Fr Pat Amobi ChukwumaFriday, September 16, 2016
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s your stomach corrupt? How long have you gone for medical check-up? Do you know the signs of stomach corruption? Prevention, they say, is better than cure. I am a spiritual doctor by profession. Listen to this interesting story. Clear your ears in case there is any blockage. Are you through?

As a routine, I walked into a certain hospital to see some patients on admission for spiritual anointing and healing. I went ward round with the permission of the medical director. I was with the Crucifix, Holy Water, Prayer Book and Anointing Oil of the sick. As I was seeing the patients bed by bed, I came in contact with a shrink patient who has spent a week in the hospital. He was a childless widower and a pauper of the highest decree. His close neighbour rushed him to this hospital when he was in a critical condition. I went through his medical records and discovered that he was suffering from stomach corruption. Hence he was put on daily drip. As I was about to anoint him, he yelled and made a sign with his hands touching his stomach. I stopped the anointing abruptly. I sent my boy to rush out and buy me the biggest loaf of bread and a bottle of malt drink. He went and came back like lightening. The sick man smiled as he saw the bread and malt. He sat up on his bed, which he was unable to do before. He snatched the bread and malt from me and ate all quickly, including the bread plastic bag and label. Also he nearly ate the bottle but for its hardness. After the consumption, he stood up and shouted, "Praise the Lord!" The patients, the nurses and everybody around responded, "Alleluia!!!" The attention of the doctor was called and he came in with dispatch and discharged the hungry patient with immediate effect. All contributed and we paid for his medical bill. Thus the cure for anyone suffering from stomach corruption is instant food.

In essence, stomach corruption means hunger. Hunger corrupts the stomach and makes it to lose equilibrium. The internal organs therein shrink. Dizziness sets in. It begins with yelling, which is caused by the hunger virus. It attacks the stomach and its surrounding. If the victim is not given food within 48 hours, he falls into coma. Many Nigerians are now in coma. They can only be brought back to life through the miracle of food.

Stomach corruption is more chronic than financial corruption. The cure for stomach corruption is food on the table. In this time of economic hardship in our country Nigeria, many Nigerians are suffering from stomach corruption. An urgent call is being made by well-meaning individuals and groups on President Buhari to fight stomach corruption first. The Emeritus Archbishop of Lagos, Cardinal Okogie, has frowned at the rate the corruption of the stomach is mesmerising many Nigerians. Therefore he wrote President Muhammadu Buhari, telling him that there is hunger in the land and that Nigerians are dying of hunger. Similarly, the former Governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Baralabe Musa, warned Buhari not to be deceived by those who are benefitting from the current rampaging hunger in the country. Asked by journalists on his opinion over the hunger and economic hardship in the country, he sternly said, "Well, they (Nigerians) should protest. I know that it is a risk because security men may shoot them. However, they should protest because this is their life. Somebody is playing with their lives, they should defend their lives and protect their interest" (Saturdaysun, September 3, 2016, page 4). He urged the president to fight the acute hunger in the country and that he should not wait for the masses to revolt against his government.

The stomachs of Nigerians are already revolting. My own stomach is revolting seriously. You may hear the sound from where you are now reading this article. People are crying here and there because of hunger. They are angry as well. During the campaign period the ruling APC Government promised us Paradise but we are presently experiencing hell on earth. We were promised Change but we are presently in Chain. A bag of rice at the moment costs between N20,000 and N22,000. It is even greater than the minimum wage of civil servants. These days many people eat rice only in their dreams. They wake up with sighs in the morning after realizing that it was only a dream. Few days ago a poor man was dreaming of collecting a bag of rice from a well known philanthropist in the town. As he was trying to lift it up and go home, his wife woke him up at 7.00 a.m. He was furious and slapped his wife for preventing him from collecting the bag of rice free of charge. He accused his wife of attempted murder, since the family was dying of hunger.

If you look at the faces of many Nigerians now, you see hunger written all over. Yesterday I wanted to take a photograph. The photographer told me to smile. Then I smiled. He shook his head in disapproval and said, "Father, this is a hungry smile. What is wrong?" I did not mince words to tell him that I am suffering from stomach corruption. He pitied me. The photographing was postponed till the economy improves. Last Sunday I noticed that most of my parishioners were singing and praying hungrily. One of them slumped while standing. He was carried out for first aid. At that place a little boy was eating cooked noodles. Immediately the slumped man perceived the aroma of the food, he opened his eyes and started salivating. Those resuscitating him found out that he was suffering from stomach corruption. One of them rushed to a nearby restaurant and bought a plate of rice. The man sat up and ate the food like a mad man. He smiled like someone who won a lottery. He went back into the church and started casting and binding. Hunger has pushed miscreants in the society into stealing food here and there. Even food on fire nowadays is snatched and made away with. So, you have to employ the services of security men to guard your food on fire.

Three days ago I was passing through a workshop where many carpenters were engaged on casket making. They were sweating profusely like local pigs. As I was driving past them, there were many caskets displayed for sale with the inscription on each of them: "Rest in peace." I quietly packed my car beside the road. I went straight to the carpenters to ascertain why they were busy making so many coffins for sale. They told me happily that the prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed in the market. Hence they are expecting mass death this time due to the acute hunger in the country. I sighed and made the Sign of the Cross and shouted, "Lord, have mercy!"

Since the discovery of oil in Nigeria, our leaders and the led abandoned Agriculture and concentrated on digging oil wells. From the sale of the oil in the world market, they smiled to the banks and lived lavishly. But the recent fall in the price of oil in the world market crippled our government and the oil mongers. The rich revenue the Federal Government gets from the sale of the oil dried up. The power of the Naira also declined while the Dollar became a scarce currency. The prices of essential commodities soared so high. Economic recession followed. The solution is that everybody must go back to agriculture. God created the world green, thereby promoting agriculture. After creating Adam and Eve He housed them in the Garden of Eden to till the soil. The Nigerian flag is green, white and green. The green colour is sign of fertility. We abandoned the green colour many years ago and concentrated on the white colour for easy money making ventures. We, Nigerians, must go back to agriculture in order to survive this economic recession blowing across the country like hurricane wind. The amiable Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, has made a clarion call for Anambrarians to embrace agriculture. He himself has made agriculture the main source of internal revenue. The Anambra rice is now on a high demand within and outside the State. It is one in town. If you eat it, your stomach corruption will be healed. Anambra State also exports vegetables and other agricultural products.

Unfortunately, instead of clearing the land to cultivate crops or build food processing industries, people build Fuel Filling Stations here and there. The other day I was in one of the fuel filling stations to buy petrol. As I was waiting, I noticed some signs of stomach corruption in me. I got out of my car to see if food was being sold there. Glancing through the notice board I read: "Fuel - yes, Gas - yes, Kerosine - yes, food - no." I became infuriated. There was also one hungry man who came to buy fuel for his "I pass my neighbour" generator. He bought two gallons in two containers: one for his generator and the other for his stomach. He concluded that since petrol can power an engine, it can also power his stomach. Then he drank the one gallon of petrol. Out of ignorance he lighted a cigarette and started smoking. The petrol in his stomach caught fire and he was burnt into ashes. Hunger is responsible for his regrettable death. The Federal Government ought to pay compensation to his family.