Saturday, July 24, 2021
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Topic : God shall provide for you!

“Isaac turned to Abraham and said, “Father?” “Yes, my son?” Abraham replied. “We have the fire and the wood,” the boy said, “but where is the sheep for the burnt offering?” 8 “God will provide a sheep for the burnt offering, my son,” Abraham answered. And they both walked on together” Gen 22:7-8

t is still vivid in my memory. The whole campus turn out to hear him. It was one of the crusades in the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo that students of that time cannot forget in hurry . Life’s were touch, miracle happened. He himself was young and full of physical energy but more spiritual energy. It was at the sport centre of the institution- sometimes in the late 70s. The young preacher was Benson Idahosa. The song he rendered I cannot forget was:

“Christ is the answer to all my problems
Christ the answer to all my needs
Savior baptizer, the great provider
....,, is all I need”

I was an indigent student. But that song changed my life. It was as if it was sang for my sake . I took hold of it . Jesus is the answer to all my problems . The great provider. I never lacked any more. Throughout my universty days till today He is still providing for me!

What about you? I know you have great, if not greater, testimonies of God’s divine provision.

But the message today is not about yesterday or yesteryears, it is about today ! No matter how God has provided in the past we always have “ fresh needs” that put pressure on our life’s. Like that of Abraham. God called him. God made promises to him. The first shocker of his life was when God made promise to him in Gen 12 and he obeyed and raised an altar in Bethel , he expected instant prosperity but he got famine. Quickly without thinking he left for Egypt.In the process he lied about his wife and taught his wife to lie. God intervened and did not allow Pharaoh to sleep with his wife .

The occasion led him to another problem he returned with Hagar. You know the story he prospered materially but this time he desperately needed a child .You will always have a need ! This time despite all the promises God made to him in Gen 17 about having a child , his wife gave a suggestion

“ darling let us use human wisdom to get the needed child.” He obliged. Had Ishmael. But was not satisfied. He knew - that is not the real thing . In God’s time after entertaining strangers Sarah gave birth to Isaac!

“ But when the fullness of the time was come , God sent forth his Son,,,, Gal4:4. Praise God. God is never late . He always shows up. Timing is our big time problem. That is not where we are going today .

One day God decided to test Abraham - take your son , the one you love and go to where I will show you and sacrifice him! God was speaking about Isaac!

I am sure God was still expecting Abraham to mess up this assignment, because somewhere ahead he said- “now that you have obeyed me in not withholding your son, thine only son from me” Gen 22:12

I am sure Isaac was conversant to his father’s sacrificing rituals but not what he has learnt from his years of experience ! That is why the Yoruba say , a child can have as many cloths like an elder but never as many rags!

Over the years one lesson that Abraham has learnt about God is that he is a provider! He is a promise keeper!

So without blinking an eye when he should have broken down and begin to weep and tell the young man” I don’t know why God is doing this to me , he knew how many years it took me to get you fron Him and now my son, can you imagine God asking me to sacrifice you to him? I could imagine him using his long garb to wipe his tears ! Probably expecting the boy to run away . No , Abraham his a learner from his own mistakes. He told his son Isaac -

God shall provide!

The Holy Spirit will want me to tell you today- God shall provide ! God is a provider !

What is it that you are trusting God for today, God shall provide.

  1. You need a child, God shall provide

  2. You need a spouse,God shall provide

  3. You need salvation, God shall provide

  4. You need material possessions, car, house , clothing God shall provide

  5. You need academic assistance, you are struggling with admission to higher tertiary institution, need academic progress, God shall provide ,knowledge, understanding and wisdom . You will graduate with honours.

  6. You need visa to “ check out” to a nation you believe your economic life will be better enhanced ? God shall provide .

  7. You are stuck in a nation as an asylum seeker , doing all the odd jobs “under the table”God shall give you the citizenship of that nation. In 1996 somewhere in London, England, God used me to prophecy something like this to a brother , according to him later , this Nigeria preacher does not understand the complexity and dynamics of “getting paper “ . I don’t need to. I am not the provider. God is ! Within six months as I prophesied he had his papers and bought a house! I prophecy to you today God shall provide for you!

  8. You are desperately searching for a job, career path, business idea, hear me abd hear me well -God shall provide.

  9. Your ministry is not growing , nobody in the church-no money building, it is not your church! It is God’s church if you are truly called. God shall provide. Psalm 2:8, Lk 12:32

  10. Pastor Dada, I am sick , diagnosed with all manner of sickness , terminal disease . God shall provide the desired healing you. That sickness is not unto death .

Conclusion: Do you need “power” for ministry, political power, business power ,don’t go diabolical, don’t go and meet occult’s , God will provide, the Power of Holy Ghost for ministry , for signs and wonders and prosperity . Act 1:8.

Space may not allow me to mention your very critical case, debt, court case, emotional issue, spiritual attacks, bondages ,captivity ,depression , whatever they are it is under the umbrella of “need” God has it covered under the umbrella of “ God shall provide” God proved Abraham’s faith genuine, despite and against all odds. He provided! I can hear you say why is Pastor Dada so confident , let me give you two reasons , if you are born again not against , you carry the spiritual DNA of Abraham cum Isaac. Secondly, God is the I am that I am , ever present in all ages,and Jesus said I am the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Put your trust in Him, no matter that challenge , it does not matter with the one that made matter !He will provide for you today! He is call El-Shaddai. The God that has all things in his warehouse.

No O/S “out of stock” on God’ dictionary or warehouse!