Tuesday, July 17, 2018


was in a barbing salon two weeks ago to have a haircut. The barber ushered me in and directed me to sit on his mobile barbing seat. When I was a boy, I enjoyed the mobile seat so much. I wished that the haircut lasts so long so that I may enjoy the luxurious mobile seat. I normally felt reluctant to get up from the seat when the barber finishes his job. That was when Obi was a boy. Today, Obi is a man and he behaves like a man.

Now let's go back to land. I asked the barber to give me a nice haircut. He tied a white piece of cloth around my chest and back. Then he grabbed an electronic clipper and started driving through my hair like a tractor in a farm field. I was seeing the hair cutting through a giant mirror standing before me. The sound of the clipper was systematic. The barber was moving the seat round and sideways. After some minutes, I dosed off.

Suddenly I woke up with a loud shout, "What! My ear! Mr. Barber, what are you doing? What a barbaric act! Are you a barber or a terrorist? Why did you cut my ear?" I thought I was dreaming until I felt blood dripping down my neck. I forcibly threw away the white cloth. By this time my haircut was half way done. I didn't mind. I went to the nearest police station and reported the barbaric bloody attack. The Police Officer at the counter saw my bleeding ear and he asked me what was wrong with me. I frankly told him that I came to report an act of barbarism done to me by a bloody barber. Two policemen accompanied me to arrest the alleged terrorist in barber's clothing. At our arrival, the barber was sharpening his clippers. The policemen shouted at him, "Stop that! You are under arrest!" "What offence did I commit?" asked the barber. "You are accused of culpable act of barbarism." The barber started laughing. One of the policemen slapped him and said, "It is not a laughing matter. You better keep quiet because anything you say will be used as evidence against you." He was handcuffed and taken to the police station. There he was given a white paper to write his statement. He simply wrote: "I am a barber. Therefore I specialized in acts of barbarism." The Investigating Police Officer (IPO) led him away and threw him behind the bar for being a barber specialized in acts of barbarism. He was later charged to court for attempted murder.

Recently, a young native doctor lost his life in an act of barbarism. The incidence happened in Isiala Mbano of Imo State. A client came to the native doctor to prepare a native bullet proof known in Igbo as 'Odiechi'. After the act was done, the native doctor grabbed a pump action gun to test the efficacy of the Odiechi bullet proof on his client. But the client was wise. He asked the native doctor to allow him test it on him (the native doctor). The native doctor accepted his request. He gave the pump action gun to the client for the shooting test. The client aimed the gun at him and pressed the trigger. Man proposes and God disposes. His occult power failed him. The gun pierced through the native doctor's abdomen. He died instantly and lay in his pool of blood. Unfortunately, the police arrested the client for murder. Is the client guilty or not guilty?

A certain girl of 14 years old came back from school. She entered her father's bedroom to greet him. Suddenly, her father grabbed her, tore her dress and raped her mercilessly. As the innocent girl was shedding tears, the father consoled her fatherly. He threatened her not to tell her mother or any person whatever. He told her that it was her exceptional beauty which seduced him into committing the barbaric acts of incest and rape. Later the girl became pregnant. To hide his heinous act of barbarism, the evil father invited the pregnant girl to his room when his wife and other children were away. Immediately she entered the room, he held her by the throat with his two iron hands and strangled the girl to death. To further conceal the bloody barbaric act, he hung the lifeless body of the girl with a rope and tied it on the ceiling fan in their common sitting room as if she committed suicide. Indeed barbarism acted on barbarism. No one was there but God was watching.

Few months ago, a female lawyer killed her husband by slashing his throat with sharp kitchen knife while he was sleeping. She suspected the husband of being wayward. As a lawyer she took the Laws into her hands and administered jungle justice to her lawfully married husband. According to her statement before the Police, her husband acted barbarically. Therefore she killed her barbarically. In other words, barbarism met barbarism.

Barbarism is reigning in our country Nigeria in these days. God created animals and put them the custody of human beings. As rational beings, man controls the irrational animals. Cows belong to the group of irrational animals. But today in Nigeria, cows have been exalted above human beings. Nigerians and cows are competing for superiority. Sooner or later, cows will be among the Three Arms of Government. Presently, cows have occupied high positions in the Presidency. Anyone that kills a cow now faces either death sentence or life imprisonment. Not long ago, a group of cows were grazing just at the entrance of the National Assembly Complex in Abuja. Even some of the cows wanted to enter the Upper and Lower Legislative Chambers to partake in the plenary session. However, they were prevented from so doing by the Sergeant in Arms. The security men there looked the other way while the cows were trying to invade the National Assembly.

The Commander-in-chief of Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria and their sponsors have vowed to establish Cattle Colony by all means throughout the 36 States of the Federation including Abuja the Capital Territory. Before the Independence, the white men from Britain colonized us. Today the cows and the herders are about to colonize us. Most states of the Federation initially rejected the Cattle Colony. The new strategy is to call it ranching. Hence the Federal Government has concluded plans to establish and finance Cattle ranches in ten states of the Federation. From the ten states it will be established in the other twenty-six states. This is just a guise to settle the Fulani herdsmen and their cows in all states of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory. By so doing, the herdsmen will conquer and take over this Nation. Cows will become traditional rulers of every town and village in Nigeria.

The Media Adviser to the President said categorically that either you give up your land for the ranching (colonization) or you be killed. He said it is better to live on the land than to live under the land. The herdsmen and their sponsors have begun the forceful colonization in the Middle Belt. That's why hundreds of innocent Nigerians are being murdered on daily basis in Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, Plateau, Kaduna, Adamawa, Zamfara, Ebonyi, Enugu states and other places. The perpetrators and their sponsors are yet to be brought to book because they were anointed by the powers that be.

People's houses are burnt. Women are raped by the invading herdsmen. Cruelly they rip open the bellies of pregnant women and kill the mothers and babies in their wombs. Men, women, boys, girls, children are killed like fowls. Regrettably, some security men who are looked upon to save the situation turn their guns against the vulnerable persons. No wonder General T.Y. Danjuma accused the Military of being an accomplice in the genocide taking place here and there, especially in the Middle Belt. He called on Nigerians to defend themselves since the soldiers and policemen have failed to defend us. But with what can we defend ourselves? Shall we use sticks when our attackers are wielding Ak-47 riffles? If we have the strength of Samson, we can use catapult to bring down the Goliaths.

The Buhari-led Federal Government is treating the herdsmen bloody menace with kid gloves. He has bluntly refused to designate the bloody herdsmen as terrorists. The Boko Haram terrorists began like this. Today they are torn in the flesh of Nigerians. The President blames late Gaddafi of Libya for the genocide taking place now in this country. According to him, the bloody attackers are the men trained by Gaddaffi who invaded Nigeria and are causing the bloody mayhem. This means that our territorial integrity is at stake. Even nothing is being done to defend Nigerians against the alleged eternal aggression. The president never refers to the bloody attackers as herdsmen. Is he protecting his people who are mostly herdsmen? Also the president accuses disgruntled politicians of sponsoring the bloody herdsmen. Are those disgruntled politicians invisible? Who arms the herdsmen with sophisticated weapons?

After the gruesome murder of two Catholic priests and seventeen worshippers in Benue state, the Catholic faithful throughout Nigeria staged a peaceful protest calling on President Buhari to stop the killing going on in Nigeria. Human life is sacred and should be respected as such. Human life cannot be sacrificed at the altar of cows. Many other humanitarian groups within and outside the country have also called on the president to stop the genocide taking place in the country. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 19 Northern states including Abuja recently marched to Aso Rock Villa and called on President Buhari to do everything possible to stop the wanton killings of innocent Nigerians especially Christians in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Buhari promised to do something to stop the carnage. Till now, no concrete action from the Presidency is seen towards stopping the killings.

The National Assembly and many sane Nigerians have called for the removal of the Inspector General of Police and the Service Chiefs because they have no strategy to stop the killings. There is urgent need to replace them with men who can offer something new. Also the appointment has to respect the Federal Character. The present security chiefs come from the same ethnicity and one religion. Who knows their agenda?

The willful killing of innocent people is barbaric. Human life must be respected and protected right from conception. God commands us: "Thou shall not kill" (Ex 20:13). Only God has the prerogative over life and death. No one has the monopoly of violence. Until the sponsors and perpetrators of the wanton killings taking place here and there are exposed and brought to book, we shall continue to live in fear of the unknown. A stitch in time saves nine. Time is running against us. The Presidency must wake from slumber. Action, they say, speaks louder than voice.

Elders cannot stay at home while the she-goat gives birth tethered. Hence many Nigerians have condemned the bloodshed and destruction of property in this land. No wonder 39 political parties have formed a Coalition of United Political Parties to oust the Buhari-led APC Administration, come 2019. The Chairman of each political party signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the Coalition. They have agreed to present one presidential candidate in the 2019 Presidential Election. If I were President Buhari, I would read the handwriting on the wall and toe the path of honour before the hammer strikes.