently serving teachers, local government staffers, to the clerks, registrars and judges in the judiciary, to the members of the state assembly and their sub-ordinate staffs, to the market women and traders, to the Okada riders and public transporters and all the good, courageously, and enduring people of Ekiti State, with almost a unanimous voice, all are saying in Ekiti now is, #BRINGBACKSEGUNONI.

Yes, what does Segun Oni want again as governor? He was the governor between 2007 and 2010; did he leave anything behind in the Government House and Office when he left? For the first question as to what wants again he said, "I want to rescue Ekiti from total collapse." Yes, he knew where Ekiti was when he left in 2010 and where Ekiti is now in 2021. There are many projects, which have been neglected and abandoned, and he can hear the groaning of the Ekiti people. And Segun Oni can feel the scourge of the Ekiti People.

His tenure was belabored with protestations, pretentiousness and agitations based on false premises by those who succeeded in hiding their intentions with pretensions based on immorality under the cloak of crude legality. These have now been proved to be tissues of lie only told to achieve calculated political and financial gains, excluding the needs of the people of the Ekiti State. History was not long in exposing how their judgment was bought from a shylock judge who preferred justice reached not by sound jurisprudence but by sacks of money in foreign currencies.

The African sage says, a lie may travel long distance for twenty years, but the truth with spring shall catch up and overtakes it in days or even hours. Today, it is an irony of political historical fact that two familiar faces are now on the Ekiti political terrain, one as prospective candidate and the other a sponsor of the main opposition candidate at another state governorship election. This is not the time to talk about that. Our resources and energy should be reserved till then.

The focus of this article and the next series shall be geared towards the reasons why the people of Ekiti state both political and apolitical are collectively now asking the People's Democratic Party to please bring back Chief Segun Oni as their 2022 governorship candidate, if they plan to win the next governorship election.

The people of Ekiti State have made up their minds irrespective of their political affiliations or party membership and that is the voice of the people who will vote next year. I was told growing up that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Therefore the God has spoken. Surely, if the PDP fails to plan to present Segun Oni for the 2022 governorship, election, it must be planning to fail.

Why are the people of Ekiti State people asking for Segun Oni among many who may be interested in being the next landlord of the Governor's House? The reasons are clear to all residence of Ekiti in all its nooks and crannies. After a randomized controlled study (RCS) conducted in three segmented format, and using social scientific tools like Enrollment of Assessment for Eligibility, Allocation for Intervention, Follow-up and Analysis; the outcome is so revealing and encouraging for new periodic studies for further clarifications and confirmations.

The hypotheses tested reveal the trending with the people of Ekiti saying that they now know the differential weight of oil and water. After reviewing all the governors, who have been privileged to govern the people of Ekiti, they have made up their minds as to whom to them, remains the best governor. Incidentally they are happy to find an opportunity in asking Segun Oni to please come back again.

Their criteria is based on what their choice did when he had the first term in the office, his achievements, character, transparency especially in managing the people's money kept under his charge. They highlighted some undisputable achievements during his tenure of office, which to them has not been equaled by those who came before and after him. These are ground breaking and iconic achievements that draw this man to them like ants are drawn to sugar.

Please join us next time for the unveiling of these achievements of a governor who did not even complete his first term of office, yet, who has been pick out as the best governor so far in Ekiti State. Everybody and anybody who wants the best for the greatest number of Ekiti people cannot but have the pride of identity. This is because he has been tested and now trusted. Please don't miss the following series.