Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

hy? Why? Why?

Why are our leaders so selfish?

Why are our leaders taking the nation for a ride?

Why are our leaders so self- serving?

Why are our leaders only interested in seeking position and power for the sake of fame, glamour, and what have you?

Why are our leaders interested only in having access to the treasury of Nigeria to siphon it to their private pockets and private use?

Why are our leaders only interested in the perk of office?

Why are our leaders only interested in talking and not doing, receiving salary and not giving service?

Why are our leaders looting this nation dry?

Why are our leaders manipulating the destiny of this great nation?

Why are our leaders so shallow in thinking?

Why are our leaders wasting away this great Nation called Nigeria?

Why are our leaders taking the nation for granted?

Why are our leaders from both aisles always cross- carpeting like chicken just looking for corns in the chicken barn during election seasons?

Why are our leaders holding this nation to ransom?

Why are our leaders always on the side of evil 'isms' - ethnicism, tribalism, nepotism, parochialism why can they not have patriotism, nationalism in their vocabulary and their hearts?

Why are our leaders siting tight in office when they have nothing to offer this nation?

Why are they calling themselves honourable when they are nothing but dishonourables?

Four or five years ago, they came from PDP joined APC. Told us they were marginalized in PDP.

Became leaders by crook in the ruling party particularly in both hallow chambers?

They did not perform, in APC, they change their 'change mantra' to 'short- change'

What are hearing now is R- APC. Reformed APC. The question is who D-APC, Deformed APC?

Now those hawks who moved 4 or 5 years ago have packed their bag and baggages and have moved back again to PDP!

With the aim of gaining power again in 2019!

So that they can perpetuate themselves in power and continuously and continually deplete, mismanage, misappropriate and waste away the resources, talents and future of the Nigerian project.

The sad thing is that the masses are left stranded, without credible choices.

Why are our leaders only intrested in position without responsibility ?

That is on Federal level are we better on State level ?

I watched with dismay recently how on state level in Ekiti how the leadership of the state is always oscillating like a pendulum between too IFAs. Yesterday was Fayemi, today is Fayose, tomorrow is Fayemi, why are they ruling us with this diabolical, manipulative and evil powers?

No development on Federal level or State level in Nigeria.

Security untamed!

Economy ruined!

Killing galore! (Yesteryears it was Boko Haram. Today it Fulani herdsmen)

Unemployment escalating!

Power sector provided darkness rather than light!

Corruption flourishing!

All we hear is Party, Party, Party?

When will this party be over and we shall change our songs to Development, Development Development?.

Why? Why? Why?

Who will deliver Nigeria from these vultures!

When will our eagles be born and allowed to rule?

Call it the lamentation of Pastor Amos Dada!