Saturday, April 27, 2024
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“We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error. 1Jn 4:6

“Who can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret faults.13 Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Psalm 19:12-13

here are two major spirits in operation over the whole earth: the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. The spirit of truth liberates you from the spirit of error. John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

There are things we know as errors or genuine mistakes but we continue to repeat them we either don’t know how to pray them off or are too lazy to pray them off- The Holy Spirt desires to help you overcome the Spirit of error this today.

As I study the Bible I noticed there are categories of this Spirit in the bible. I want to classify them into three and discuss them serially from Part 1- to Part 3 to help you understand and most importantly identify them and deal with them.

1. Simple Spirit of Error/ mistakes with little consequences on earth.

2. Medium Spirt of Error/ mistakes with terrible/fatal consequences on earth

3. Spiritual and terrible Spirit of Error/ mistakes that has eternal consequences.

Let us focus on the first today . Simple Spirit of Error/ mistakes with little but manageable consequences on earth.

Let us go by examples

1. Reuben (Gen 49: 3-4) sleeps with his father’s wife, looses his inheritances as first born due to pronounced curse from his father. For example you make mistake have premarital sexual experiences, you get pregnant you abort the children . Children that God ordained to give you wealth, fame have been washed away. Sometimes such mistakes prevent people from marrying God’s choice for them. For some it ends up in wrong marriages which leads to divorce or single parenting. All because of one singular sexual experience but they go on and get it right later in life.

2. Esau (Gen 25: 29-34) mistakenly gives away his birthright to Jacob. Weeps for it and later gathers momentum to break off the yoke though God did not allow him to form the Israel family, he regains his wealth and position in the society. For example you have children their parents desire to send to school , but because they don’t value it they refuse. Later in old age they go for adult class and make it somehow but they rarely reach their potentials.

3. John Mark (Acts 15:38)misbehaves while with the team of Paul and Barnabas and leaves them. Barnabas pleads with Paul to take him back, Pail refuses and Paul picks Silas and moves on. John Mark realizes his mistakes and begins to rebuild his life and eventually writes the synoptic gospel of St Mark and eventually reunites with Paul and Peter.

4. Business related errors. “We all stumble in many ways. James 3:2. You are constantly making the same mistake that does not allow you to have a breakthrough when you should have in your businesses. The type of mistakes Thomas Edison made that made him to try several methods before the breakthrough discovery of light . In an age where people make fortunes from stock and cryptocurrency you continue to make mistakes in knowing which stocks/coin to buy and sell, even when you know the ones to buy and sell you keep making mistakes in when to get in and get out of a particular ticker and so your fortune diminishes or you loose all your investments. You study business ( IT, PMP, etc) because everyone is studying it at the end you are stranded.

Conclusion: I call the first category of Spirit of error correctable errors. It is the spirit of error that will make a Christian indulge in fornication or adultery continuously and still behave as if he or she is on the right path to heaven. The Spirit of error when in operation, makes a man to always commit blunder or mistakes that will make him to regret later in life. Spirit of Error or mistake can lead to material, financial, social or matrimonial destruction. Today, I decree every mistake programmed against the course of your destiny is cancelled in Jesus name. Whatever makes you to wallow in error is removed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus .The Spirit of the God of our fathers sets you free in Jesus name . God will guide you to correct that mistake you made in your early life that has become an albatross in your life in Jesus name .

PRAY: Every stronghold of wrong thoughts that is making me to commit blunders, scatter by fire in Jesus name. Shalom.