Sunday, April 24, 2022
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ďRestore unto me the joy of thy salvation;Ē Psalm 51:12a

asked thy Lord what was missing in David that he wanted God to restore. What does the joy of salvation represent, connote and promote in a believer? Below is what the Holy Spirit dropped in my spirit."My son when you have the joy of salvation you have the realization that I saved you from death, shame and eternal hell fire".

What does this look like on a day to day basis:

1.You donít toy with sin!

2. Fornication and adultery are taboos and irritations in your thoughts,words, conversations and most importantly in your actions!. Party- spirit, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, envy, lusting, sin are no go areas in your life.

3. Reading the bible becomes a daily delight ! You enjoy daily revelation downloaded into your life moment by moment by the only true God!

4. You enjoy God's company!

5. Prayer is easy and a great desire. You want to talk daily to your creator and hear his voice for guidance and direction.

6. You want to obey God! Because you donít only have Him as your Saviour, you make Him your Lord!

7. You fellowship with God and men in the spirit of holiness and righteousness is all you crave for!

8. Giving to the gospel is not a task or burden, never by coercion, tricks or manipulation. You donít even need a teacher, preacher , motivator to appreciate God your great provider and sustainer! Something in you gives cheerfully and generously to God.

9. You cannot but preach the gospel, not because of your charisma or character but because you have compassion for others, you want others to have the joy of salvation you have.Wherever you go Jesus confirms his Words and Name with signs and wonders.

10. The fruit of the spirit, love, meekness, humility, patience, self- control long suffering, joy characterize your life.

11. You are driven by service, motivated to see others succeed, guided and encouraged to excellence.

12. Gratitude becomes an attitude!

13. It is so easy to say sorry when you offend others and repent when you fall into sin.

14. Pride and the spirt of arrogance are far from you.

15. You exhibit the spirit of contentment!

16. Your relationship with others, spouse, parents, siblings, church members, neighbours, colleagues, is cordial and homely!

17. You are not involved in shady deals , arts and acts of corruption, hypocrisy,double facedness, wickedness or an evil life style of any shade or colour.

18. Integrity, honestly, modesty, probity, holiness, righteousness,sanctification , blamelessness and any life style that pleases God becomes your watchword .

19. You are earthly relevant and heavenly focused and conscious .

20. The mundane things of this world donít drive you rather you are driven by eternal things. Like Abraham you look forward to a city not built with hands. Meaning you donít spend your life pushing, pressing and pursuing the perishables and valuables but values.

21. As a life goal you pursue excellence not mediocrity. You want to live a purposeful life. You want to leave your mark with a good and godly legacy on earth. Your family name matters. You donít want to be a black sheep of your family, church, community or nation.

In conclusion, you love God with all your heart, soul and spirit and you love your neighbour as yourself! When you leave this world you want to hear, ďThen shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. ĒWhen you have the joy of salvation" Psalm 51:12,

You will enter the joy of The Lord ! Matt 25:21.