Tuesday, October 6, 2020

young man living within my vicinity goes by the nickname GG. In full interpretation, some call him Golden Genuine because he likes any liquid in green bottle. Some call him Grace to Grass due to his attitudinal failure. A few call him Goal Getter because he can easily get anything he wants. What is your own interpretation of GG? Well, the GG I wish to dwell on here is: From Grace to Grass. I quite assume that we all know what the two contradictory terms mean.

It all started in heaven when Lucifer the former President General of God's Angels revolted against the Alfa and Omega. Pride goes before a fall. Lucifer and other dissident angels protested against the sovereignty of God. Thus they attempted a coup in heaven. The Almighty God couldn't tolerate such insubordination from his created spiritual beings. Hence He authorized Archangel Michael and the angelic warriors to wage war against Lucifer and the fallen angels. It was a severe battle. At last Lucifer and his dissidents were violently expelled from heaven and thrown down on earth. Since Satan the Lucifer and the fallen angels set feet on earth, things have not remained the same as God planned. If I were present by then I would have asked Archangel Michael to send them into another planet like Jupiter or Mars. Indeed Lucifer and his revolutionary angels since they lost the battle have turned their anger on humanity. They fell from grace to grass. In other words, instead of being wrapped in God's glory, they are now eating grass like goats. They were demoted from glory to vanity.

On the other hand, God created Adam and Eve and housed them in the glorious place known as the Garden of Eden. They were happy and lacked nothing there. God the Creator entrusted into their hands all the fruit bearing trees to eat from. But He warned them to abstain from tampering with the tree of life and death. He clearly told them that death penalty awaited them should they eat the fruit of the forbidden tree.

On a certain beautiful day, Adam probably was wandering about when Eve went to admire the attractive fruit of the forbidden tree. Satan in the form of snake seized the opportunity to seduce Eve to pluck and eat the forbidden fruit. Perhaps the snake was talking by that time, otherwise how did Eve hear him. Eve made it known to the snake that they would die if they eat the fruit. Satan cunningly convinced Eve that their eyes would be opened like the eyes of God, whereby she and her husband Adam would be as wise as God. The world first lady at this point fell into the seduction trap. She plucked and ate. It was sweet as well as sour. Also she took some to her sweet heart who was away. When he came home, he also ate without examining the forbidden fruit. My Igbo people say, "Ajughi aju wee rie na-akpata ariaghi aria wee nwuo." This means that one should make enquiry before eating, otherwise it can be disastrous. After the consumption of the forbidden fruit by the first couple, there was an instant result. They found themselves stark naked. They felt ashamed. Then they covered their nakedness with leaves and their conscience began to chase them as they ran away. When they heard the voice of God, they hid in shame. The glory of God left them. Thus they fell from grace to grass; from Paradais to Sheol; from light to darkness.

Today we still blame Adam and Eve for their disobedience and betrayal of humanity. What of us? Are we better than they? There was a sick Minister of God who was officiating at the Altar. During the reading of the Word of God, he dosed off and started snoring. The worst was that saliva was dripping from his mouth. One of his assistant ministers noticed the eye-saw. He courageously approached the officiating sleeping Minister and tapped at his shoulder asking, "My Worthy Minister, are you sleeping?" The chief Minister opened his eyes and glanced at him ferociously and asked, "You who are awake, what have you achieved? Idiot!" Who is more idiotic between the two?

Nowadays, we do not only eat the forbidden fruit; we go into further step of consuming the leaves and cutting down the tree for other selfish purposes. In other words the people of our contemporary society do worse evil and still point accusing fingers at Adam and Eve. Whenever we trespass against the Decalogue of God, we see ourselves naked before God. Shame makes us to hide, if we still have conscience. Thereby we fall from grace to grass. Only genuine repentance can guarantee our return to grace. That is why I often assert that if God does not temper justice with mercy, heaven will be empty. It is a pity that some of us have lost the sense of sin. Consequently such persons wallow from grass to forest and get lost forever.

In the Bible, the mighty Samson fell woefully from power to powerless because of the seduction from his concubine Delilah. He was a Nazirite from birth. A Nazirite is an Israelite consecrated to the service of God, under vows to abstain from alcohol, let the hair grow, and avoid defilement by contact with dead bodies. Samson went out and smashed the Philistines like a lion. Later, Delilah seduced him and he revealed the source of his might. He slept at the laps of Delilah and his mighty hairs were shaved. Immediately he became powerless. Then the goat killed the lion. The mighty Samson because of the beauty of a woman fell from grace to grass. Many of us men today still sleep at the laps of loose women and consequently lose our glorious dignity. The late dictator of Nigeria, late General Sani Abacha was seduced with a woman's apple. He ate and died instantly in sleep.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq was known for his dictatorship. He was greatly feared. Even he challenged the then president of America, George Bush senior. On the foot-mat at his door which he marched upon while going in and coming out he boldly wrote, "George Bush is a fool." An Igbo proverb states that a small bird known as Eneke after over eating challenged his god. Provocatively his god threatened to take away the life of Eneke instantly. In reaction, Eneke regretted and asked for mercy in tears. On his own part, George Bush engaged Saddam Hussein in the Mother of all Battles. In the process Saddam Hussein ran into a hole like a rat. Later he was caught and brought out from the hole like a stubborn rat. Then he was court-martialed and hung like a miserable thief. How are the mighty fallen!

In Africa our leaders refuse to learn from history. For instance, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was a Libyan revolutionary, politician and political theorist who used power arbitrarily. When things fell apart he was offered the opportunity of going into exile which he turned down. When the stage became so hot, he escaped for his dear life and hid under water sewage. Eventually his opponents caught him there and killed him like a fowl, despite his plea for mercy. He fell woefully from grace to grass; from tower to basement.

Recently in Nigeria polity, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was exalted from tailor to President of Nigeria Labour Congress. Later he became the Governor of Edo State, during which he fought godfatherism. Then he was exalted as the Chairman of the ruling party of All Progressives Congress. Pride clouded his vision and he was eventually shamefully deposed. Not being done, he went back to his Edo state and started playing the part of godfatherism which he earlier fought against as a governor. He imposed a gubernatorial candidate whom he regarded before as a thief. As a person speaking from both sides of the mouth, he canonized the purported thief as a political saint and godson. He vigorously campaigned for him to become the governor of Edo state in the just concluded gubernatorial election on 19 September 2020. Edo people decided and the imposed candidate failed woefully. Oshiomhole also failed from grace to grass as a godfather. Is his political career not yet in coma?

As the year 2020 winds up with the ember months, we ask ourselves if the glory with wish we ushered it in on the eve of January is still intact. Have we fallen from grace to grass? Anyone who begins well and ends badly has fallen from grace to grass. What of a person who cruised around with a luxurious jeep at the beginning of this year but is now going on foot? Is a priest transferred from a big parish to a small parish fallen from grace to grass? What of a man who was a landlord some months ago but is now a tenant? I am curious to get the answers. See you later!