Sunday, December 8, 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Late Reinhard Bonnke

rin wooo. Eja nla lo lodo. (Translation: An elephant has fallen. The big fish rules the water) Reinhard Bonnke is gone from this part of the world to a better part, with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

I took a picture with you in Warri during your crusade in 1989 and another one at Azusa Street during the Centenary Conference of 1906 held in 2006 in Los Angeles. I could not locate any of them but they are fresh in my memory.

When I was running around as part of the organizing team and volunteers in 1989 during your fire conference and crusade in Warri - Tagged “Warri must be saved” I never realize God was going to give me a global strategic leadership conference . But in 2009 , 20 years after volunteering to ensure you had a successful conference in Warri , I was speaking to 79 volunteers in Lagos who organized the International Gathering of Eagles conference and the Holy Spirit reminded me and I shared the experience with them . I urged them to learn to serve in other people’s ministry because no one lives forever and it will soon be their turn! You were a great mentor to me. I remember you praying for me in that Azuza conference. You were sent to the world by God and especially to Africa . Like an eagle that you were you focused on your area of calling - evangelism and where you were sent - Africa.

I want to share one of your illustrations that you gave in 1989 in Warri that never left me but also severed as a fulcrum to the message God gave me to the world - Raising an Eagle Generation - a people of integrity. Christians that will not lie, cheat or do evil .

You said “ there was a father who had 4 sons. That this man was a bad man and taught his children to steal . Everyday he would take them to different farms to steal. He would position them in in the four corners of the farm- north , south,west and east. And told them that if any of them sees the owner coming they should shout. According to you one day as they were in such pursuits , one of the sons asked- “Dad pointing to the heavens/sky who is looking up” . You told us that was how the man stopped stealing. His son made him to realize that God is watching over us and we shall give report of all our activities on earth to God.” You had powerful illustrations to drive your message home.

I know you have given your report to the Master. To us on earth we believe your report must have earned you that message from the Master “well done thou faithful servant.”

The blood washed Africa will not forget you.

Millions that you led to Christ will never forget you. You finished well by also getting a successor in Daniel Kolenda , - when you said - the anointed must be appointed! You surely heard from heaven. At your passing Daniel was in Ado-Ekiti holding a 4 day crusade. I was in Ado-Ekiti two days ago !

Sleep on God’s sincere General!

No one to shoot “ Heeeee “ any more, your peculiar slang!

Africa will miss you.But heaven is rejoicing over you .

We pray for God to watch over your family . We pray that God will raise more Generals that will take India, China , Indonesia and many other 2/3 of the world under the 10/40 window that desperately need to hear the message of Jesus.

For my readers, let us learn from Reinhard Bonnke - zeal , focus to *take nations for Christ*.

It is interesting that is the theme of the International Gathering Eagles Conference (IGOE) 2019!

As we prepare for 2020 let us purpose to do more exploits for the Lord!

Sleep on Reinhard Bonnke!

We shall meet at the feet of Jesus where we shall never part again!