Samuel Bayo ArowolajuTuesday, March 14, 2017
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"The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones." -William Shakespeare

n his February 21, 2017 petition against Engr. Segun Oni, addressed to Dr. John Odigie Oyegun the National Chairman of the All Progressive Party (APC), copied to President Buhari, Ag. President Osinbajo, Secretary APC, Vice Chairman South West, Chairman APC Ekiti, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Otunba Niyi Adebayo and belatedly Engr. Segun Oni (because his name was handwritten) Senator Daniel Gbenga Aluko wittingly or unwittingly, joined the ranks of P.H.D holders in Ekiti and Nigeria in general though without any degree award by the Senate of any University anywhere. It is not a Doctoral degree like the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) earned after a rigorous academic pursuit. His, like those of others like him, was self-awarded after suffering from a vicious PUSH HIM DOWN syndrome (PHD) characteristic of some big men with small minds and small brains.

From reading the petition, I could still not see any justification for wasting so much time, efforts and energy, by any reasonable mind in writing such petty, frivolous, ineffective and ineffectual three page petition containing so much unbridled and unfounded allegations against someone who has been known, called, addressed and respected as Mr. Integrity with whom Gbenga has no commonality. As a matter of fact I still doubt the authenticity or originality of the authorship as being Senator Gbenga Aluko but for his appended signature. That is where he crossed the line.

From his misinformed mind, the only reason why he wrote the petition was because Engr. Segun Oni confirmed to a news reporter that he is interested in running for Governor of Ekiti state come 2018. This was on February 11, 2017 when Segun Oni answered "Yes I will" to a reporter's question, "Will you run for the governor of Ekiti come 2018?"

Very disappointingly, this is what Gbenga Aluko described in his petition as the "Deputy Chairman South has officially and unequivocally thrown his hat in the ring in the contest for the next Ekiti State Governor under the auspices of APC". Immediately, he ironically conceded that "it is well within his (Segun Oni) right to do so (that is contest), he is qualified to contest (I will add more qualified than him), and those of us in the race welcome him with both hands".

Here is where the Poverty of Ideas of Gbenga Aluko short changed him. Hear him: "It is inconceivable for Engr. Segun Oni and his supporters (like me) to think he will hold on to the Office of Deputy Chairman South whilst also campaigning for Governor of Ekiti. It is not only immoral; it is unethical to contemplate such a situation". Common, Gbenga Aluko, neither Segun Oni nor any of his supporters is with such a morbid mindset to think that way. If you do, it's very much unfortunate and very unbecoming of anyone who has ever ran for a political office of Senator or Governor like you; to demonstrate such height of political obliviousness.

As part of the blatant demonstration of witlessness in the ways and means of even contesting for the office of Governor, which he is now seeking for, Gbenga Aluko further said in his petition: "There is no form of corruption higher than the lack of recognition of the basic ethical and moral principles of 'you cannot be a judge in your own case', insider trading' and 'antitrust' (whatever those means to him). For Engr. Segun Oni to declare to run for Governor of Ekiti without first resigning his party position is a show of his lack of ethical standards, unbecoming of a leader and governorship aspirant". This is very serious but self-indicting allegation by my Senator. He charged: "We will resist that tendency with all that is legally, politically and socially within our limits". That would have been the most honorable reaction than this unintelligent petition.

Gbenga Aluko has only two prayers to the Chairman:

  1. The immediate resignation of Segun Oni as Deputy Chairman South

  2. Ekiti State APC leaders to nominate a replacement for Segun Oni

I deliberately restated the case of Gbenga Aluko not because he has any moral or legal case but to allow reasonable people to see his unreasonable and illogical, illegal, immoral, and warped thought process that are disgraceful to me because he was my Senator though without voting for him. It is unimaginable for anyone who represented six local government areas of Ekiti state in the Senate for four years to have this kind of shallow thinking. Any right thinking person would easily see that the only reason for this malicious petition is the spineless fear of contesting with Segun Oni. But why is he so afraid of Segun Oni if he is competent to run.


Gbenga Aluko erroneously or ignorantly said Segun Oni has officially and unequivocally declared to contest for Governorship election in 2018 under the auspices of APC.

This is far from the truth. It is a very false and unreasonably exaggerated conclusion. It is very much mean-spirited for a former Senator to say that knowing it is not true. What Segun Oni did was to respond to a question about his interest AND not a declaration of intention to run for office. If Gbenga Aluko is not been mischievous and dishonest with himself and Ekiti people, he should have known better being a regular contestant every four years though under different political parties. Was that how he always declare his interest to run for governorship election in the many times he ran? Oooh, Segun Oni won't do that. Maybe that is why he never made any meaningful impact except beyond promising to build a railway track across Ado Ekiti like a bridge to nowhere!!!

Where and when did Segun Oni "officially and unequivocally (using Gbenga's words) informed the Ekiti APC of his intention to run for office. Who are the Ekiti State APC Exco members that received him and his team for that purported declaration? Gbenga Aluko and whoever are his sponsors or supporters should stand still and wait to see 'the glory of God on His Anointed', the day Segun Oni will declare his Governorship ambition in Ado Ekiti in no distant future.

The only major prayer of Aluko is for Segun Oni to resign as APC Deputy Chairman South.

Even as a former Senator he doesn't even know the extant rules guiding public and political office holders aspiring to contest elections in Nigeria and Ekiti state. Pretty Bad for him.

Gbenga Aluko please read this:

Article 31: (1) (iii) of APC's constitution states -

"Any party office holder interested in contesting for an elective office (whether party office or office in a general election) shall resign and leave office 30 days prior to the date of nomination or party primary for the office he or she is seeking to contest"

Gbenga Aluko should know that it is still about 12 months (or 360 days and not 30 days) to the 2018 APC Governorship primary election in Ekiti State. So, my brother, please be careful to avoid panic attacks on the issues concerning Segun Oni and his being the Deputy Chairman South. He still has a long way to go before the law expect him to resign. Or is Gbenga still too new in APC to read and understand its constitution? It's never too late for him to grab one and read before further making a mockery of himself. My doctor told me Gbenga Aluko and his ilk are suffering from 'SEGUNONIPHOBIA'. I think they need serious medical or psychological attentions.

On the concocted allegations of immoral, unethical and corruptive intentions of Segun Oni in office as Deputy Chairman South and run for office as Governor; it is very unfortunate for Gbenga Aluko to conceive that in his heart even if he doesn't know Segun Oni. It is a shame. Segun Oni may not have as much money as Gbenga Aluko but he has a better name than him not only in Ekiti but throughout Nigeria. This is better than Gold. He may not have mansions everywhere but his name and legacies are in the hearts of the people everywhere. But I can assure Gbenga that the three words he used with a view to destroying or assassinating the name and character of Segun Oni won't fly even with a Primary six pupil in Ode his home town; how much more with the national leaders of APC who identified, vetted and respectful gave Segun Oni the exalted party position. And most importantly, it can't fly with the majority of Ekiti people that matters and who will decide who their next Governor will be come 2018.

I know Segun Oni very well, he's not the typical vicious, do or die politician. A well breed OMOLUABI and good Christian, he will heartily welcome Gbenga Aluko with open arms if like the prodigal son, if he repents his ways and come back to him. Gbenga is therefore lucky, Segun Oni won't fight him but he will rather use the stones thrown at him to build better character which ingratiates him to millions of people and make more stepping stones to greatness. If he don't know, the traditional rulers and leaders, civil or public servants, teachers at all levels, artisans, market mean and women and every stratum and community of people in Ekiti know Segun Oni as OMOLUABI and Mr. INTEGRITY. So Gbenga Aluko has failed to dress him in borrowed robes.

Though Orange and Apples are both fruits, there are differences between the two. In the same way when the time and opportunity come, Ekiti people know who is immoral, unethical and corrupt between Asiwaju Olusegun Adebayo Oni and other politicians in Ekiti State especially Senator Daniel Olugbenga Aluko. Time Will Tell says Jimmy Cliff. William Shakespeare penned: "The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones."