Sunday, July 14, 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
rofessor Yemi Osinbajo is a pastor and the Vice President of Nigeria. I have never met him. I first heard his name first during the 2015 election campaign. I am not writing to seek his favour in any way. I am writing this article because I am concerned about how members of the body of Christ as well as some members of the Yoruba community have and continue to criticize, vilify, abuse, cursing and say terrible things about Osinbajo.

To the best of my knowledge this is a man that is sitting on the hot seat. Some section of the community accused President Mohammed Buhari of obvious, nepotism, and tribalism based on his lopsided appointment of Northerners above other Geo-political zones into key position in the ruling class especially the Security sector. So Prof Osinbajo is the one man that is in the ‘midst of foes’ defending this two blocks of Christians and the Yorubas by default rather than design. Instead of the two bodies to support him so that he can successfully represent them they have become his major critics and avowed enemies. Some even in their wisdom thinks he should resign! Give me a break. Even if he has made mistakes, common sense should tell us that it is better we have someone even if it is an ‘observer’ status in such a complex corridor of power than not to have anybody. All of us know the limits of Vice Presidents in the political ideology Nigeria operates-they are powerless. Ask Mr. Pence or Mr. Joe Biden of USA.

I don’t think Prof Osinbajo is working against the Christendom or the Yorubas. However, he is the Vice President of all of Nigeria not just the Yorubas or Christians! He has a statutory duty to assist the President in running the nation. People must recognize that this man is not a novice in any way. He is an accomplished, lawyer, academician, astute politician and devoted pastor.

The Body of Christ should see this man as our brother representing us. The Yorubas should see this man as their son representing them. After all we all know , no one becomes a leader if God did not allow it. If at the end of the day Prof Yemi Osinbajo betrays these blocks posterity will judge him as he judged Judas. As for now, these two groups should support him, channel their grievances of the government through him and most importantly, hold him in prayer. Last year, this man, through the grace of God survived two helicopter crashes. Is that not evidence that some people in the corridor of power are wishing him death? But for God that is solidly behind him, his wife would have become a widow and his children would have been left fatherless. The helicopter incidents are only the ones we know, who knows how many other plots that maybe going on against him. Maybe we would have had a Northerner and non-Christian as Vice President if God has not kept him, maybe that will help us better!

The Yorubas have an adage no matter how bad your son his you don’t give him to a leopard for lunch! Particularly for a son that is not a vagabond and is is doing well to the best of his ability.

My suggestion is that we pray for the Vice President! Pray for his family. Let the church pray for him. Pray for him as individuals. Pray for him to have wisdom for governance. Pray for boldness. Pray for protection for him and his family. Pray for him to make right decisions. Pray for courage and strength. God told Joshua when he gave him an assignment - be strong and courageous. The Israelites seeing the enormity of his God given assignment said - May you have courage and strength. If God did not want Osinbajo to be in this positon, he would not have been the Vice President for even one day.

I know that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown . I also know that everybody will not like Osinbajo. I know we can pray for him to fulfill his purpose. He is a Joseph under Pharaoh. I know we can pray for him and his team to have wisdom to handle the economy better in this second term.

These two blocks should not look unto Prof Osinbajo as their saviour, he will never be and cannot be, the bible encourages us to look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

One thing I know for sure Satan and his cohort can do all they can, they have failed over the Nigeria project. Nigeria as thy Lord lives cannot and can never be Fulanized or Islamized in Jesus name!

Those who are close to him in the corridor of power should offer him godly counsel where they can. Prof Osinbajo also should listen to counsel, for in the multitude of counsel there is wisdom. Prof Osinbajo also must see these two blocks as his major constituencies and work with them in tandem with their aspirations. Let the body of Christ and the Yorubas see this man as an asset not a liability , let us support him and see him succeed. In his success lies the success of Nigeria and Nigerians.

As Christian generally we should develop the cultures of praying for our leaders. Our leaders are in dire need of our prayers to achieve success in their onerous tasks.We should not expect them to fall and make a mockery of them.

Finally, let us pray for Nigeria as a whole and that the battles of today will be victories of tomorrow!