Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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he world is in crisis. In 2019, there was an outbreak of a pandemic disease known as COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease), which lasted globally till 2021. It was thought that the world was coming to an end. It was a dangerous contagious deadly disease that sent many to their untimely graves, especially in America and Europe. It exterminated few people in Africa. Everybody was advised to avoid contact with others, to stay at home and wear face masks. Handshake, embracing, kissing and all forms of body contact became taboos. Everyone automatically became lonely. Even husbands and wives distanced themselves for fear of Covid-19. Staying at home was not easy. During that time, a wandering masquerade was caught by security men enforcing the stay-at-home order. The masquerade told the policemen that he is not a human being but a spirit. Therefore he has no home. They tortured him and pulled off his mask. Surprisingly they saw a human behind the mask. Consequently he was given the beating of his life. The stay-at-home order brought about acute hunger in many places, especially here in Nigeria. To this end, the federal, state governments and good spirited individuals shared palliatives to the starving populace. Unfortunately some powers that be hoarded the palliatives in some places. Covid-19 pandemic is an unforgettable period in the history of mankind. God forbid!

Recently I came across a married couple quarrelling as soon as it was daybreak. It could be that they started the quarrel in their dream and actualized it at daybreak. The husband said to the nagging wife, "You stupid Covid-19! You can never kill me in this house. Pack your things and go! I want to stay alone for now." The wife retorted, "Foolish man! You are as dangerous as Povid-24 but I will not kill you. Hardship will kill you. Idiot!" The angry husband slapped her twice. Despite the stars coming out from the woman's eyes, she grabbed the boiling husband and bit him deeply unto his bulging belly. Before an untold harm could be done, sympathizers rushed and separated the Covid-19 pandemic husband and Povid-24 endemic wife.

A pandemic disease occurs in many places at the same time. On the other hand, an endemic disease spreads over limited places. Not long ago, an unlettered couple blessed with twins (male and female) happily called the male child Pandemic and the female baby Endemic. For them they were not concerned about the meaning of the two names, rather the phonetics interested them. Indeed ignorance is a disease. I believe the two children will apply formerly for change of names when they grow up. Any contagious disease, whether pandemic or endemic, is dangerous and must be avoided by all means.

Another endemic contagious disease is said to have broken out here in our country Nigeria in this year 2024. It is known as Poverty Virus Disease (POVID-24). It is a man-made disease caused by bad governance. It started with the careless removal of fuel subsidy. The symptoms include headache, poor eyesight, high temper, constantly out of mind, difficulty in sleeping, easily irritated and angry, inability to communicate properly, dizziness, empty pocket, etc. However it is not a terminal disease as such. If you experience any of the above symptoms, kindly rush to the nearest Local Government Area or Government House for diagnosis and treatment. Delay is dangerous. The President General and Traditional Ruler of each town or Autonomous Community should as a matter of urgency organize community enlightenment before it is too late. Pastors and Imams should also assist their followers on ways to avert this new endemic virus disease.

Hunger is the immediate manifestation that POVID-24 has been contracted. From all indications, millions of Nigerians are suffering from hunger. Many who call me on phone nowadays after formal greeting say, "Father, I am hungry." It is not a condition that prayer can solve. It requires giving the person something to eat. I do my best but it is not enough. Individuals and groups should help. I observe these days at burial or funeral Mass (service) for the dead only few people are present in the church or homes. Immediately the burial or funeral prayers are over, many people troupe in from all directions. If you look at their faces, you will see hunger written all over. They come to eat and drink in order to satisfy their empty stomachs for the day. Even some come with polythene bags to collect food for some days to come. Somewhere I saw a wretched woman who emptied rice, stew, swallow and soup into one polythene bag. I asked her, "Woman, what are you doing?" She replied, "Father, you cannot understand. When I go home I will separate them accordingly. Also my stomach does not abhor mixture." Both of us laughed it off.

Few days ago, a 608 commercial bus filled with village women coming back from condolence visit was involved in an accident by falling into a deep water channel (gutter). Fortunately no one was injured. To my greatest surprise, the women rushed out from the two bus doors and windows only to scramble for their wrapped pounded cassava flour (akpu) which scattered all over the road and gutter. It was an ugly sight to see one of the women licking soup that poured on the road. I sighed and remarked, "It is a pity. See what hunger has caused." I approached her and shouted, "Stop that! You can contract cholera or any other dangerous virus disease by doing so." She looked at me with ignominy and replied, "Please don't disturb me. Virus has no power over me. Also hunger is more dangerous than any virus disease." I exclaimed, "God have mercy!" and went away sorrowfully.

The federal Government seems to be insensitive about this POVID-24, unlike COVID-19 which was met with urgent solutions. COVID-19 vaccine was quickly produced and administered. Is it not cogent that POVID-24 vaccine be produced to avert the looming danger? When millions of the citizenry are hungry and poor, President Tinubu is planning to purchase a new presidential jet worth billions of Dollar; to jet in and jet out. The National Assembly Lawmakers themselves are cruising about in exorbitant vehicles worth billions of Naira. Unfortunately POVID-24 affects only the poor masses. Those in the Presidency and the National Assembly are immune to it.

Indeed no condition is permanent. Last week I came across a certain man whose nickname is Osisinamiego (The tree that bears money). It was an eye-saw. Tears dropped from my eyes to behold his miserable condition. When I came closer to him, I saw hunger written all over his face. I called him, "Osisinamiego!" He replied, "Fada, mmiri amaala ehi n'anya. Ana m amizi ihe isi ike na aguu." The translation is that his tree is no longer bearing money. Rather it is now bearing hardship and hunger. I was totally shattered. Without doubt he is a victim of POVID-24. I pitied him and offered him the palliative within my reach.


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