Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
y duty as a pastor is to pray for God to help Nigeria get it right and elect the best candidate in the forthcoming elections. That is what I am doing and I will continue to do. Only God knows tomorrow, the best of prophets' prophecy in parts. Most prophecies about who will win the coming election to the best of my knowledge are media induced and not heavenly revealed.

President Obasanjo is by all means entitled to his own opinion like every Nigerian on the issue of the coming elections. But in my mind OBJ seems to think everybody must bow to his own opinion. I call that manipulation and desperation. The question is why is OBJ desperate? That is what I think we should all think about.

OBJ was fortunate to be the president of this nation twice, as a military dictator and as a democratic president. Nigeria after 58 years of independence is still far from getting it right. He is the one that occupied the position of the president the longest and yet we are still wriggling in pain of underdevelopment.

If Obasanjo is this all wise and with all the opportunities, he had why did he fail to turn around this nation? If he had a magic wand why did he not use it? Obama said concerning gun control in America, if it was that easy someone would have done it. If OBJ identified corruption as the basis for the lack of progress in this nation and supported the incumbent president to be the one that can fight corruption why did he suddenly turn against him? If according to verbal attack and book publications for many years OBJ referred to his former Vice President as the Chief corruption officer that derailed his government and derailed this nation and has spent more than ten years from 2007- date to condemn the man, why is OBJ now so desperate to have the man in the helm of affair of this nation, we should ask him why is he desperate?

What has changed in his former Vice President that makes Obasanjo so desperate to want to install him as the messiah of this nation- called Nigeria? Why is OBJ desperate?

To the gullible minds OBJ is talking as if he has the interest of this nation at heart, I doubt it. One of the reasons he fell apart with his new political bride, was, what the bride called his strength against OBJ. OBJ wanted a third term and he thwarted it! I want to think there is a desperation in OBJ to execute the third term agenda and since there is now a willing ally, I believe it must be the reason for this desperation. I guess the desperation is to finish selling Nigeria to their cronies. That is why I think Nigerians should not be carried away by these manipulative tricks but rather ask themselves and ask OBJ why this desperation ?

The Yoruba's say - eni ti oun jo le ba ona. Oni'lu e wa ni Igbo . ( If you see any one dancing by the road side, his drummer is in the bush) . OBJ told us that his Vice President is not only corrupt but that he can buy anything he wants? Could it be that OBJ's desperation is just a smokescreen of his buyers?

There is more to this vituperation and desperation of OBJ than meets the eye!

My sincere counsel is that we shall be wary of OBJ's desperation!

God bless.