Tuesday, September 5, 2023
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ew years ago, a newly married couple was blessed with a set of twin male babies. One of them was handsome and angelic. The other was very ugly and idiotic by facial appearance. The young parents received the double and contradictory gifts with mixed feelings. One made them sad while the other gave them joy. They searched for befitting names for the twins. The mother suggested that they be named Fortune and Unfortunate. On the other hand, the prophetic father says that they should be called Boon and Doom. These sounded better in the ears of the couple. With unanimous consent they were named Boon and Doom. They grew up with the spirits of boon and doom accompanying them. At the fullness of time, Boon became a successful lawyer with the title of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) while Doom ended up as Senior Armed Robber of Nigeria (SAN). Thus the two identical twins have the abbreviation SAN at the end of their names. Only an insider can decipher the connotation of each title.

Not everyone is born with a golden spoon in his or her mouth. Some were born with rusted iron in their mouths. A certain boy was born with a nail in his toothless mouth. It was interpreted that he would be either a crucifier or a wicked wizard in his life time. Some were born great while some were born unprivileged. Some are lucky in their endeavors while others are unlucky. All fingers are not equal. Likewise destiny is not the same for everyone. Also as imperfect human beings, no matter how lucky one is, nobody is self-satisfactory. There are days of joy and days of sadness. The day of joy can be referred to as 'Boonsday.' On the other hand, the day of sadness is called Doomsday. If you were born on 'boonsday', then joy will be your portion. But if you were born on doomsday, then you become melancholic throughout your life time. I am lucky to be born on April fool's day, which is a 'boonsday.' It is one of the happiest days of the year. People play pranks on that day to ease tension. It is a special day on which fools gather and make merry. Indeed there is joy in foolishness.

At the climax of God's creative work, the Almighty said, "Let us make man in our own image and likeness" (Genesis 1:26). Male and female he created them. God created Adam and Eve directly from the soil of the earth and breathed life into them. The rest of mankind came through procreation. The Creator endowed us with the precious gift of freedom. The Catechism of the Christian doctrine says that God created us to know him, to love him, to serve him on earth and to be happy with him forever in Heaven. However, if we misuse our freedom, we have ourselves to blame in hell fire. Everlasting life in heaven is 'boonsday' while eternal damnation in hell is doomsday. Whatever we sowed on earth shall be reaped in the world to come (Galatians 6:6-7). Are you 'booned' or doomed? Count your teeth with your tongue before it becomes too late. A dog that is destined to get lost ignores the hunter's whistle.

Our country Nigeria is referred to as the Giant of Africa. In fact three distinct nations were amalgamated into one big entity by the Colonial Masters led by Lord Lugard. She is naturally blessed with abundant human and natural resources. Since her independence in 1960 till date we have been wallowing in darkness and uncertainties due to bad leadership and corruption. Long years of military intervention in power depressed us. Unhealthy democratic leadership crippled us. Thus our entrance into the Promised Land is not yet in sight. Our economy is nothing to write home about. We are the producers of crude oil without any functioning refinery. Hence we refine abroad and pay heavily to get the end product back. We have food in abundance but we are starving. Many have gone!

The selected president in power now is contemplating of going to war in Niger Republic because of coup d'etat. Here at home, a presidential election was done on 25 February 2023. Disappointed Nigerians came out en masse to vote for their political messiah. Unfortunately the election was scandalously rigged by the partisan umpire. To avoid the state of anarchy, he was sworn into office, when the aggrieved presidential candidates were still in court to determine the actual winner of the election. Which one is preferable: Coup d'etat or rigging oneself into power? ECOWAS should also consider sending troops to Nigeria to restore true democracy. Charity, they say, begins at home. It is unconceivable to chase rat while someone's house is on fire. If there is a shipwreck, you rescue yourself first before saving others.

The general expectation of redeeming our political leadership crash today points to the Judiciary. Hence it is now commonly said, "All Eyes are on the Judiciary!" It is not only the eyes that are focused on them at this critical time. All ears, noses, mouths, hands and legs are on them. It is highly believed that the Law Court is the last hope of the common man. Millions of Nigerians are now common. The Presidential election petitions have been concluded in the Tribunal at Abuja. We are anxiously waiting for the judgment. Suffering Nigerians are going through sleepless nights so to see that justice prevails. Why the delay in giving the judgment of the concluded Presidential Tribunal cases? Justice delayed is justice denied. Will Daniel come to court on the expected judgment day? If he comes, it shall be a 'boonsday'. But if he fails to come, it shall be a doomsday for the poor suffering masses for years to come. The justices are believed to be learned men. Can they wallow in injustice? If they compromise, they and their generations to come will bear the consequences.

The Judiciary is an Arm of Government whose duty it is to interpret the Law. If they interpret wrongly this time, the God of justice will strike. To be more specific, all eyes are on the Almighty God to liberate Nigerians from the man-made yokes that have sent millions of Nigerians to their untimely graves. Many are in Internally Displaced Camps because their homes have been destroyed by untamed terrorists. Many women are widowed. Many children are fatherless and motherless because of failure of leadership. Economic hardship is becoming worse day by day. The prices of essential commodities are soaring higher and higher. Thus, hunger and anger are written on many faces. The doomsday is encroaching on us. We are indeed trapped in political and economic jungle, waiting for the Messiah. The cloud is very thick. There is real fire on the mountain. Where shall we run to? O God of vengeance, come and rescue your children!

As we pray and wait for the boonsday or doomsday to come, I ask for your permission to retire in the desert for some time in order to ease tension. If the Omnipotent Landlord permits, I shall come back soonest. If not, we shall meet again in the eternal Land of Boon. God bless you!