Thursday, March 4, 2021
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ith great delight I welcome you to a brand-new month, the month of March our Month of No More Limitations. Limitations are neither desirable nor enjoyable. Limitations frustrate destinies and waste potentials. Limitations physical or mental, academical or financial lead to frustration which if not properly curtailed lead to untimely death in many spheres of life. Limitations come to every man irrespective of social stratification or status. Limitations have no respect for position, place of birth or nationality, sexual orientation, or color.

Solomon the wise king was not limited in wisdom, in governances, in architectural building, judgment and rulership of followers, Queen of Sheeba and other kings came to admire his shrewdness in administration, but he was limited when it came to maintaining his relationship with God Almighty who empowered him, and to whom he will return after leaving this world, he engaged himself in overblown marriages, concubinage, sexual escapades and idolatry and lost his throne. "And Solomon did evil in the sight of the Lord, and went not fully after the Lord, as did David his father.9 And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel, which had appeared unto him twice", 1 King 11: 6,9 .

Limitations respond to one approach, ability to discover the areas you are limited and to muster spiritual and other resources at your disposal, to rise up in your spirt and to say enough is enough No More Limitations. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." John 8:32,36. In a year to discover and recover it is my prayer for you this month you shall discover the areas you are limited, and you shall be delivered in the mighty name of Jesus.

What are Limitations?

Online dictionaries define limitation as 'an act or instance of limiting. The quality or state of being limited." It tells me that even the dictionary is limited in defining limitations. Limitation means to be restricted in all phases of life. Limitation is the inability to make progress in life, not to become what God wants you to be in line with your destiny. Limitation is when a man with wisdom that is capable of making him rich but yet he is poor. If your career, business, marriage, relationship, and ministry are not progressing, that is limitation. If you have been married for years and remain childless, that is a limitation. If a Sister is stagnated as spinster and no man is asking for her hand in marriage despite her pedigree, that is a limitation. If a sound graduate cannot be employable, that is a limitation. When a man's ill health of many years has rendered him poor without any improvement, that is a limitation. When the challenges of life have become a mockery or question in your life, that is limitations. When the ministry despite all spiritual efforts does not yield any significant result, it is a limitation. When a nation that has all the human and mineral resources has two thirds of his citizenry living under one dollar per day it is limitation. I don't know what has been limiting you from success, but I have good news for you, no more limitations in your life in the name of Jesus. I command every force limiting you to catch fire in Jesus name Amen.

Why are we limited?

1. Ignorance. Man faces limitations because of ignorance. What you do not know is more than what you know. The more you know the more you know that you don't know. What you know affects how far you can go in life. Every man's devil is his ignorance. My people perish because of lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. "Jesus replied, "Your mistake is that you don't know the Scriptures, and you don't know the power of God." Matt 22:29.God leads by principles and not by miracles. Miracles manifest when you have understood the principles that will perform the miracles.

Many are poor and are limited financially because they have no knowledge of where to find the treasures of life. Ontario motto says, "Yours to discover" Scotia bank says - "You are richer than you think." The cure is simple any area you feel you are limited seek knowledge in that area. One of the titles of my messages many years ago is "Understanding the city where you live" It is one thing to relocate to Canada it is another thing to prosper in Canada. You can remain on entry level payment and welfare all your life because of ignorance. Many years ago, I was privileged to minister in a church in New York, unknown to me the bulk of the members were taxi drivers and when through the Holy Spirit I challenged them to develop themselves, they protested that there is lots of money in taxi driving business- PhD holders driving taxi because there is money there, is there no money on Wall Street where the hedge fund manager are talking in millions of dollars and if not billions! Ignorance is a disease avoid it. It is the major cause of limitation

2. External oppression. Many people are limited because of powers, principalities, and wicked people. We live in a world where people's hearts are not only filled with wickedness, but people also desire and have joy in oppressing the underprivileged. Herod hated the spread of the gospel and he did not only kill James he also put Peter in prison. The couple in marriage in Cana of Galilee had a baptism of attack right from their wedding reception. The brothers of Joseph wanted to limit him by putting in the pit and selling him to slavery. Mrs. Potiphar wanted to limit him by sending him to prison. Many women were limited in childbearing, the likes of Sarah, Rebecca, Racheal, Hannah, Mrs. Manoah, Elizabeth until God intervened. Peter and many of the disciples were limited in their fishing business. Pharaoh limited and oppressed the Israelites for 430 years until they mustered the strength to cry to God in Ex 2:23-25. Balak engaged Balaam to limit the advancement of Israelites in possessing the land. Witches and wizards oppress people in the village. Political leaders limit their citizenry by their failure to develop the land.

3. Spiritual indulgence- Involvement in Sin "What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein" Rom 6:1-2 There is a revival of sin and idolatry going on globally unfortunately in the church. God is the helper of humanity, especially the Christians. God will not respond to you if you are living in sin. So, people are limited because they have no access to divine intervention. Most prayers are like that of Baal worshippers to Baal at Mount Carmen. Some actions are not sinful but are just mere negligence but they limit your life. Like failure to pray and fast when you should. Failure to study the word of God or study generally. Joshua 1:8 says your knowledge of scripture determines your level of success and prosperity. Stop limiting yourself by not engaging in spiritual activities.

Areas of Limitation

There are no limits to the extent people can be limited. Limitations could be very diverse, emotionally painful and challenging. When you seem helpless in the face of adversity. They are deep in concentration. I am mentioning these points so that it could guide you in your intervention mode.

1. Spiritual: Curses, invocations, and enchantments limit people in virtually all areas of life. You just know you are under circumstances you cannot explain. Many people are under spells, captivities, bondages. For example, you are in an office where you work hard and meet all requirements for promotion, but it eludes you "When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream." Psalm 126:1.

2. Physical. So many individuals and families suffer from all manner of sicknesses, infirmities, diseases, pestilence, and plagues which are just satanic ways to limit them. Able bodied persons are suddenly incapacitated. This your day of deliverance.

3. Financial. It is not uncommon to see a family from generation to generation being limited financially, no one is able to go to school, build a house, or buy a car or make appreciable progress. People living in acute poverty, lack, wretchedness, and misery. Some people are perpetually in debt no matter how much they earn. I sincerely believe some nations are spiritually and financially limited. You are a great giver and a philanthropist to others, but your family is wallowing in abject poverty. How do you explain why no matter whatever some people or nations put their hands on it turns to gold and some nations turns to ashes?

4. Mental/Academical; Extreme cases of mental limitations for example mental illness. For some people it is hearing voices, suffering from schizophrenia, some find themselves in mental institutions and psychiatric hospitals, because the enemy limits them. People struggling to pass exams. I had the story of a boy who was very brilliant and came top of his class in the first three years of high school. On getting to the fourth year, he was the first from the rear. He repeated that class three times, until the head of the school said they should promote him that this is unusual. When he got to Form Five, he had the best results in GCE O' Level. Many have the intelligence of writing best seller books but are mentally limited and cannot even read well. It is my prayer that every mental limitation shall give way in Jesus name. No more limitations!

5. Marital. Many people experience limitations in their marital lives and goals. Some no matter how beautiful or handsome they are they unable to secure a life partner. The story was told of a beautiful lady who won a beauty contest in England in her school days. At 41, she had no suitor. Not one person dating or even asking her out for dinner. She got worried and approached her pastor for prayer. The pastor directed her to fast and pray for God to reveal the source of the prayer. She had a dream and saw a bottle turned upside down, guided by her pastor she went to make enquiries from parents, they confessed that they consulted an herbalist when she was going to school to give them a charm that will enable her avoid distraction by men during her school day. That the herbalist gave them a bottle with some concoction, and they should turn it upside down, When the lady had graduated from college and was ready for marriage, they should turn the bottle up. They forgot to turn the bottle up and that limited the life of this woman. Why don't you pray now, any activities your parents or any one has undertaken either with good intention or bad intention that has limited your progress, ask God to deliver you!

How To Escape The Shackles Of Limitations?

1. Identify the Source. What many of us know are the symptoms of limitations. You know you got married but you don't have children. You are 40 years old with no spouse. A beautiful marriage suddenly ends in divorce. You are in and out frequently of prison. You are always having nightmares. You are always sick. Go beyond the symptoms find out what is responsible. Is it spiritual, ignorance and oppression? No more limitations discover your identity. You are a child of God. Do not just see what is for you but see what is in you. You can face things and overcome your challenges (Luke 5: 19) The power of the Holy Ghost is in you. Jesus is in you. You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.

2. Repentance. Make sure your relationship with God is sound. Repent of your sins. Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord Acts 3:19. Forsake your sins.

3. Giving/Vows. You cannot be stingy to the things of God and expect financial prosperity. "There is he that scatters, and yet increase; and there is that withholds more than is meet, but it tended to poverty.25 The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watered shall be watered also himself. "Prov 11:14-25. It takes wisdom to get wealth, you are giving to lay good foundation by breaking all forms of limitations in your life so that you can be remembered and honoured. This fact is there is a clear case in Luke 7:1-6, where Jesus Christ honoured a certain centurion by coming to his house when he sent for him to come heal his servant that was sick. Jesus honoured him because the centurion was worthy, a lover of nation and he built a church for God. Another classical case was Hannah. Many years she came to Shiloh asking that the limitations of barrenness be removed, the more she came and just prayed the more Peninnah mocked her. The year she made a vow to give the child back to God that was the year God answered her speedily.

4. Deliverance. Anyone that is experiencing limitations needs deliverance. You must be able to say to the devil enough is enough. You are the one that will take the decision." And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." Matt 11:12. Deliverance is a higher form of prayer, as mentioned in the above scripture. You can also seek for deliverance from a genuine deliverance minister. You can minister deliverance to yourself.

5. Prayer. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!!. The most practical way to get yourself out of limitations is to pray. Jacob recognized his limitations and prayed; his name was changed from Jacob the supplanter to Israel a prince with God. Bartimaeus the blind cried his limitation was terminated instantaneously. According to Paul pray all manner of prayer Eph 6:18-19. Prophetic, confessional, intercessory prayers. Sad to say, so many people know they are limited and need deliverance but are just wishing that it will go away. Or some people pray some level of prayer and stop and give up without praying through. In 2 Kings 13 :19 "But the man of God (Elisha) was angry with him (King Joash) and said, "You should have struck the ground five or six times. Then you would have struck down Aram until you had put an end to it. But now you will strike down Aram only three times."

We pray unserious lackadaisical prayers, and we remain stagnant and limited. James said some people pray "amiss". Be focused on the area you feel you are limited and stagnated and concentrate your prayer in this area. Some limitations will not go until you pray and fast. Let me give you example of how to say the prayers. Say it loud and clear "Every limitation on my finances, career, childbearing, advancement I terminate you right now in Jesus name! Believe your prayers!"

Conclusion: God's plan for you is for you not to be limited. Trust God that you will no more be limited. Your children, family, ministry will no more be limited. Every power limiting you shall be wasted in Jesus name. Every power limiting you is hereby shattered in Jesus name. From that hospital and that bed of affliction I command you to arise. You are released from that marital challenge, I release you from all manner of diseases, cancer, chest pain, hypertension, diabetes, and sickness limiting you. I command all the spiritual ropes and chains they used to tie you down to poverty, wretchedness, imbecility, laziness, lack of progress, mental derailment, and barren to catch fire. I release you to make it in life. I command you to fulfill purpose. Your ministry, your children, spouse, and business will no more experience limitations forever in Jesus name. From this day you are release in Jesus name.