Wednesday, December 16, 2020

very week comes one trouble or the other. There is no single day without a pleasant or an unpleasant event to mark it. Recently, a man who vowed never to travel due to the fear of an accident was crushed to death in his bedroom by a tipper lorry whose driver lost control and rammed into the deceased bungalow. His wife and three children escaped death by the whiskers because they were in the other room. If you say that you do not want trouble, trouble will pack his luggage and camp in your house. Mister Udoka was living in absolute peace and tranquility until he married his troublesome wife. Trouble became incorporated into his family.

What analogy am I drawing here? Just last week, I was behind the steering heading to no destination. I was dressed in my traditional attire with red cap to match. The gospel music playing in my car made me to forget the sadness that preoccupied my mind earlier. Suddenly I heard a hoarse voice blaring from a mobile microphone attached to a commercial bus. The adult masculine voice was shouting, "No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!!" It was coming a few poles behind me. Fear gripped me because of the humanity in me. Since life is very precious and the dead man does not give an account of his death, I used number six idea. Hurriedly I packed my car beside the road and disembarked from it. Then I walked away in the pretence of going to the nearby shop to make a purchase. It is with tactics that an old woman runs away from a straying cow. I ended up in a patent medicine store and asked for groundnut and banana. The chemist looked at me with disdain and asked me, "Chief, are you alright? How can you ask for groundnut and banana in a chemist shop?" I replied, "Oga, please I am sorry. Don't mind my red cap. Confusion is blocking my two eyes. Thus hardly do I know that I am at the wrong place."

By this time the commercial blaring bus stopped behind my stationed car and the voice was loudest: "No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!!" Indeed Shakespeare was right when he said that cowards die many times before their actual death. My fear was baseless. The unmerciful voice was an advert for an 'akpucative' rat poison, which has no mercy for any rat. Instantly my curious mind went to the menace of some rats in my residential house. On daily basis those rats come to rampage my dining table. Immediately I finish my supper and go out of the refectory, they take over. One day I went back to the refectory to collect something. Lo and behold a giant stubborn rat was sitting comfortably on my seat and was eating the leftover. I pursued it with venom. It ran towards the window. I jumped forward with my hard sandal to crush it to death. Unfortunately I somersaulted like a trailer and suffered minor bone dislocation while the stubborn rat narrowly escaped through an opening. I soliloquized, "One day is for the thief and one day is for the owner of the house." I sighed and walked away with disability.

After the above reminiscence, I did not waste time to buy the 'no mercy' rat poison. I hopefully went home and dropped it as prescribed. Then I waited for instant result. However, I am disappointed. Do you know why? Since I dropped the 'no mercy' poison in my refectory to kill the stubborn rats, none of them has come again to eat at my table after supper. I am wondering if those stubborn rats have an informant. I may do away with the 'no mercy' rat poison before I become the victim. The rats of today seem to have the ability of intelligence gathering. They have also vowed to attack human beings with their fatal weapon known as Lassa fever. Thank God during the Nigeria - Biafra civil war, when we ate rats as protein supplement, there was no such a fatal fever. Maybe the spirits of the thousands of rats we ate in those days have come back on revenge mission.

Wonders shall never end. There is a particular wicked selfish husband and father of five children. He shows no mercy to his wife and children. Whenever he comes home with goodies like pepper-soup, goat head, suya, nkwobi and assorted drinks, he frowns at everybody, brandishes a knife and shouts, "No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!!" His wife and children would take cover for their dear lives. The unmerciful husband and father would go inside his private room and consume the edibles and drinks alone. The wife and children from their hidden abode only perceive the aroma. One day, the eldest son after sweeping his father's room decided with the idea the mother muted to him to hide under the bed of his selfish father till dusk. Hunger taught the boy a lesson the whole day but he patiently waited because a hopeful hunger does not kill.

Eventually the unmerciful father came back in the evening as usual with a lot of goodies and was shouting, "No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!!" He entered his private room and locked it from behind without knowing that his son was laying siege under his bed. He washed his hands and brought out roasted chicken and chilled red wine. Suddenly the boy under the bed shouted like a ghost, "No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!! Run away or die!" Since life has no duplicate, the unmerciful father abandoned everything and ran away through the back window. The cunning boy came out cheerfully and bundled the roasted chicken and the chilled red wine and went to his mother's room where they made merry on that night. The run-away father did not come back till daybreak. He learnt an unforgettable lesson for life. Indeed No mercy met No mercy. A cheater shall be cheated. There is scarcely any profit when a tortoise and another tortoise engage in business transaction.

Have you been to the unmerciful gate of hell? There is something written on it in bold letters: WELCOME TO THE GATE OF HELL, A PLACE OF NO MERCY. I saw it in a dream on the night I didn't pray before going to bed. When I woke up in the morning, sadness was written all over my face. I fasted on that fateful day from 6a.m to 6p.m. Further, I went into the Chapel of Divine Presence and prostrated myself and prayed loudly, "God forbid! Lord, have mercy! Please my God, never allow me to dream of hell again, not to talk of going near it after my sojourn here on earth." It is clear that God does not change, but prayer changes God. Really I perceived that God heard my humble prayer because since then I have been dreaming of the heavenly joy on daily basis. I look forward to seeing the Beatific Vision in the world to come. What of you?

Two days ago I came across an unmerciful mother of four children beating her maid mercilessly because she unintentionally broke one drinking glass. The poor girl was crying and pleading, "Anti, have mercy on me! I am sorry." The wicked woman retorted, "Idiot! Mercy is dead. You will see your ears today." She ground some pepper, mixed it with water and poured the mixture into the maid's private part and over her face. The helpless girl's cry reached the level of crescendo as she was writhing in excessive pains. The heartless woman went further to beat her all over the body with an extraordinary stick shouting, "No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!! You will die today!" Die for breaking a drinking glass? Whereas her daughter broke two biggest food plates and was not punished? Instead she was rewarded with three boiled eggs and a bottle of energy drink for attempting to shed tears when she broke the giant breakable plates. What an injustice! When nemesis would torment the heartless and unmerciful woman, she will invite powerful priests to deliver her and her family from ancestral cause.

As I was writing this piece, I heard very sad news that the Boko Haram terrorists out of no mercy beheaded more than eighty rice farmers in Borno state. Immediately my body started to shiver. I dropped my pen and broke down in tears over the gruesome murder of innocent farmers. What was their offence? Nigeria has become a land of no mercy. God save us! Did not President Buhari promise during his 2015 electoral campaign to defeat Boko Haram in six months? After six years they remained undefeated. The primary duty of any government is to protect the lives and properties of her citizens. Hence for many Nigerians, President Buhari has failed woefully. Some are calling for his resignation or impeachment. If it is in the developed country, he would throw in the towel honourably. The service chiefs who have overstayed their usefulness should also be removed. When a dance tune changes, the steps of the dancers also change. Insecurity has crippled Nigerians. A lot of gruesome killings from the hands of terrorists, kidnappers, bandits, cultists and assassinators are going on all over the country. As a result, innocent pools of blood are running down into River Benue, River Niger and into Atlantic Ocean. When will the Messiah come? Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!