Sunday, October 10, 2021
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“Josiah was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem thirty-one years. 2 He did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight and followed the example of his ancestor David. He did not turn away from doing what was right.3 During the eighth year of his reign, while he was still young, Josiah began to seek the God of his ancestor David. Then in the twelfth year he began to purify Judah and Jerusalem, destroying all the pagan shrines, the Asherah poles, and the carved idols and cast images.” 2 Chr 34:1-3

The purpose of information is transformation.

he Holy Spirit wants you to learn somethings that can help you from the life of Josiah. Please apply it to your life and urgently share with someone who needs it.

A little background to Josiah’s story will help us. “At the Lord’s command, a man of God from Judah went to Bethel, arriving there just as Jeroboam was approaching the altar to burn incense. 2 Then at the Lord’s command, he shouted, “O altar, altar! This is what the Lord says: A child named Josiah will be born into the dynasty of David. On you he will sacrifice the priests from the pagan shrines who come here to burn incense, and human bones will be burned on you” 1 King 13: 1-3.

Our reference scripture in Chronicles 34 above shows the confirmation of what the man of God prophesied. What does that mean for you and I ? A lot!

  1. The bible from Genesis to revelation gives prophesies of people that will be born and they were born. That to me authenticates the integrity of the bible. That distinguishes it from other religious books that are just narratives without prophetic words subject to validation.

  2. The birth of many people were predicted: Isaac, Samuel, Samson, Josiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist and Jesus himself, just to mention a few. One of the intuitions from that is that you and I have an unwritten prophecy before we were born! It shows that everyone born into this world was not an accident. It was carefully planned by the maker. That in itself demolishes the evolution theory that humans evolved from apes or the Big Bang theory!

  3. In addition to their birth, the bible also prophesied what each of those people born were to do. Isaac was to perpetuate the dynasty of Abraham a generation from which the whole earth will be blessed. Samson was to judge the people of Israel . Josiah was to bring reforms to Judah. Jeremiah was to be a prophet to warn the people against abandoning God. John the Baptist was to introduce Jesus as the Lamb of God. Jesus was to be Emmanuel - God with us and to take away the sins of the world. Matt 1:21.

You will observe that most of these people carried out their life assignments when they were young. Joseph was Prime Minister at 30 years. Jesus began his ministry at the age of 30 and he was done after thirty three and a half years. Our Josiah became king at eight. In our time most countries classify 0-18 as minors, people incapable of making sound decisions. I guess the bible did not sanction that philosophy.

In our times we’ve had similar individuals who brought sanity to our world. Joseph Ayo Babalola (1904-1959) was 26 when God used him for Oke- Oye revival in Nigeria. John Knox (1505-1546) was 39 years when he started in Scotland.

Joseph Seymour (1870-1922) was 36 when he started the Azuza street Revival in America.

John G. Lake (1870-1935) 36years in South Africa. Benson Idahosa 1938-1998) was 30 when he started in Nigeria. On 6th October, in 1536 William Tyndall was strangulated for Translating the Bible into English Language so we all can read it.

Likewise in the Nigerian political terrain; Major General Gowon was 32 when he became the head of state, he was a bachelor! The likes of Obafemi Awolowo, Anthony Enaboro, Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafewa Balewa, Ahmadu Bello, Micheal Opara, Odumegu Ojukwu were all in their thirties when they became military and political leaders in Nigeria.

In this technological age Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he stared Facebook. Jack Dorsey was 21 when he started what is now known as Twitter. I guess these figures are not strange to you.To the glory of God, I was privileged to start church planting at the age of 30. I will be 66 tomorrow October 10, 2021. By his grace I have preached the gospel in over 80 nations, made my mark in the oil industry as a Chemical Engineer, and written a dozen number of books. I believe I still have much more to contribute to humanity and I praise God for the way I spent my youth.

How are you spending your youthful age?The Holy Spirit wants us to learn from Josiah who at age 12 started reforms in Judah. Is your life reformed? All human beings were deformed by sin. Only in Jesus do we have redemption and transformation. I established earlier that God has a purpose for you. You can really get a lot done in your youth. You are young now and strong but you will soon be old and weak. King Solomon said” Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.” Eccl 9:10.

I hear you say how can I bring reformation? How can you make yourself count as a youth? I’ll give you these ten steps

  • Intentionally document a plan

  • Establish your priorities

  • Pursue your passion

  • Protect your plans and priorities

  • Identify what you value

  • Make decisions based on destiny

  • Inventory your associates

  • Review your investments, do not try to please everyone

  • Seek for help from the right people where and when you need it

  • Forget the past, design your future and move into action

Conclusion: Josiah “began to purify Judah and Jerusalem, destroying all the pagan shrines, the Asherah poles, and the carved idols and cast images.” He purified himself and purified the nation. He championed great things for his generation . You can do better. Get rid of sin. Destroy those habits, characters that can destroy you and destroy Canada or the nation you represent. Be creative, Be innovative. Destroy the Ashreah poles and idols, ungodly friendship, godless gods, corruption, ungodly lifestyles The Holy Spirit is saying it is not too late for you! Channel your energy in a positive way! A Chinese proverb says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” God orchestrated, engineered and planned your birth like that of Josiah to be a reformer not a deformer. Josiah started early and accomplished much. Your education, place of birth, race, religion, marriage, everything around you is not by accident or coincidence it is the work of God, the Master planner- Plunge yourself into action Now That You Are Young and become a history maker so that you will not be cast into the dustbin of history. Shalom.