Sunday, July 3, 2022
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Or How to conquer territories.

y passion and heart desire is to see Christianity grow. Because that is the solution to the world’s troubles. Everyman, every woman , everyone that is not a Christian is a potential danger to the world it may sound complicated but it is true.

During the heat of the pandemic I attended an online course at Harvard School of Divinity on Religion. It afforded me a great opportunity to see the strength in Christianity and compare and contrast it with other religions. Whereas many religions on paper profess peace, tolerance and love, in actual life history and practicality it is the opposite. People like Barrack Obama will like to twist history and remind us about the Crusaders . But when you read about the crusaders you will notice it is a defensive mechanism rather than offensive tirade. It is an attempt to claim back the holy land that was aggressively taken away by the aggressors . The temple gloriously built by Solomon had been raided, destroyed, rebuilt, and till today a mosque is standing on that sacred land !

Reading Joshua Chapter One, we see God’s blueprint on conquering the land. Be strong and courageous is repeated and rehearsed by God and man to Joshua. That is still the strategy for the body of Christ today. Unlike in those days of Old Testament where it was preceded by singing, shouting, blowing the trumpet, and eventually fighting, today, Jesus Christ in his reformation agenda in the sermon on the mount said amongst other things -when they slap you on one cheek offer the other cheek! Although that has been abused, and exploited to a ridiculous extent by other religions who have slapped our two cheeks and we do not have any cheek to turn we still stick to the mandate and template Jesus has given us not out of weakness but strength in the Holy Ghost.

Another emotional and spiritual factor in possessing the land is what we learnt from Caleb. In Joshua 14: 14. “Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the Lord God of Israel.”

Now one of the new vocabulary in social media is “content.” People now introduced themselves as content providers or producers .

Jesus was the originator of that . In Lk 9:1-2, Lk 10:1-2. He spoke and sent the 12 and 70 disciples respectively to go and produce content. Go and preach the gospel . They did and had a great report .

Whereas we cannot ignore what the Moses generation in the Old Testament and what Paul/Peter/ Apostles did in the New Testament, we have much content to produce

Below are ten ways to produce content

1. Pray for God to raise Labourers for the harvest . Lk 10:2

2. Trust God and work. Trusting God does not mean to do nothing. We must pray and work. Work here means defence and offence if need be. Jesus said watch and pray-Matt 26.41, Eph 6:17

3. Pray for the nations to accept Christ. For example the Fulani nation Psalm 2: 8.

4. Deal with territorial demons and evil gate keepers . Ask for fire of God to consume enemies of progress. There is nothing wrong in Christian defending themselves. Dan 10:13. Neh 2: 19

5. Go on missionary trips , short or long term.Acts 13-14

6. Do personal , church group and mass evangelism .Engage in Mass crusade Acts 2:41, Acts 4:4.

7. Write books, tracts, material that can go across the world Eph 1: 1 Pet 1:1. Rev 1:1-2

8. Teach , preach , produce skits, movies, gospel songs and share .Make use of modern day technology, Internet, Radio, TV, Social Media . Speak out-Soro soke!

9. Give money. Don’t be limited to traditional ways of giving, tithe, offering, vows, first fruits. Go above and beyond . Give to advance the kingdom. Buy equipment, vehicle, properties, sponsor missionaries, ministers in rural and urban centres. In Matt 28.12 they gave “large money” to cover the truth of Jesus resurrection. Give “larger money” to spread the truth that Jesus resurrected, he is alive and he is coming back again !

10. Be creative. God is not limited . Ask God for ideas . Reach out to the orphanages, destitute. Give to the gospel generously. James 1: 27.

Conclusion: Don’t be an onlooker. There is a content God has wired you to produce. Like Caleb there is a giant land to conquer, don’t stay only in your comfort zone . The problem of the church today is comfort zone syndrome. We know what to do but we are too afraid . Arise and shine . Like God to Jeremiah- “See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.” Jer 1:10

God is on your side. Stop waiting for God to act . God is waiting on you to act . Shalom.