Fr Pat Amobi ChukwumaTuesday, September 26, 2017


fter many years of idol worship, Chief Walaka Adaka was converted to Christianity. He underwent three years of catechetical instruction, after which he was considered eligible for Baptism. On that day of his Christian initiation, he stood like an angel before the baptismal font. The Minister asked him to renounce Satan and confess his faith in the One and only True God. First of all, the presiding priest asked him, "Have you rejected Satan?" Chief Walaka looked up and down and kept mute. The priest asked him for the second and third time the same initiative question, "Have you rejected Satan?" Again he kept mute. The priest was thrown into confusion. He shouted on Chief Walaka, "Are you deaf and dumb overnight? What is wrong with you? I am not here for a joke. Open your mouth and answer the question!" Chief Walaka sighed as tears ran down his nervous cheeks. At last he broke the silence. With frowned face he asserted, "Father, how can I reject Satan, when the woman I am living with as wife is Satan personified? If I reject her here in the church, what will happen when I get home?" The priest and other participants couldn't help laughing. The new convert Walaka chipped in: "Please it is not a laughing matter. My wife is a devil." The baptism was abruptly postponed indefinitely until the devil at the man's home is exorcised.

Recently in Rivers State, a bloody cultist simply identified as Ifeanyichukwu, 23 years old, cornered his female cousin of 8 years and raped her. He did not stop at that. He plucked out her two eyeballs, cut off her baby breast and vagina for ritual purposes. Then he took the rest of the girl's body to throw away in a nearby bush. Unfortunately he was caught red-handed by the village vigilante men. They gave him the beating of his life and would have been meted with jungle justice, if not for the quick intervention of two armed policemen. The policemen handcuffed him and whisked him away to the police station. The mutilated and murdered girl's father, soaked in tears, came to the police station also. He looked at the face of his brother's son who is a murderous cultist and wanted to slap devil out of him. The Investigative Police Officer (IPO) restrained him. Ifeanyichukwu was given a paper by the IPO to write his statement. The handcuff was removed in order to allow him write well. He started writing and then complained of being thirsty. The IPO asked the murdered girl's father to go and buy sachet water for the murderer of his little daughter. Angrily the distressed father asked, "Officer, are you out of your senses? How can I go and buy sachet water for the killer of my daughter? If it is joke, please stop it!" After writing the statement, the IPO was leading Ifeanyichukwu to the cell for detention. At that point in time the police station was enveloped in thick darkness as a result of power failure or human manipulation. At a point Ifeanyichukwu escaped as the police officer was shouting, "Holam! Holam!!" He jumped over the wall and disappeared. Thank God the ritualist has been re-arrested. He who kills by the sword must also perish by the sword. In fact the unmerciful murderer should change his name from Ifeanyichukwu (Nothing is impossible for God) to Mpuanyiekwensu (No crime is impossible for Satan).

In the same Rivers State, a kidnapper cannibal was caught preparing pepper soup and plantain porridge with the internal organs of an innocent human being murdered in cold blood. Please before eating pepper soup nowadays, kindly verify which animal was used to prepare it. The animal may be a human being if care is not taken. Some fresh or dried meat on sale in the market is human flesh. Please look well before you purchase. As the criminal cannibal was tortured, he pleaded for mercy. When asked by the police why he wickedly indulged in such inhuman act, he confessed that it was the work of Satan. As at the point of going to the press, Satan could not be reached for the confirmation of the allegation leveled against him. Everyone caught in an evil act accuses Satan of having induced him or her. How powerful and seducing is this Satan?

In a certain church during the Prayer of the Faithful, one pious man being tormented by Satan was among those selected to lead in the prayer. When it was his turn to pray, he knelt down and raised his two hands towards the altar and shouted with esoteric voice, "Oh God, we are trying our best in fighting against Satan since you cast him down on earth. When he (Satan) was over there with you, you knew the strong headache he gave you when he rebelled against you and fought with your obedient Angels. It was not easy for you and you decided to cast him down here on earth to torment us. God, praise us for it has not been easy with us! Indeed we are trying. We pray oh Lord!" Instead of the congregation replying, "Lord hear our prayer!" they burst out laughing and clapping for the man who said the touching and challenging prayer. I wonder what God would be thinking about that prayer of challenge. In reality God did not give Satan absolute power to overcome us. We have the freewill to accept or reject the snares of Satan. No wonder Saint Peter admonishes us in these words: "Be calm but vigilant because your enemy the devil is prowling round like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Stand up to him strong in faith and prayers" (1 Peter 5:8 - 9). After fasting and praying for forty days and forty nights in the desert, the Lord Jesus Christ was tempted seriously by Satan. First he asked Jesus to turn stones into bread to quench hunger. Secondly Satan led him up a high pinnacle and asked Jesus to fall down from there to display his prowess. Lastly he led Jesus up a high mountain and showed him (Jesus) worldly wealth. He promised Jesus the abundant wealth if he falls down and worships him (Satan). In all the three temptations, Jesus triumphed over Satan. In essence we are tempted through our appetites (hunger, thirst and sex drives), wealth and power. Inordinate ambition for power pushes some bad politicians into deleting or downloading one another. In order to grab power by all means some politicians practice election brigandage. Let us watch out for such power mongers as Anambra gubernatorial election approaches, come 18 November 2017.

In their bid to become rich overnight, armed robbers and kidnappers waste innocent lives here and there. What happened recently at Orlu in Imo State is unspeakable. An innocent priest of God who came home to arrange for the burial of his father was abducted by unknown persons believed to kidnappers. He was gruesomely murdered and dumped in a bush. The corpse of a father and his priest-son are lying side by side in the morgue. What an atrocity! Satan why? Even though the culprits were eventually caught, the irredeemable harm has been done.

In fact I can never forget the admonition my biological father gave me when I was about to go into the Lord's Vineyard after my priestly ordination in 1993. He blessed me and said, "My son, Reverend Father, be watchful in your priestly apostolate as you go, because since everybody has gone to church, Satan also went into the church." Since then that expression 'Satan also went into the church' has been resonating in my thinking faculty. Does not Satan also go to church? Yes, of course! It is still very fresh in our minds how satanic agents went into St Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu in Anambra State and shot dead about 13 innocent worshippers. Many sustained various degrees of injury. Some of them are still lying critically in the hospital. Hell was let loose on that day. Personally I saw Satan on that day dancing and laughing at the middle of Ozubulu road to show that he was the brain behind the bloodletting.

Some people come to church to show off. Inside them are satanic venoms. Some donate to the church money obtained through dubious ways. It is a pity that the church ministers have no instruments to detect such monies. Some build the Altar of God and the altar of Satan at the same time in their homes. Some belong to pious societies in the church and are equally strong members of Satanism or secret cults. A well known church believer was one certain day ascending the Altar for the reception of Holy Communion. Immediately he knelt down at the Altar, a small fearful tortoise fell down from his suit. Everyone around ran for safety. Out of shame the man walked out of the church. That was the last day he was seen in the church. He became the talk of the town for months. He is now an ardent member of the highest secret cult.

The worst of it is that in these evil days, Satan dresses also in clerical attire. By their fruits you know them. It is not everything that glitters that is gold. Wolves nowadays go about in sheep's clothing looking for someone to dupe or devour. Shine your eyes! Where ever the church ministers gather, Satan stays in their midst in disguise. Beware who ministers to you!

It is really difficult to distinguish a mechanic from a mad man. The two wear dirty and tattered clothes. That is a small matter. Today, madness has been converted into booming business. Some people run mad due to one cause or the other. Some run mad by remote satanic control. Some persons made themselves mad to achieve their mischievous plan. Even you can now buy madness in the market. The other day I was passing through a popular market in Nigeria and I saw madness displayed on sale. I made the Sign of the Cross and exclaimed, "God forbid!" Some people who deal in the sale of human body parts nowadays feign madness. They dress madly and act madly. In normal parlance a real mad person lacks the use of reason. Such a person is unaccountable for what he or she does. Hence no one questions them as they walk about irrationally from place to place. Evil thrives in opportunism. Recently, a number of fake mad men were caught in Lagos and few other places with fresh human body parts in their possession. Their madness disappears immediately they are caught. Please beware of mad people walking about the streets. They can be dupers, kidnappers, armed robbers, thieves, and other satanic agents. However, there are real mad people here and there. We should therefore look at every mad man or mad woman closely in order to determine the genuineness of the madness. An instrument to determine real or fake madness is now at the market. Real mad people need our assistance. Let us not ignore them because of satanic manoeuvre. You and I can run mad tomorrow. But God forbid!

Satan is on rampage these days. Let us not fall victims. Therefore we must be watchful and prayerful. In addition, he or she who eats with the devil must have a long spoon. I have some long spoons for sale. First come, first served.