Thursday, June 27, 2024
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ďAs Samuel grew old, he appointed his sons to be judge over Israel. Joel and Abijah , his oldest sons, held court in Beersheba. But they were not like their father, for they were greedy for money. They accepted bribes and perverted justiceĒ1 Sam 8:1-3.

n further celebration of Fatherís Day last Sunday I offer this counsel to both Fathers and sons.

Maybe the appropriate title should be the dangers of not being like your father. Who is a father? Why must we be like our father ? What are the dangers of not being like our father ?

A father is not just the person God used to bring forth a person to this world through copulation with the mother but the person who has taken responsibility to train and nurture the young one to grow and develop in a proper manner. Father means source. The Bible in Ephesians 6 tells us that we have both biological and spiritual fathers and that when children obey their fathers, their days on earth shall be prolonged.

We must admit that there are fathers and there are fathers. There are fathers who have behaved responsibly, disciplined themselves and shown their children godly ways. There are also absentee fathers , irresponsible fathers who have not behaved like fathers, they did all the wrong things. That is not the kind of fathers we are referring to here, because those are not fathers, they are boys . A word for such fathers is change your ways.

True and good fathers are responsible. They take care of the children God has given them, provide for them , give them godly example. They send them to school. They take them to church. They are there for them especially when they are young , treat their mothers well. They donít leave them for the mother to train alone.

Samuel was such a responsible father, a typical example of a father the society needs. We are impressed by his pedigree. His birth was not only envious, a product of prayer by his mother Hannah who properly weaned and dedicated him to the Lord. He grew up in church. Trained by God and the Priest Eli. At a tender age God was speaking with him. He was a very dedicated man to God. He taught the people to fear God, shun evil ways, live to serve God. He was a formidable father figure for the society, judge of the nation, highly respected. He brought great reforms and revival to Israel.

Did he fail as a father, the Bible did not present him as a failure but his children failed miserably, failed their parents, the society and God almighty. One clear thing we learn from the life of Samuel is that a good parent may not have godly children. Eli faced similar challenges.Like Joel and Abijah Hophin and Phinehas were even described Sonís as Belial.

The Holy Spirit taught me this morning to appeal to this generation of children to be like their fathers that it may be well with them and the body of Christ can offer better value to this generation.
Fear God like your fathers.
Develop a godly life like your fathers .
Move with God like your fathers.
Live holy, righteous, responsible life, like your father.
Live a life of faith, trust and total obedience to God like your fathers.
Run away from sin and all ungodly lifestyles like your father.
Go to church, know God, pray to God, study Godís word, give to God like your fathers.
Serve God passionately like your fathers .

Joel and Abijah were greedy for money! Is that not what we are experiencing today? A generation of young people who will do everything to make money, scamming, hacking, scheming, stealing, misappropriating funds, giving and taking bribes.

Listen children, the devil has come to steal, to kill and to destroy. The devil finds ways to creep into your life, under the skin like roaches under the floorboards. He comes by making you to listen to peers who pressurize you into glamorous, trendy designers, yet unaffordable lifestyles. Makes you listen to erotic music that devalues you. Learn from Rehoboam who lost 80 percent of his kingdom because he listened to wrong people . At fifteen you are on the streets as nursing mothers and fathers when you are supposed to be listening to your fathers. Paul says ďevil company corrupts good mannersĒ 1 Cor 15:33

The Holy Spirit wants young people to know that you can be pure, you can be holy, you can live a life of integrity but, you will need to listen to your fathers. The Bible says there is a time for everything. Time to grow up and time to mature. Time to focus on building your lives and time for reaping what you intentionally built. Donít be greedy for money or sex prematurely. What you will eat for life in a godly marriage why are you going there to ruin your future?

Samuel trained his children but they refused to be trained. They failed to listen to their fathers. When they were made judges they could not perform. The society rejected them. If you refuse the rudimentary home training, even when people help you to get a spouse, good jobs , high positions, because you donít have what it takes it will collapse with time .

Conclusion: To be like your father is to grow up and be responsible. Reject the bad names sponsored by ungodly lifestyles. Israelites moved on to ask for kings even though Samuel wanted to protect the positions of the children as Judges, God said NO. Give the people their heart desires, it wasnít that kings were best for Israel but God always has a back up plan, a plan B for a generation that rejects Him. Remember a generation is made up of individuals - You! When you donít listen to your fathers You loose your life and the society suffers. Make a conscious effort to listen to the words of the elders, they are words of wisdom, be it at home, in church or the marketplace. A word is enough for the wise ! Be like your father. Shalom.