Monday, November 22, 2021
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

his tribute is given on behalf of myself, the Dada Family, The International Gathering of Eagles Network Family and the members of Christ Apostolic Church Bethel Toronto Canada Zone Family.

A special tribute to an extraordinary, amazing daughter of God. Reverend Judy Mayes, affectionately called Mama Eagle. In the Novel Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare Mark Anthony said, "I have come to bury Caesar and not to praise him". However, I have come not to bury Reverend Judy Mayes but to praise her and to celebrate her life.

The 'laughing gas 'of the International Gathering of Eagle's Ministry has gone to be with the Lord!

The simple but sincere, erudite teacher, preacher and mentor is gone!

The mother of Laurie, Julie and Angie is gone!

The beautiful hard working wife of Papa Jim is gone!

Another gallant General in the Army of God has gone home!

A major ministry partner and contributor to the International Gathering of Eagles Conferences is gone!

I met Mama Judy Mayes at Oral Roberts University in the year 2004 when I went there looking for a speaker for our International Gathering of Eagles Conference. It turned out to be the greatest divine appointment that I have had in the past 35 years of ministry. We invited Mama Judy Mayes to speak in our conference in Canada and from 2004 to 2015 she faithfully attended the conference. She never came alone. She was often accompanied by her daughters, her grandchildren, her son in law, her staff and most importantly her husband, Papa Jim. She paid all her traveling expenses for all those years!

Mama Judy Mayes was a faithful supporter of the ministry and became a missionary to the nations. Like Paul and Barnabas, we bonded together with my wife and traveled to India, Malaysia, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Ireland (she believed her ancestors came from Ireland to USA she was extremely happy on that conference trip,) and Nigeria many times. She was an author and great writer. Everywhere she went her books (How To Profit and Eagle Believer with Money) were translated to the local languages. In India it was translated to the Tamil language by Pastor Reggie Ephraim. In Uganda it was translated to Luganda and Kinyankole languages by Pastor Kenneth Bamuleke (a Muslim that became a Christian) and in Kenya it was translated to Swahili by Sister Kalister assisted by Pastor Simwa and Shadrak Maungo Mulongo. I am grateful to all those that made those translations possible.

One of the last books Mama Judy Mayes wrote was a book she called "Mama Eagle". This book chronicles the details of her involvement in the International Gathering of Eagles Ministry from 2004 to 2017and Judy Mayes Teaching Ministry. Only Mama Judy Mayes could have done that. She had an appetite for details and record keeping. God will bless her for this work as it will not only be part of her legacy for the coming generation, but a practical tool to how we can raise an eagle generation which is the purpose and focus of the International Gathering of Eagles ministry.

Mama Judy Mayes was a great philanthropist. From 2007 she supported the orphanage in Salem India managed by Reverend Reggie and Twinkle Ephraim which was eventually renovated and renamed Judy Mayes Orphanage Home. She also supported an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda managed by Pastor Kenneth Bamuleke. She was always there to help people. She Supported some ministers on some allowance on regular basis every month for many years. Mama Judy Mayes has a large capacity to accommodate people. She was born on November 21, and my wife, Eyitayo was born on November 20th. Through the years they celebrated many of their birthdays and American Thanksgiving in the jungles of Africa. Only mama Judy Mayes could sacrifice those things with a smile.

She was instrumental to our church planting Christ Apostolic Church Bethel in Uganda and Kenya. She surely knew how to abase and abound; I can still picture her sleeping in one of the mosquito net-beds in Numatumba, Uganda. I taught her how to eat African cuisine especially Nigerian (Yoruba) cuisine and she developed an appetite for 'dodo' fried ripe plantain and pounded yam with vegetable 'egusi' soup! I recall our first trip to India when our host set a table before us with all sorts of different ingredients, spices, curry and garlic soups-she looked at the food and looked at my face and asked "Pastor Dada how did you get me here?!" - To which I replied, "You are now a missionary!" After preaching powerfully one night in Uganda she was given a live fowl!

Because of our very tight schedules, typically we arrived in a nation to minister for two days and would leave the next day. Mama Mayes would say there was no time for rest or sight-seeing to which I would normally reply to the time of rest is ahead. Mama Judy's time of rest has come, rest on Mama Judy Mayes!

Before she died, she requested to speak with me on phone, it was interesting to me that even on her death bed she was still laughing. She told me that God said she had finished her work on earth, and she would be going home in two days. So, I said I will pray the prayer of Hezekiah for her that God will increase her years on earth by ten years, she laughed again and said her time is up. Mama Judy died peacefully with her family surrounding her in love, knowing for sure she had her mansions ready in heaven! No wonder the bible says - "Let me die the death of the righteous, and may my final end be like theirs!" Numbers 23:10b

We will surely miss Mama Judy Mayes. She lived a fulfilled life. I told her when she could no more talk but could hear me that she came, she saw, and she conquered. Like Paul said, she fought a good fight, and we know a great crown is awaiting her.

Sleep on Mama Judy Mayes. We love you but Jesus loves you more. It is goodnight, because we shall see one day on the resurrection morning at the feet of Jesus.

I pray that God will continues to support and uphold the family.

This was written so that you too can make your life count. Mama Judy told me one day that many years before we met, God told her she will be a teacher to the NATIONs and because she could not see how as an American woman from Kansas City, Kansas state this could come pass she deleted the "s" of nations! But at the appointed time she traveled around the world teaching the nations about the love of God, preaching the gospel of Jeus with emphasis on his GRACE! The lesson is don't delete the 's' of your nation - if God has said it He surely will bring it to pass. Are you willing to join us to continue to carry on the legacy of Mama Judy Mayes in the International Gathering Of Eagles Network? Get in touch! [email protected]

www.igoeministry.com; www.cacbethel.com.