Saturday, October 14, 2023
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

od the giver of life has spared my life and given me the privilege to celebrate my birthday on the 10th of October. The benevolence of our great Church, Christ Apostolic Church Bethel, Canada Zone and leaders of the International Gathering of Eagles Ministry have enabled me to travel to 5 Asian nations for the International Gathering of Eagles Conference 2023. The nations visited are Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

What is an eagle generation?

What is our vision and mission in these nations? It is to raise an eagle generation. An eagle generation is a generation with the vision to ignite a spiritual revival, an awakening, a call to repentance, and a return to true God, the Trinity God , the God of The Bible, in a spiritually docile, apathetic and dry place like Canada and beyond. These nations need to embrace Jesus as their saviour and Lord.

It could be argued what do they need Jesus for? Must everyone become Christians? According to many of the nations - what do they want to do with a “foreign religion ?“

There is no doubt these nations are well developed, while some are in the G7, some are in both G7 and G20. The narrative in these nations is that some of these nations developed because they rejected Jesus or Christianity.

There are stories that Tokugawa shoguns of Japan massacred thousands of Christians in 1638 and that paved way for the technological feat of the Japanese today. Lee Kuan Yew (16 September 1923–23 ,2015), was also credited as the founder of modern Singapore, by ensuring that Christianity was not allowed in that nation. Many Asian nations have similar stories of rejecting Christianity, embracing other faiths on a national level leading to their technological development.

But could it be said that the rejection of Jesus led to their development? Have they actually rejected Jesus and the Bible? The answer is No. The issue of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus can be viewed on two levels. -Spirituality and Principles.

Those who have religious knowledge and strongly proclaim it are regarded as the spiritual ones. Even though they go to church every day, pray every day read the Bible daily, but unfortunately, they never put what they learnt from Jesus and the Bible into practice. On the contrary they are corrupt and that corruption has robbed them of development.

The Principles are those who have economic knowledge- The Asian Tigers. They do not go to church and pray, rather they go to their temples, but guess what, they use the principles of the Bible. I dare say every nation’s constitution is based on the 10 commandments of the Bible which is regarded as the universal moral laws.

If the rejection of Jesus and the Bible was responsible for the success of nations, then how do you explain the Westerners, The Americans , The Europeans who combined spirituality and principles of the Bible and developed their nations.

Lessons to Asian nations.

1. All humans are created by God and shall return to God- The God of the Bible.

2. Geographical countries don’t die , nations die, nations are humans , human beings will stand one by one before their creator at the end of their sojourn on earth. For example Japan, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia as countries shall not stand before God but Japanese, Singaporeans each citizen shall, like all humans, now or later. That will determine where they will spend eternity. Everyone will leave the comfort of technology on earth and live in golden paved heaven or fire burning Satan’ hell.

3. All have sinned and come short of God’s glory. The wages of sin is death. Repentance is the solution . The Bible says God the creator of the world loves the world and gave us Jesus , that whoever embraces Him shall not perish. Technology is good , capital development is great but it is not a substitute for the human soul, it is the redemption story, the shedding of the blood of Jesus at Calvary and it’s appropriation for our souls. Jesus still remains the Truth, The Way and The life. The Savior of humanity. He is the way to eternity to God. He is willing to accept whoever believes in Him.

4. While one is alive, it is never too late. Paul in the great book said “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” The Asian Tigers can embrace Jesus and still keep their technology.

5. I shared with many Asians during my flight and from nation to nation how I got converted, by asking Jesus to speak to me that night, if He truly exists -February 10,1977.He did . He gave me the Bible. I accepted him as my Saviour. He filled me with the Holy Spirit. He changed myth life. By his grace I have preached this gospel in 86 nations. Anyone can say the dborn again or acceptance of Christ m. Waprayer now. Christianity is not a religion, though has religious components, it is a way of life, worth embracing for today and for eternity.

Lessons from Asian Nations

1. God gave us the Bible and said go and have dominion- they took it literally and ran with it. In essence they believed if God said it, it is doable. Humans can have dominion if they choose to. The Asian nations have dominated the world in technological advancement and they are not stopping. They came and are still coming to the West to learn and go back and develop their nations. African should come and learn from them and go back and develop Africa instead of mortgaging their future and the future of their children by begging for loans.

2. I left Singapore yesterday to commence our conference today in Malaysia. From Japan to Australia, I can not resist taking pictures. I took that of a 74 story tallest hotel and in the world and the “ship - style building “ in Singapore , the Opera house in Australia,The Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur, The Kualanamu airport in Indonesia and the “winding tunnels” in Japan because I was wowed by them. I dare say angels did not come down to develop these nations , humans did. Israelis are not supper human, Chinese are not a special race , they just put their heart, head, brain and brawn to work. They left, ego, selfishness, corruption, greed , ethnic and communal clashes , nepotism, tribalism, and avarice behind. They pursued patriotism and nationalism. We can learn and we can do it and even do better.

3. Those of us who carry the Bible on our heads and go to church every day should put in practice what we learnt from the Bible. The Asians generally tell the truth and live with the mantra of honesty, holiness, integrity, human dignity and respect for rule of law, life and property. We can do it.

4. I got 7 lessons from the Japanese- 1: Start afresh: it's never too late to improve yourself. 2: Show respect. Everyone bows for one another with a smile on their face, no arrogance. 3: Giving 100% to achieve their goals. Work hard don’t waste time. 4: Innovation. Imagination. Future looking. Rebranding. Be creative and believe in vision.

5: Live a disciplined life.- Don’t Christians need that today? Dressing, talking, running away from alcohol, sinful lifestyles, drugs, etc. 6: Cleanliness.-In Japan, there is a general obsessiveness with cleanliness that starts in the home and extends to public spaces like parks and schools. Time for Christians to live Holy. 7: Family is important. In Singapore there is zero tolerance for corruption. Be you the President,or Prime Minister, Pastor or Imam, you will pay for corruption, if caught. Africans need to be hard on polluters, looters, corrupters, and criminals who we parade as rulers and leaders. We must shun materialism get rich-quick syndrome and ostentatious lifestyles.

5. They have strong maintenance culture. They did not just develop the place they maintain the place.

Conclusion. No one has a monopoly of anything, knowledge, religion, power, development or what have you. We have our strengths and weaknesses. The strength of the Asians are in technological development. They are a wonder to behold. As mentioned earlier I saw structural designs in Singapore that will make you open your mouth and forget to close it! There are many amazing tunnels in Sydney, Australia . The quality of life is qualitative, desirable and pleasant in these nations. But they are weak in embracing the author of life, the soon coming King of kings the maker of the world and the final judge. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul! On the other hand, those of us who are strong in sleeping in the church day and night, from one crusade to another, prayer meeting, and Bible Study to another, spend thousands on conferences, should use our brains,and brawn to advance our nations in the areas of technology where we are abysmally low. We should govern ourselves with biblical principles. It is never too late.