Monday, July 19, 2021
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jesus spoke about the third category of seed receivers: “The seed that fell among the thorns represents others who hear God’s word 19 but all too quickly the message is crowded out by the worries of this life, the lure of wealth, and the desire for other things, so no fruit is produced.” Mk 4:18-19

sk yourself how have you allowed worries to destroy you. How have you allowed the pursuit of wealth to destroy your faith in God. How have your desires of material things destroyed your heavenly goals. Some in the pursuit of wealth and power have sold their souls to the devil.

Some have used their wives and children for rituals just to get wealth and power. I watched a video clip recently how a man confessed about how he has tied his children and wife down for many years and have joined a cult for 18 years with nothing to show for it until he ran to Jesus for deliverance!

Where did you get money for that political campaign, to build/buy those houses and mansions, those exotic cars, expensive yachts, at the expense of your soul? Every Sunday you hear the word - the precious seed of God and you fail to allow it to shape your character. Did you not read the scriptures that says be a doer of the word and not hearers only?

Like Jonah the pursuit of the worldly riches have made you to buy ticket to Tarshih not caring whether the people of Nineveh are saved? You are always busy, no time to serve God, no time to pray, no time to study the word, no time to even take care of your family.

My friend time is a seed, use it well. Do you know you cannot waste time, time is infinite. You can only waste yourself by misusing and abusing time. Don’t use time to pursue vanity, what Solomon Calls vanity upon vanity all is vanity. Even wealth is a seed, how are you using the genuine wealth God has given you. Do you deprive your family of your wealth and lavish it on prostitutes,sidechics, concubines? There is a celebrated case of a student of 21 years old that connived with others to kill a billionaire of 50 years of age over extramarital affairs. Let the word of God you are hearing change you . The word is a seed.What are you doing with your seed?

Jesus spoke about the right use of our seed in the fourth and last category-“And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted” Mk 4:20

Jesus was talking about people who used the seeds given to them well, their talent, creative ability, power, opportunities,position, wife, children, pulpit, political power and many more. No matter how good a seed is if it is planted on a bad soil it may never germinate or it may never bring fruits to its best potential.

On the other hand when you plant a seed on good soil and you water it and create the enabling environment it will germinate and bear fruits. Are you a Minister of the gospel preach a godly balanced message to a congregation, they will abandon their sins and follow God and walk in righteousness. “ That the leaders took the lead in Israel, that then the people offered themselves willingly bless the Lord!” Judges 5:2.

Give a people proper leadership and they are likely to develop their full potentials. Space will not permit me to share about the study carried out on details of outcome of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards the revivalist of 17th century godly marriage without divorce how it produced Senators, Presidents of universities , congressmen after about 3 centuries compared with those of Jude Max who divorced his wife and produced at the same time space men and women of shady characters. Your marriage is a seed nurture it let it produce great fruits when you are long gone.

When you see a nation that is developing in the right direction like Canada it is because they value their seed, the citizens. Africa need to value their seed. Nigeria can still bring forth great fruits if we allow the seed of Human Resources God gas given us to germinate and bear godly fruits. If we allow the crude oil, the vast land God has given us to be used for agricultural purposes and not battle ground for herdsmen.

Conclusion: An online Pastor shared this illustration. “In my first pastorate in Alabama, we had a Sunday night watermelon fellowship. We fellowshipped together eating watermelon. During our time, we began a watermelon seed-spitting contest. Unknown to us, a few seed made their way into the soil between a brick wall and the driveway. A few weeks later we had watermelon plants growing in the drive. A few months later we were eating watermelons harvested from those plants.

You will never harvest cantaloupes or tomatoes from a watermelon plant. It will always be a watermelon. In the same way, God’s Word always produces spiritual results. Many will imitate the spiritual but their “fruit” will not be godly.”

In Africa let us not only embrace the personality of Jesus let us put to use the principles of his words, integrity, love, prudent use of resources and watch us bear fruits in 30s, 60s abd 100s.

In many places we have a similar parable like the parable of the seed, parable of the talent, parable of the kingdom, they all have one thing in common, every one in life is given seed(s), what you get out of it depends on how you treat the seed. Don’t abuse, misuse, underuse, overuse, kill your seed. Rather nurture it, value it, plant it on the right soil and its a matter of time, you will be glad you did. I see you bearing fruits because you allow the word of God to fall into good place in your heart.