Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

he fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Prov 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Prov 9:10 The Holy Spirit gave me three reasons why many life’s, homes, marriages, businesses are in disarray.

1. No, or lack of fear of God.Do you fear God ?

“Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” Jas 2:19. Even Satan, the arch enemy of God, fears God! That means do you reverence the Almighty God? Anglican lay theologian C. S. Lewis references the term in many of his writings, but specifically describes it in his book "The Problem of Pain" and states that "fear of the numinous is not a fear that one feels for a tiger, or even a ghost. Rather, the fear of the numinous, is one filled with awe, in which you feel wonder and a certain shrinking or a sense of inadequacy to cope with such a visitant and our prostration before it". It is a fear that comes forth out of love for the Lord. This is the checklist:

Do you worship God in Spirit and Truth?

Do you care to know him?

Do you obey His instructions?

Do you constantly commit sin? Or live in sin? Do you live holy life? A life of integrity, consecration, sanctification?

Do you offer sacrifices of thanksgiving for all he has done, he is doing or will do for you?

Do you make fun of God, blaspheme God?

Do you give to God’s cause? Or you even mock those who are dedicated to him.

Do you have time for God?

The list is unending. If you don’t do any of these things, you risk your marriage and many other things. Don’t put your life in disarray.

2. No regard of Man.

Next to God in the order of God’s creation are humans. God made them in his own image and likeness. They are more important than angels in terrestrial and celestial hierarchy. Angles are ministering spirits. So if humans are this important to God, how do you treat them? How do you treat your spouse, your workers, your employees, the people you govern, the people you are pastoring. How do you treat your neighbours. As a young man, you impregnate a teenager, deny the pregnancy, and grow old to marry another woman, and you expect a “wonderful” home or marriage? As a young woman, you kill and abort many fetuses under the auspices of “unwanted” pregnancy, and you want to have a great future? Go and ask Cain. You are called to ministry like Samson, and all you are looking for as your Delilah are gullible church women to sleep with. You rape people, maim, kidnap, terrorize, pour acid on people, cheat workers, embezzle pensioners funds, loot the nation, refuse to execute contracts, and use their funds to buy luxurious cars. How do you treat people? You abuse your spouse emotionally, physically, financially even sexually? No regard of man. No regard for people in authority, you disdain your spiritual fathers and mothers? You have sown the seed of disarray for your life. To regard man is to treat humans with respect and dignity. Otherwise, you are fooling yourself you are walking to disarray life- stop it!

3. No fear or respect for the Word of God.

The Word of God is so important that God magnifies it over his name.Psalm 138:2. The word of God is so important that even Satan and his cohort tremble at it. How do you treat God’s Word the Bible? Do you see it as a historical book of some Jewish people or God’s manual for you to live a peaceful life. Joshua Chapter one verse 8 says you must study the Word of God, meditate on it, and apply it to all areas of your life, and you will prosper and have good success. You don’t even read it, not to talk of obeying it, and you are wondering why your life is up and down? In Eph 5, he gives clear instructions “ wives submit to your husband” , “husbands love your wife” You claim this is too heavy a burden to bear, and you want a smooth sailing home? When you bought a car they gave you a manual to operate it you follow it and your car is cruising, but you ignore God’s word and want your marriage to be cruising, are you not deceiving yourself?

1 Pet 3:7 says honour your wife, instead of that you turn her to a punching bag, forgive yourself, that is not in your own Bible, , don’t drink alcohol, don’t gamble, you refuse to do that and practice all this ungodly lifestyle in the presence of your children and you are looking for a stable , steady home. Do a rethink.

Conclusion. If you don’t want your life, home , marriage ,business to be in disarray, there are three things you must practice habitually, you must fear God, you must fear man and you must fear the Word of God. People who do this still face challenges how much more you who disdain that. Path to peaceful home has been shown you . Embrace it.