Pastor Amos Dada Ph.D, P.EngFriday, February 23, 2018
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"But don't be upset, and don't be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives. "Gen 45:5

o doubt Joseph was a master in anger management and conflict resolutions. He surely was a rare breed of a 'Christian', a benchmark and a standard of what Christians of today should be. At a vantage position as a pastor, opportuned to hear many cases of conflict particularly between husbands and wives and church members, I wonder why we have so many unresolved cases among ourselves? So many marriage breakdowns.So many divorces and separation. So many " I cannot take that', attitude in the church and among brethren.'

There is a fine Author whose books I like reading and I recommend to you, his name is Leonard Ravenhill. He wrote 'Why Revival Tarries' and 'Sodom has No Bible' in the latter book what he was teaching is that the people of old were not privileged to read bible as we are today yet God rained down fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah and burnt the people, property and nation when they refused to respond to him as God Almighty and continued to indulge in their sinful practices.

Unfortunately, today Christians view things from their perspectives, subject issues to their view point and give their own judgment over things, totally excluding the God factor.

Joseph was a young man who lost his mum at a tender age, well loved by his father but a young man who had a dream and was willing to make the best of his life. His bothers hated him with passion. They Put him in a pit and sent his coat of many colours to his dad as evidence of the fact that he was dead, so that his father would not look for him.

They sold him into slavery. In slavery, he did everything in the book to be a 'good boy', avoiding sin like a plague, (particularly the sin of fornication that is so rampart among the youth) but it only landed him in more trouble. Call it always from frying pan to fire. Life seemed to have no break in frustrating him! Eventually he landed in prison.

But travails of life do not mean frustration of God's purpose. He eventually emerged as a key leader in Egypt. Joseph had every reason to be bitter about life. Joseph had every reason to want to pay back his brothers for their wickedness and callousness if he ever had a chance. In today's Christianity and prayer mantra - his daily prayer would have been: Any man that planned and sent me to this pit, living or dead, let him die!

Any man that will not allow me to live in the comfort of the home my rich dad let him die!

Anyone that is instrumental in sending me to slavery let all his family die a terrible death!!

Anyone that made me to be a slave in Egypt let him die! He would have had every reason to pray, die, die, die, die, prayers! The death sentences and prayers would not have ended. Maybe he would have prayed himself to premature death!

But he did not have any of such attitude.

Brethren read the story of Joseph again and again. Learn to forgive. Learn to manage anger. Learn to see the hand of God in your life. Learn that those who are against you could be instruments of God to take you to your destiny in life. Did Paul and Silas not go to prison. Was Peter not in prison??

Can you imagine Joseph pleading with his brothers 'Don't to be 'upset', 'Don't be angry with yourself' No wonder God made the wounded to become the comforter. The victim the victor. This is the deal, let that matter go. Forgive that person (spouse, sibling, in-law, co-worker, church member, neighbor, pastor, friend, relation, parent, child) Manage that conflict and show that when you gave your life to Jesus the sinful nature in you died, pride died, arrogance died, bitterness died, you are a new creature. This is the word of God for you this month:

'Sin shall no more have dominion over you!' Rom ?6:14?